Black List CSA & Family/Child Protection

Daveyone1 or David Farmer promotes nearly everyone on this list He does tho, share Hoaxtead Research & this blog too. But Richie Allen now, like brian garish, attempting to refly the hollie grieg falseflag ~ despicable, grooming notts. survivors ~ despicable. Bill Maloney,s known for so doing; Haute de le Grande, sun, sea & satan, meddomsley, hopefully, not Shirley Oaks.

Proof that Brian Gerrish Protects Paedophiles as do his supporters, some knowingly.Click here for short video Up to date read & video

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Fresh Start Foundation Connections/hoaxes/fakes

Now these sites are being touted again…BEWARE RUN BY JANET SHARENBORG OR @JS2 on twitter, more information, in the pipeline, but shocked to see this posted by Admin of Facebook group Survivors4Justice and hope that was by mistake……

Dangerous site links to Sabine K McNeill and funder of Belinda Mckenzie : Janet Sharenborg or @_JS2 on twitter….warning for survivor networks, UK esp.   called Time to care and news just in:  Unbelievable gall of Sabine McNeill to approach IICSA for core participant status. Click link.

Angie, blimey, fancy even using your AA badge as some ancient masonic heirloom !

#Ellagate Angela Power Disney names new source with alot of gossip a few times defaming me and others with Heather Brown, tho she had first bad mouthed me to Sabine, without naming me, no doubt, not wanting people to see my profile… since, then a 3yr hate campaign has been engendered, to bully or discredit me any which way they can think of……  Hope Girls, malicious copyright strikes, which she tried to pretend made me and Hoaxtead Researchers/investigators, criminal……even Jon Wedger is beginning to nod and agree, as are 3 Directors of Fresh Start Foundation, that Hoaxtead are attacking them cos they, I am/are satanists, gov’t shlls, and any other shit they can think of…….  where as Angela Power Disney has had DEFAMATION STRIKES twice on both her channels, so all the better to report her for……… bullying, harrassment and still carrying a video with the childrens faces as well as despicable defamation against a hero of survivors, Ireland :  Sgt Maurice McCabe……..twisted  mare, that she, Heather and Cat are……. and as for Miles Johnston suddenly posting under #purplesummer, when they all did their best to hide our original campaigns and ribbons, colours, themes and even that the rallies existed at all, for 17 years, before they smelt trouble for their comrades……. I guess….

Screenshot-2018-6-2 (1) Edited and updated UNCLOAKING HOAXTEAD evidence video - YouTube

More info here:  The Real Deal on CSAinquiry, Royal CommissionAus

Please use the contact form below with information,  to add information, or evidence.

Also see the Whitelist which does need updating and I have been dismayed that some are obviously too invested or scared to come off the fence and condemn clear liars and criminals, especially when there is evidence put before some advocates of severe harrassment and cyberbullying towards survivors and other advocates.  There are also signs that some on the Whitelist have been targeted since by the hoaxtrolls.  They really are stunting growth and the freeflow of information.


POMIC Facebook page is carrying links for the teams, that the blacklisted players/guides use to contaminate groups.

Please see the Whitelist for real info, on real campaigns, evidence based, true testimonials, trusted sites and groups on all of these issues and for support..

some more pieces of puzzle  why the CSA Social & truth media Uk has been so crap, but there are many good sites on the White list remember, Realy dangerous people here, be safe, everyone.  Click for video

NEW SITES SET UP FOR FIONA BARNETT:  with illegal images and reported to be false testimonies.   Survivor Voice Australia, both on Facebook as a page and a website, newly forming,

So these hoaxes :

Hampstead SRA UK The main instigator who released the videos online: Sabine McNeill is promoted by Researching Reform who promotes all of their dodgy events organised and/or attended by Maggie Tuttle, Andy Peacher, Belinda McKenzie, Neelu Berry, Ian Joseph, John Hemming, Brian Gerrish, David Icke, lately congretating and rebranding as the Fresh Start Foundation.

Hollie Grieg UK  Those still promoting it are posting vile abuse towards victims/survivors & advocates that won’t allow them to groom them, or those speaking out.  Other good groups and campaigns simply get ignored, by them as if they are worthless.

