Sabine and her imaginary book

Would it come as a terrible shock to find that Sabine is once again bleating about her case, both on Twitter and one of her multitude of blogs? We thought not.

Source: Sabine and her imaginary book


  • Sabine McNeill links to Hampstead case & Fiona Barnett, downunder, they all make shit up, mad shit, and some aggressive groups, are still trying to spread it.
  • Sabine & others are still posting as if they havn’t done a thing wrong, accusing those of us, who have shed light on them.
  • There is a consistant pattern, of covering for child rapists, whilst hurting victims & whistleblowers.
  • They are turning truth inside out, upside down, and causing chaos, confusion, mistrust.
  • But we are mending that, and serious actions are afoot.
  • Read the comments, too.

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