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I have often pondered to myself how can people be convinced that the earth is flat and subscribe to that as their reality dismissing centuries of data? Yesterday I got the chance to find out from a You tuber by the name of Double oh 7. He has a channel with around 800 subscribers and is currently a musician in a bar in Tenerife who makes flat earth video’s and claims that he knows it is 1000% flat (erm yes).

Having been informed he was a nice guy struggling to make his way on You tube but a guy who loves everyone and fairly positive, so I took the plunge and contacted him via twitter to have a conversation. I should have know from the tone of his passive aggressive messages that it wouldn’t end well however me being me i proceeded. So Richie as he is known came…

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HopeGirls dirty tricks & The Real Fresh Start for Survivors


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As we build a strong foundation to support victims/survivors of abuse and protect children better. By sharing knowledge, expertise and information regarding the issues that challenge society to now do better. IICSA and The Scottish Inquiry are only going to as good as the participants make them. Check out the links on The Real Fresh Start Foundation and watch as we build an informative and educational tool. or better still, participate and/or just share.
As we clear out the charlatans and make way for the genuine people to be heard moreso, as we tackle false allegation creators, enablers, promoters and fake compensation claiments, we can hear the true voices, suppressed and silenced for so long, safely via The Truth Project and there are many good people/groups with integrity for support, too, which we will be adding as we can. . (I will update the blog with more details for support in place for Scotland Inquiry participants)…..

I’m creating some montage videos, to give quick information to those working within services, that are too busy to have been online enough to have realised the dangers posed to our inquiries, by various shades of perp, fraudster and enabler, deceptively pretending to aid survivors whilst fleecing them in many ways. Sheva.

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We’re keen to hear from victims of Fresh Start Foundation or any other self proclaimed Hero4Kids or Org. – The Real Fresh Start Foundation

Please use the contact form if you would like to tell us what happened to you, in confidence and indicate whether you would be happy to give evidence in any future investigation, or not. If you wis…

Source: We’re keen to hear from victims of Fresh Start Foundation or any other self proclaimed Hero4Kids or Org. – The Real Fresh Start Foundation