Fiona Barnett Aus & collaborators: David Shurter, Angela Power Disney & other Hampstead Hoaxers, Opdeatheaters NSW, pedophilesdownunder, pedohuntersdownunder. cathyfoxblog.

Kevin Annett  Even now, Fresh Start Foundation and all involved support and promote Kevin the conman who is guilty of decieving and taking advantage of Native Canadians and setting up the fake court that didn’t exist so he could raise donations, also promoting other liars included in this list.

Beware of any people or groups linking to advocate and support these cases or the people involved in organising them, they are prolific, well organised, and stalking many, to shoot down any in their way, as they spread a cancer on the web, whilst pretending to be advocates for victims.  There is much evidence of this, and NONE that substantiates any of these cases.

Beware Spider Sabines’ Web of Deciept & Blacklist 2.

I don’t recommend trying the links if you click on the above avatar,  bur check the wordpress bomb, which she is still publishing and tweeting about, last i saw, still carrying the links to Hampstead and Fiona Barnet.

The Facebook one sent me to a fake Lucy Allen one, which had one post, an advert for Developers for WordPress, with the promise of alot of future work.  It was by computer programmers checking this out, that we began to recieve a surge of interest from some serious experts in fields, that want to help Survivors and stop Cyberbullying or abuse online of any kind.

This was the last conference with Kellie Cottam’s brilliant speech, a Must Hear watch out too, for more truth from the hero herself.  That took courage, much respect.  Kellie speaking truth to belinda & the elephant in the room !Click for video.

BELINDA McKENZIE Belinda & Angela Power Disney proof Belinda & Angela Power Disney Proof

Fresh Start Foundation: Recent rebranding of all of those who hijacked our rally, 2010 UK with both old familiar faces and some new ones.  Please Click the link & see my YouTube channel for more info with evidence of the vile bulllying aimed at me for the crime of exposing their dirty deeds.

Posts about Fresh Start Foundation Beware & Warn.

  • ANGELA POWER DISNEY Lies of attacks whilst attacking others inc. me
    • Angela Power-Disney

      if you are genuinely a survivor you are a disgrace to the name. (my inbox 3.12.14) many reports of this.

      Angela Power Disney & others consistantly undermine survivors:

