Abe & Ella’s new video: Not even the formerly faithful believe them


Source: Abe & Ella’s new video: Not even the formerly faithful believe them

Click the link above ~ be prepared to have any illusions shattered. Ex believers, see more clearly. Hoaxers will say we’re doing all that they do.

Why did Theresa Mays office not act sooner. Belindas teams must have been known?  Why did Bill Maloney/Chris Fay have Tom Watsons ear?


Abe and Ella’s new video: A very unwise move

1st UK AntiCSAPublic Rally 1993.

Source: Abe and Ella’s new video: A very unwise move


Please click the link above ~ I reported the whole channel & ask others to help, protect 2 children from further harm.  Are many genuine CSASurvivors, Campaigners, Whistleblowers & Activists, unaware ?

Too busy to see the extreme damage caused by Satanic Panics, engineered by perps, quack therapists, ufologists, Troofers ~ When they co opted the 2010 UK AntiCSA Rally ~ clearly this was Belinda McKenzies plan, aided by David Icke, UK Column, Miles Johnston, Bill Maloney, and all who viralised hoaxes, Hollie/Hampstead/Barnett/Annett & Pieceofhate ~ Pizzagate.



Kristie Sue: Garbage in, garbage out

Questions: Validity of the liars falsifying ‘evidence’. Turns out Satanists ain’t all good. The really bad ones are Angela Power-Disneys friends/advisors! Pls read also comments, for links to evidence.

Source: Kristie Sue: Garbage in, garbage out

Younique: “raise awareness of sexual abuse” by buying our makeup, y’all

I found a post earlier today on a Facebook group aimed at Adult Survivors of CSA ~ Above was a defunct petition previously pushed by Deborah Mahmoudieh, for Hampsteadfakesra, leader Sabine McNeill….

timeless vie

But shouldn’t you tell people if the money ISN’T actually going to fight sexual abuse?

Here’s the ad:


But…the money ‘raised’ by the bundle isn’t going to charity:


For those of you whose eyes glaze over at the sight of FB screenshots, here’s what happened:

  • Younique releases “Defend Innocence” bundle with special makeups & stuff to ‘raise awareness’.  Bots and customers are under the impression any money raised will go to the Younique Foundation, cos why would you do it otherwise? Right? Right? AmIrite?
  • Turns out no money is going to the Foundation cos IRS blah blah blah
  • Unless you round up your purchases to the nearest dollar/or just give Younique your commission (if you’re a rep).  Classy.
  • People are pissed off & feel used
  • Younique apologizes but does nothing … like, say, giving the money raised to one of the many other charities that support victims of rape and…

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