Matthew Taylor trial, 8 September 2020


Times Up – Payment Due ?

There are no signs of real let up or remorse.

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Visit The Fruitcake Munchers Club on YouTube for updates & recently on a young man with Cerebal Palsy there are signs of Hoax pushers grooming him & Matt Taylor mockingly comments: ‘Be careful, Cory…you might get community service too, like me’.

Matt had stalked & harrassed Katy Bourne since 2011.

He has boasted about being in troll brigades that have maliciously mass reported channels of good debunkers & victimised CSAsurvivor groups.

Given the amount of tech seized during the plague of the Cruel Hampstead SRA Hoax; surely there can be some collaboration, compiling & collating of this network that has many strands, circles & networks and has been involved with bullying, intimidation & malicious communications, posing as pedo hunters whilst promoting lying fake victims that have sabotaged inquiries, investigations & movements across the world, All the while viralising chosen fakes & heroes who pretend to be fronting anti child abuse campaigns, Jon Wedger said again recently that Bill Maloney began everything…….. What a bloody cheek !

Bill Maloney, Belinda McKenzie & Brian Gerrish of UK Column, Penny Arnold/Pullen & all the conspiracy pushers of late during lockdown & all involved with FFTCUK saveourchildren & Q pizzagate vile viralisation…….have overshadowed real campaigners who began long before the first public march & rally, I organised ’93 & many continue now.

Opdeatheaters was the tag used for many fake campaigns to get viralised. They pushed fakes like Fiona Barnett, David Shurter & lied about good advocates during the Royal Commission Aus. They promoted the Hollie/Hampstead hoaxes, Carl Beech & Esther Baker & all of the ‘truth’ channels that spread disinfo re: Health, Law, Child Trafficking, exagerating falsehoods & minimising the reality of genuine victims of CSA by glorifying Satanic Ritual Abuse as is shown by the latest outpouring of articles explaining the truth & background of QAnon.

Will rehab work for Matt ? Time will tell, but so far, he’s sailing as close as he dare, which is still in my view why his sentence if appealed may need to be strengthened. I hope the court will be in full knowledge of updated facts of Matt Taylor aka Mr X recent comments on YouTube, Videos & blogs written, aimed at The Fruitcake Munchers Club where most of the subs have been called the Hampstead Dad at some point over the last 6 years, me included……. So is this still harrassing the Hampstead dad by default ? (or a different legal term) ?

Thankyou Karen Irving for your diligent writing of this encyclopedic blog & especially for representing as much of the real evidence given in Sabine McNeills trial as was legally allowed.

One other thing the Hampstead hoax represents is how the hoax pushers all have a disrespect for the law & it’s officers, they’ve also helped to generate the hatred expressed towards police during protests lately where various groups united as noted well in the Logically articles.

This playlist shows more collusion between Hampstead hoax & SRA pushers; Matthew TaylorBrighton UK, Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy Scotland, HopeGirl aka Naima Dawn Feagin QEG Fake Energy Scam (Morocco), Abe Christie (Morocco), Andrew Crown Devine (Greece), Angela Power Disney (Ireland), Tere Joyce (AFR, US), Barbara Sarcouli UK, Catriona Selvester Scotland, EddieisOK NOT ! UK. There are various google drives with tons of screenshot evidence collated over 6yrs.

Ex-Met Detective John Wedger provides final nail in Hampstead SRA hoax coffin

Why Now Wedger ???
Jon Wedger has known about the Hampstead hoax since September 2014. So why has he waited until now to start talking about it?


Over the past year and a half, we’ve noticed that a former Metropolitan police officer, Jonathan Wedger, has been peddling tales of “police corruption at the highest levels” to almost anyone who’ll listen.

Mr Wedger has been quoted extensively in the tabloids, as well as by Brian Gerrish of UK Column, making claims that the Met deliberately covers up the sexual abuse of children. He has also stated that he now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the bullying he received when he attempted to bring this situation to the attention of his senior officers. Following some time on sick leave, he has now been dismissed from the force and is attempting to sue for psychiatric injury. We have our own opinions of his allegations, which we will share at a later time. However, today we’d like to talk about ex-DC Wedger’s contribution to closing…

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HopeGirls dirty tricks & The Real Fresh Start for Survivors


Please read & share the post. We welcome you to comment, contribute, contact and critique.

As we build a strong foundation to support victims/survivors of abuse and protect children better. By sharing knowledge, expertise and information regarding the issues that challenge society to now do better. IICSA and The Scottish Inquiry are only going to as good as the participants make them. Check out the links on The Real Fresh Start Foundation and watch as we build an informative and educational tool. or better still, participate and/or just share.
As we clear out the charlatans and make way for the genuine people to be heard moreso, as we tackle false allegation creators, enablers, promoters and fake compensation claiments, we can hear the true voices, suppressed and silenced for so long, safely via The Truth Project and there are many good people/groups with integrity for support, too, which we will be adding as we can. . (I will update the blog with more details for support in place for Scotland Inquiry participants)…..

I’m creating some montage videos, to give quick information to those working within services, that are too busy to have been online enough to have realised the dangers posed to our inquiries, by various shades of perp, fraudster and enabler, deceptively pretending to aid survivors whilst fleecing them in many ways. Sheva.

Click here: The Real Fresh Start Foundation

We’re keen to hear from victims of Fresh Start Foundation or any other self proclaimed Hero4Kids or Org. – The Real Fresh Start Foundation

Please use the contact form if you would like to tell us what happened to you, in confidence and indicate whether you would be happy to give evidence in any future investigation, or not. If you wis…

Source: We’re keen to hear from victims of Fresh Start Foundation or any other self proclaimed Hero4Kids or Org. – The Real Fresh Start Foundation

Fresh Start Foundation ‘spreading hate’, say CSA survivors

Sheva Buton, Lee Anthony Jesson & Shatter Boys smeared by SRA Hoaxers sabotaging IICSA

Click link above for short video & the link below, for more info & read comments too, for more connected people sabotaging genuine CSA Survivors;  Globally.

via Fresh Start Foundation ‘spreading hate’, say CSA survivors