  • FIONA BARNETT Fiona Barnett & David Shurter @ lying disinfo, accusing real advocates of being agents etc 1hr
  • Ringwind tried to post this to Whitelist clearly another in the ring of deceipt supports Fake Fiona Banett, common tactic, use a wellknown headline to attract traffic
  • Click Article Wake up World lAnother Whistleblower villiefied by Fiona & Dave
  • SABINE McNEILL Sabine Lying,Crying harrassing, Angie slurring survivors
  • link to petition Proof of links to all suspect cases tho since 4 arrests Sabine is removing some.  fake supporters mass sign & gives false image, Lucy Allen is heading this Eu Group
  • NEELU BERRY  Neelu’s fake claims/babies/hampstead/bail breaking includes Christine Sands & Fiona Barnett  case video link proving they and kevin annett david shurter are all in this together plus beinda, sabine all spreading these
  • lou lotus Youtube Channel harrassing/encouraging harrassment of services, wasting time, when CSASurvivors need these, to respond
  • ANDY PEACHER, is a genuine father lost children, to care, but imo, used by the chalatans, and needs help to pick the right speakers, until he drops those on this list his name remains here, only because he leads people to this Spiderweb.
  • BRONWYN LLEWELLYN  She named me as a target for death threats, some collated here, links to more
  • DAVID SHURTER Recent tweets abusive/diabolical His blog names me as working with a satanist ? vile liar, at this for years, and ignoring the wealth of links to groups that i do work with, alongside, or share info for.
  • FIONA BARNETT  Works with David Shurter to destroy survivor groups, campaigners, advocates, Whistleblowers, whilst starting up new groups, to funnel energy towards false flags.
  • LAURENCE COGHLAN featured in video link above
  • OpdeatheatersNSW   These and above all helped Fiona Barnett, and are suspected of infiltration by peaodophile rings, working within their sheild, this is true of some UK Anons groups too, and need weeding or ousting.
  • AnonsUK John Taylor, David Jenkins SCOTUK, Mark Earle, malicious hackers. Fake paedohunters.
  • ED OPPENHEIMER  promoted false flags, Fiona Barnett, David Shurter
  • BILL MALONEY promotes false flags, Chris Fay, proven liar, mistepped inquiry ?
  • BEN FELLOWS There is a callout for his whereabouts to pay a debt that he left a couple that helped them with of £1400.
  • ABE CHRISTIE Wanted for the torture of two children, on the run, and clearly now attempting to enlarge a cannacurescancer business, with fake oils and a network of support, that is collapsing.  Made up lies, false accusations about me, threats, the usual.
  • ELLA DRAPER i’m not a mail fan bt surely these two should be arrested for torturing the children
  • CHRISTINE SANDS otherwise known as Million Mask March and ousted by Anons as a Shill.
  • BRENDA MCNAMARA  bullies anyone as if by pointing out the case is a false flag, that we are picking on poor hollie, not so, the case and those who designed it, are at fault.
  • ROBERT GREEN   Life After Hollie proof/hoaxperpslink
  • BUTLIN CAT / JOHN GRAHAM  In from 2009 on the hollie case, die hard supporter of all cases handled by Sabine K McNeill, Musa’s, Hampstead, and a vile bully and stalker online. Also seen with Penny Pullen, Neelu and others on videos lately hawking Galatic Channeling type woo woo, and harrassing many beleagured public officials, wearing them down, seems to be another method by these snakes, so many ways to try and coverup abuse, and deny survivors help, support,  one of the mass emailers, for Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzies fake viralised campaigns/petitions.
  • PENNY PULLEN Copied into emails and therefore involved in preplanning the co opt of 2010 rally, UK and works alongside Neelu Berry, Lou Lotus (youtube) with the psychic, chrstal, healing, all being held up for mockery.
  • BRIAN GERRISH  on Google Plus wall Sheva Burton will add some links here, soon.
  • SABINE K MCNEILL best see the tab Players/hoaxtead plus already on posts here.
  • JUSTICE FOR HOLLIE  Still some relentless sites, backed up.
  • MALCOLM K OLVILVY always involved in nasty trolling/stalkin on behalf of holliehoax See my Google Plus, the call me a Gatekeeper, LOL. I open gates, they chose to see us as victims/sheep that they could misteer, whilst bullying any in their way !
  • Sharon Kilby/Sharon Zaki has written a shitload about me & many, only recently. really long, full of crap & lies (see photo of me with Kilroy ’94, on post: Sheva Burton Harrasssed, Bullied & Lied About by Satanic Hoaxers
  • Sharons writing style very similar to Charlotte Ward/Jacqui Farmer who ran the orignal, disgusting blog..  Heather Brown & Angela Power Disney gleefully, maliciously pawed through it, as if it were true, yet none of it is.
  • Will add more
  • Martin Matthews sabotaged, groomed ? a number of cases, vulnerable mothers,encouraged to act in unhelpful ways. Mysogenist? Infiltrator ? Evidence soon, and more info with sensitivity to victims, soon.
  • Pineutopia Youtube Channel (posted a comment/comments immediately shutdown/my pc & twitter gone nuts.)
  • Cannabis Cures Cancers Facebook page, possibly hacked/co opted. 97,000 likers leaving fast, please warn good networks, that advocate responsible medical use, decriminalisation, honest info. Like Norml, Patients Alliance, which will go onto Whitelist
  • CathyFox Blog  Refuses to remove links to dangerous false flag flyers, defending free speech, but these people break to many rules/laws and gangstalking of survivors & real whistleblowers for that to be acceptable.
  • MHoust42 Filmaker Bambuser & Youtube coading vulnerable attention, needy survivors to harrass, defame, and act like vigilantes, always at any event for Belinda, and other suspects, always goading, he may think encouraging ???
  • Researching Reform  Same as above, for CathyFox Blog
  • Joe Public
  • Cat Innes Bullies CSA Advocates, spreads malicious communications.
  • Chris Evarard Enigma Channel This is the video that Chris does not want seen. Very important evidence for any who have been fooled by him.
  • Some listed may be unaware, but must desist in supporting. enabling, colluding, covering up, for a sinister web of crime, since writing this, I can say that most listed are aware and some are indeed part of a horrible conspiracy to sabotage progress in child protection and the truth of real CSA being investigated, I would also say they are failing, it just seems online as if they have swamped our cause.
  • For latest news & updates on other hoaxers & their attempts to carry on please check @