As time has passed, the reach of hoaxers has become far more apparant as has the dangers they pose. This video shows some of the UK pied pipers determined to keep Myths of Satanic Ritual Abuse alive, the reasons for some groups helping them viralise vile lies is becoming clearer too.
Click for video showing marketeers strategising on how to prime their marks

To do this with regards to child abuse is beyond heinous. It’s no surprise that many convicted paedophiles are amongst the groups that follow these leaders and sabotage genuine campaigners at every turn. Creating false witch hunts.

Video Evidence of Sabine McNeil & Angela Power Disney

Click the link above for video to witness Sabine McNeil lying, and Angela Power Disney revealing her attitude to me and other CSA Survivors, both insinuate that anyone who points out that the Hampstead and previous Hollie case are both hoaxes, must be in the ‘Satanic Cult’,  or any other label they can use, to dismiss, belittle, bully.    You can get a good idea, from this. The day before, i had challenged Angela Power Disney in the Hampstead Facebook Group, asking her why it was acceptable to her, that Abraham Christie had tortured the children, and forced them to repeat invented stories, so incredible, and then cause an internet storm, that was overshadowing the real work going on on this issue, and with the CSAinquiry.

Anyway you can hear the various slurs and putdowns, dissmissing anything said. Belinda Mckenzie bears massive responsibility and even was involved in some of the White Flowers events, all to help with the online illusion, created by Sabine and her interlinking blogs and sites……

Angela now has the begging bowl out, so i’m guessing Belinda’s isn’t quite working, and Sabine must realise that being caught lying so much, online, won’t win many pennies in a collection box, when she goes to jail.

Angela Power Disney for a time paid to appear on CCN; MelVes’ channel. Recently she interviewed with Ben Emlyn-Jones who has obviously forgotten, or more likely never meant his promise never to fall for a hoax again, especially one that was linked to Belinda McKenzie:

Click her for P3. PaedoHijackers Ben Emlyn-Jones P1. & P2. links include: David Icke, Miles Johnston, Belinda McKenzie, Brian Gerrish Angela Power Disney etc

This blog will become, more of my story, experiences, growth, and about how the movement of awareness of child sexual abuse has grown, from complete denial, deflecting blame, victim blame, collusion, ignorance, to the now massive outpouring of more of the truth.

However the focus now needs to be on seeing this through to the goals begun in 1993, with the ultimate dream of setting up holistic centres for survivors to turn to for sanctuary, help, support & healing.   I will endeavour to help by sharing more creative, artistic, events, to celebrate survivors who have added there voices, to end the protection of child rapists & abusers, to honour all, whatever they have or have not achieved or done, just surviving is enough, and to also honour, those that have taken their lives, unable to bear the pain.

One of the biggest shocks for me, in more recent years has been that many survivors that seek help, are automatically then, under suspicion, of being a potential abuser, and many are losing children, to a system that is abusive, unjust, criminal, and simply because child services are aware that they were abused as a child.

For now,  this is all under construction & consideration.  I am hibernating and healing within, muchly.

The album Cross of Changes, came out ’93, and the music resonated, and I practised healing/dance with it.  As originally, we were called C.R.O.S.S.  When I began a group on Facebook, I named it cross of change, for many reasons it fits, this cause for me.   Sexually abusing children, hurts their innocent soul deeply, but out of this, many become wounded healers, having travelled through their darkest pain, tunnel, depths, emotions, through, the lightness then, available, the knowledge, that we can reclaim our innocence, it really is possible, is all wrapped up, for me, in the message, I’d like to share.

Reviewing this page, i see that Sabine McNeil has spam commented, meanwhile, knowing i had already alerted people to what i could see a few years ago was a web of deciept spun by her and Belinda, I also have recently recieved some trolling on the Hampstead Facebook Page, and they link back to a group called…. ‘The Official Enigma ……..’….Cynically, Sabine and others have stalked and watched my every move, and also taken advantage when they know i have become too ill to do more.  Just around the time of writing this originally, i became involved in Join The Dots, hoping to attract a new team, but was immediately troll attacked on every event, planned as were others, and bullied to allow posts on groups, from people who by then, i was distancing from and warning others about.

None of this is really about me, my story may be told over coming months, but I seem to be able to have brought various groups and people together, in one place, for one day, a few times.   Though the rallies continued, they were never publicised much, nor filmed and shared.  That was the only change i made, thinking that if we achieved so much, including a show of the rally on BBC, from my kitchen table, surely we could make a bigger noise, 2010.   Instead, we were spoken to and at in the main, and a few fake campaigners, held sway online, for years since. UK mainly.

Finally, after much nagging, bullying from Rose, to stop ‘infighting’, she instead, took the banner promoting our group, to all of the events attended by Belinda, stubbornly, ignoring my knowledge, judgement, and i didn’t realise, straight away, so not even openly..

Sabine, please stop using and abusing our platforms, and events, Belinda and Joe Public, Bill Maloney too, and to the Media, some of you have been pressured to listen to the wrong people, hence some sabotage has been allowed, confusion, drama, where none is needed.

The aggressive yelling about ‘paedos’ in the street, is abusive, and averts many.  As Kellie Cottam, put so eloquently, at the event recently, where she also warned other parents, to steer clear, and told Belinda, Sabine and Maggie to learn the law…….  Previously, Sabine in her usual manner, put a video of Cheryl Corless, who is involved in helping to set up the UKCSAPT and ignored Cheryls’ request to take it down.    One of Sabines sites is called Public Inquiry into child abuse, or something like it, another illusion, that she is privvy to details, and organisors of the real IICSA  CSAinquiry UK.

Victims of the Family Court system, deserve better.

Victims, Falsey Accused by these hoaxers deserve better.

CSA Survivors, and those genuinely working in Child Protection, or Support of Victims/Survivors, deserve better.

The hollie hoax, morphed into the Hampstead hoax.   I am glad to find that more serious action will occur.   And i repeat my warning to the networks dealing with Child Abuse/Protection, CSASurvivors about a ring of people, who have created an illusion of credibility.

Hoaxtead Research Team, have done a magnificent job, of investigating, providing evidence, and alerting the police. https://hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com/

So I’m back to the beginnings again and hoping to strengthen our community of genuine CSAsurvivors and groups UK, whilst acknowledging that false allegations occur, and hoping to help prevent them too, and aid the victims, of each side of this.

Sheva Burton (previously known as Sue Melrose)

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  5. my recent comment in response to one of Abe or another abusive toxic troll posting the videos, and cursing in a very dark, disturbing, possibly triggering, frightening way, for some:
    Blessed Be, your downfall is occurring. Judgement from the heart, light from source, be upon you, and all who you have hurt, damaged, cursed. May the highest good be done, for all concerned, especially the children.
    Blessed Be. #cybercrime #eperts and #interpol are now alert Google, Youtube, Vimeo and all platforms, are now reviewing their actions, and how to protect innocent people falsly accused, at the same time protecting real #CSAvictims #CSAsurvivors from being linked to people who have taken us back to the #darkages.
    It has taken immense efforts from thousands of people to bring as much #light to bear as is now, on #CSAinquiry #RoyalCommission yet you and #SabineKMcNeil with her matrix web of sites, sucking in victims, whilst encouraging cases that cause us to be yet again, labelled as #liars #fantasists #conspiritards on a #witchunt this will be raked out, so that the ground is clear for us to remain a #strongforce to be reckoned with, despite the fact, that #BelindaMckenzie #JoePublic #BillMaloney and others have embedded themselves in all of the recent events, and caused various divisions and cracks to widen, ime and imho.
    Blessed Be all


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