The trouble with ‘threats’ online..

Bronwyn Llewllyn of Hamilton NZ’s Death Threats towards RD & therefore dissenters    accused of being RD, including top whistleblowers on their target list, the community of hampstead UK, She named me on her blog some time ago, and since more was published by David Shurter/Fiona Barnett’s partners, Fiona who ensured that John Brown, Amanda Gabriel Prosser, Kathy Devine and others were targeted as ‘paedophiles’ and threatened and abused by paedohunters downunder, i have been attacked here, by Angela Power Disney, and called a baby eater, if i show evidence of their lies, bullying, and they are still attempting to divide groups. This has been collated, from Bronny’s own pages, blog, so that people don’t have to click on her malicious malware infested bog. click here for a google plus page


rtPKTvW - Imgur

I’m still correcting the Blacklist in terms of how it was put together….I did throw the blog up, as things happened, including some convos, which i am taking down, as they are put together on videos, and other documents, now. Hoaxtead Hypocrits is a good video, containing the kinds of curses and threats, levelled at me immediately i stepped into the firing line, to prove that it was happening on an industrial level, to many people, shocking, hurting, disgusting, averting, many from the issue of child abuse.

I havn’t said either that all listed are shills, or anything…… I have meant to say that there are various types of people and reasons for them to be engaging with these false flags…..

I will try and make that more clear, can any one tell me more about Sean Mcguire ? i keep seeing his name, alot of the time, these are people whose channels or blogs i avoid, so i have had to look or ask people and ask blogs like, say cathyfox to remove the filth from fiona barnett and why  would anyone lead people to these vultures? having refused to take it down, then i have no mercy for people carrying links to sites that abuse survivors and pose serious threats and dangers to us real advocates and whistleblowers…..

Bringing this out, and suffering the isolation ever since i did on the hollie false flag, has not been easy, and given the now obvious targetting and triggering, bullying of so many of us, now linking up…..bringing it up, and realising the same people are working, conspiring and also then, with the engineered and manipulated loyalty generated, it  is just like bringing my abuse into light, taking my case through civil court, organising the first public, non gender biased rallies,,,,,,,And the other whistleblowers have also struggled mainly alone with this, just like we did as survivors, those of us that are…… really murky people, and we will be shedding light onto them, as with all bullies.

They were even trying to steal Tim Minchins traffic the other day, and get their posts on his videos, when we stopped it, just by being present, as they opened a group, page and site called ‘Survivor Voice Australia’, where once again, they tried to give an illusion of spearheading, and supporting survivors, which they don’t, in fact they do the opposite, and destroy any of us in their way, if possible… they mirrored Tims song, so they could post away there, and pull in new victims, ..

If bloggers are going to defend the freedom of speech of paedophiles, child rapists, who are prepared to bully, threaten, and put survivors in danger, then you will appear on the blacklist, and why you are allowing it, is for you to explain…. please

Given that Bronwyn Llewellyn @BronnyNZ Posted on her blog a while back that i was RD, and given how the hampstead believer, deciever groups attack any that dissent, as being him, and given how many death threats are allowed, encouraged, like a baying mob, of witch hunters, this is why i had due call, to inform the police, and recieve support from agencies.W

Which has worked out well, for survivors as now the network has woken up, and is aware of how dangerous the various groups, emanating from some ‘leader’s in the ‘troofer doofer’, movement

The more ethical, truth movement, the sites that do produce evidence based, articles, and open minded debate, on issues, are also very aware, and realised the other dangers posed, to internet freedom, as well as to the child abuse inquiries……….Thankyou to the people that have helped, bridge the gaps, and i will create a list of good alternative information sites, like Wake Up World.

Those who think those of us tackling this were feeding trolls,  that was not my intention, at all, but to show up their aggressive bullying, threats to any that don’t follow their lead, or manipulative grooming, the shunning and isolating, if you pull out, is very obvious, as people are watching, staying silent, following the leads from the Blacklist……

Enigma Channel, Truth Frequency News, Kevin Baker, Chris Everard, David Avocado Wolf, and there are others, now obviously needing to be shaken out of their comfortable, fear mongering, charlatan supporting, sheep herding, networks, of so called truth, while turning it inside out, upside down….

And still not one word from any, that have met me, and know that the filth on david shitters bog, working with foul fiona barnyard, and what ever the dearman does hampstead, which btw, Sabine and Angela, Belinda and others are recorded as using to prove that Ricky dearman had images of ‘childporn’, their words, interestingly, it sounds like the ‘childporn’, found on Christopher Everards files, by Deb C.

I have been asked by an investigator to tidy up my blog, so that it makes sense, as the evidence really is being investigated at high levels, the cybercrime and child abuse being enabled and carried out, via this lot, is now obvious, with the background links of Maggie Tuttle, Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill, to convicted paedophiles, and the evidence of similar links, behind many of these so called leaders, that all connect, all fall out, at various times, to later make up again, to tout their latest ware……bit of the latest trending story.

Imagine any survivor finding this in their inbox, and i’m not the first either… the whole copy, to see how she suddenly launches, into this, and it lasts a couple of minutes and then it’s all about her, except that i do think she is giving messages to the teams on who to attack, who to support, etc….  but whatever she is upto, it is a study piece……  So the message read ‘Sheva if you really are a campaigner, then you are despicable’, or something along those lines, the copy is safe.   And if it triggers you, cos it sounds like someone who bullied you, blow rasberries at her, i did, and i prettied it up a bit, added music to some, and had fun messing with it.

