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  6. my recent comment in response to one of Abe or another abusive toxic troll posting the videos, and cursing in a very dark, disturbing, possibly triggering, frightening way, for some:
    Blessed Be, your downfall is occurring. Judgement from the heart, light from source, be upon you, and all who you have hurt, damaged, cursed. May the highest good be done, for all concerned, especially the children.
    Blessed Be. #cybercrime #eperts and #interpol are now alert Google, Youtube, Vimeo and all platforms, are now reviewing their actions, and how to protect innocent people falsly accused, at the same time protecting real #CSAvictims #CSAsurvivors from being linked to people who have taken us back to the #darkages.
    It has taken immense efforts from thousands of people to bring as much #light to bear as is now, on #CSAinquiry #RoyalCommission yet you and #SabineKMcNeil with her matrix web of sites, sucking in victims, whilst encouraging cases that cause us to be yet again, labelled as #liars #fantasists #conspiritards on a #witchunt this will be raked out, so that the ground is clear for us to remain a #strongforce to be reckoned with, despite the fact, that #BelindaMckenzie #JoePublic #BillMaloney and others have embedded themselves in all of the recent events, and caused various divisions and cracks to widen, ime and imho.
    Blessed Be all


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