Damn right i will stick up for myself and others being so badly used.  And Shame on her and them, for not realising that i have engaged with many for years, listened and supported many and so much, that i have never revealed, unless that person wanted me to,   That is where my confidence comes from, not the very rare time i fell out and lost my cool, nerve or ability to remain civil, and if i did, i was sorely pushed, and a couple of times, the evidence shows, that it was a purposeful targetting, triggering, and bullying, to sabotage me, and find out what i was up to….

……Angela Power Disney’s ‘Shame’, video was amazing for a few reasons……a stunning piece of evidence, and weirdly, she totally looks, sounds, like my mother…….there have been other signs of consistant triggering, attempts, which i will write up, but whether there has been, or not, there has certainly been a strong effort put in, to attempting to make me ineffective. All i can do, is help networks, link up and get stronger……… I guess that might be a bit unhelpful to any that really do want to cover up child abuse, now who might that be, and would they have the power, money, time, people, to ensure that sabotage is in play in lots of ways, levels ?????? Just ask any of the Catholic or Industrial School, or Residential Homes, warriors, ……..they know about it, and have suffered and witnessed it, for all the years, since speaking out began to grow……………and why i am with Tim Minchin, determined that money raised, goes to those who need it, and to Survivors to set up healing centres…. Core Teams are building, to correct this, prevent it, and to help the White listed groups, networks rise above this lot and flourish. Watch out for the next Child Abuse Whistleblower takes a stand, article …..

I should include that the dearman does hampstead site is run for Abe Christie or by him….the wanted child torturer, on the run, and it was used to confuse and carries a ‘poor sheva, and what a bully sheva is, diatribe’, and also that is another reason for inclusion of any carrying links that endanger survivors & real whistlblowers will go onto the Blacklist.

Click here to open Blacklist Update

Click here for Blacklist & Contact Form

Whitelist Updates. (there are others listed in likes on Cross of Change & Join the Dots pages, any blacklisted links found, please alert me and the page admins carrying them and share this information)

 Click to open Whitelist & Contact form

The next whistleblower article is important, and will be on the ‘Wake Up World site.

I could tag more, let me know if you want to be.
And there is no pecking order, there are many mutually supportive admins, survivors, teams that work in tandem, or mutually support, and certainly share news that is essential to all, without favour, or unsound pressure to share, join, or be led.
I am time pressured, and adding to the White list as is possible, help is very much appreciated.
Contact forms can be found on Black and White List, or contact a helpline, or trusted support , we are aware of many victims, too scared to come forward., given the hostility & threats, posed by the networks, and shown to me and others, by those approached, to either gain help or alert them to these scammers, shills or whatever they are, and those thinking they really are champions for children, need to realise they are hurting more than helping,  the white listed groups, know of this, and will either support or signpost you to support to deal with any trauma caused.

Death threats justified ? ever ?

Much as i really do understand the anger, frustration, and inclination, to want the earth rid of child rapists, murderers and those that have covered up for them………

Given that us Whistleblowers are coming under fire, in the guise of made up accusations, there is another hint of the control the internet, potential, and so as i am warning groups and the news of the latest media releases and articles about Pell and the dreary excuses and victim blame, and accusing survivors of being just hateful, vengeful etc………

It is i’m sure wise to delete actual death threats, levelled even if you feel justified, there are a few good reasons, for so doing……..

  1. It does give ammunition, to those protecting high powered people involved, in any way.
  2. It does, given the far reaching consequences and dangers to real whistleblowers, also, help for us to be threatened, targetted, and then shoulders shrugged, because that’s how survivors act…….
  3. Most groups that are sussed, know this, and whilst they might even agree with violence, many don’t, many survivors find it triggering to read, and many survivors are then scared for their families, so it can stop whistleblowing.
  4. It is illegal to promote hate speech… please people, be aware, vent by all means, but keep it within bounds, i often rant off, then delete and edit, so that i am within reasonable bounds.
  5. The clever manipulators and the real disinfo agents, shills, etc, will certainly see any opportunity, to try and trip survivors up, and help us turn into our own worse enemy if possible……These false flags are a never ending circle,cycle of confusing, and hard to disseminate smoke and mirrors, with clever people pulling some of the strings, all ways round……it seems, to me, looking from all sides, and doing my best, to highlight this to help groups to protect people,.

I do keep pointing out that innocent people have been caught up in these nets, and have warned some of the radio show hosts, bloggers, that i have then listed, some reluctantly, but my reasons are proven, valid, and welcomed by so many, that i am reassured that it has been necessary, helpful, and managed to shift attention to the real cause for survivors out there, and rake fakes, out of the way.

I have not found it easy, nor have others, and there is fallout in some groups, that have allowed my posts, for then the admins and other members, the pushers on social media of these false flags are mercenary, aggressive, threatening and throw their weight around, some groups not realising that they are made up of people with alot of sock accounts, that will groom and seem supportive of a group, attempt to put an admin in, who will then alter the group, and push their agenda, often saying the admin is a shill, or part of a cult, etc…..

Some involved have other criminal or fraudulent reasons, or are just gullible and really believe the hype, and feel useful……  For any budding keyboard warriors, there are far better ways to employ your time, if you want to really help….. share the good stuff, leave the crap behind ………and mind what you type, or you might get in trouble !   lets’ not aid our enemies, eh ?

A tired Sheva is doing her best

Any confusions please ask


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