The Real Deal #CSAinquiry #UKCSAPT #RoadtoChangeEU #RoyalCommissionAus Coverups

This is the offensive previous programme, that i only caught up with yesterday, and couldn’t believe my ears.   it gets to John & Kathy at about 1hr….tho the whole thing is an education, and some will spot the NLP and stuff.  I did.

Fiona Barnett puts CSASurvivors in firing line  listen here. At about 1hr they begin naming CSA campaigners as Gov’t infomants, all lies, yet David is now denying that their statements, false allegations, lies have created threats towards John, kathy, and others, also causing distress to their families.  He has fallen out with the other hampstead promoters, but still quoting the case as being real.

And the video below, is the second from one of their supporters in Oz, involved with OPdeatheatersNSW and Paedohunters Downunder   16 secs of vile threats.  Laurence Coghlan threatens Survivor John Brown

The first video is already on another post but you can find it here Laurence Coghlan repeats Fiona Barnetts lies & threatens

In the comments you can witness the level of it.


Check out what John Brown actually is attempting, and Kathy, Gabby, Amanda are the real deal, as am I.

Innocent of their accusations, yet they are GUILTY of everything that I and others have long suspected.

Inside Out, Back to Front, put a mirror infront of any of them, so real light, and watch.

Turn everything they say around, recognise, yes there may be lots of good information, but some have common themes, the same commentators, repeating mantra’s heard from whoever their latest hero is, without the wisdom to recognise, what we have been fighting all along…

Do you think we havn’t long realised what we are up against ????

Do we think the Vat of Cans might pay alot alot of various types to cause chaos amonst us ? Sabotage ? Control ? Abuse? Mock? Accuse? Accuse Falsely?  I and others can paint a picture of this, across the world, but of late, these wild hoaxes are taking the bullying and daring to attack some of us, that must be really dangerous for some reason ???

Hampstead Case UK – False Flag supported by same team leaders that promoted previous false flag, Hollie, used to overwhelm the rallies against Child Abuse, claim they started in their actual 17th year:  2010, began by me in 1993.  The team that planned to push speakers rather than CSA Survivors onto the platform, 2010, also destroyed video evidence entrusted to them of the ’94 rally.    Bill Maloney appeared on ITV News, that evening to announce the first ever rally, began by Truth and Hope.  I am bullied consistantly for whistleblowing their activities and warning people, but i didn’t until quite recently, realise the extent and intensity of the harm caused.

Hoaxtead Research has been online for a year, today.  A wealth of real information on all people listed on the blacklist here, and others, not yet covered.

The tabs contain real, whole evidence.   Questions can be asked, and will be truthfully, answered.

There is also evidence of the intense bullying suffered by Hampstead residents named online, with dreadful consequences for them and their children.

Ricky Dearman was investigated and cleared.  Yet this mob have continued to break the law, insist their fabrications are true, gifting naysayers of real cases, to call CSA Survivors witchunters and vigilantes, fantasists, nutters, and to insist on names being witheld, as well as another round of False Memory Syndrome, and all the while, careers are being built on the enormous pot of money, now available……

Ricky Dearman tho……

He doesn’t though deserve this, i have been treated far worse by ex’s.   Yes i have reacted badly at times, but this level ???  and then of course, I and anyone dissenting the ridiculous claims or foul abuse, levelled at us, online, well, their stock default answer is that we must be him, Ricky, who i have never met, and am not defending, by the way, he is going through the process of contact, and what the future holds, i hope is good for the two children.

I can only trust the the children at least are safe as possible for now.   Please everyone realise that the videos have actually meant that they must remain hidden…..

Think about it, what a nasty trick this has been, but with such evil  outcomes all round, not least, causing CSA Survivors to be able to be re labelled, in ways we both never deserved, and were always used to mock or dismiss, abuse etc in the past.

At the same time others are being dealt similar blows that are stepping up.  I’m not clear about Exaro, but would attend the meeting, if able….I will be watching, and other Events are forming,

There are still gatherings of Survivors in London, that are creating some events..

Tom was misteered by Bill and Chris Fay, but i tried to warn him, and others, i’m sure would have…..but look at the White Flowers Events, and you will see clear disinfo agents, and co opintelpro signs, red flags a plenty if you stop letting their emotional hooks work………..  Try looking at it from this way, if you’ve been duped, or feel defensive, they have played many tricks to keep you obedient, avoiding the real Truthers in this, and keep you attention on them.

Any Communicators, that wish can approach some of us for interviews, if you get it and want to make amends…….

Which is my hope with this message…..please help undo the harm caused.

Help empower those that really deserve and need it.

Put pressure on the Pope, for a mighty sudden awakening and redress, A massive fund for Worldwide Access, to a fund, and put it into Survivors Hands, that are independent of their influence and can show this, by the members of their groups, historic evidence of actions, events, writings, petitions, that have led us to this point now.

‘Since writing we had the brilliant Tim Minchin song ‘Come Home Cardenal Pell’, and the over £200,000 raised for the Ballarat Survivors to go to Rome, with other funds also working more well, and i have been thanked by many for the better clarity, from the Black and White Lists.

It has been shown in the last week that people do really care about CSA and Survivors/Victims, they want to help, and want to know how, they want to know, too that their money donated is well spent, and focused on the people and children at the centre of need, here.    Many are revolted by the viralised videos of the two hampstead children, and now realising the extent of conspiracy to commit many types of crime, alledgedly including child abuse, the tide has turned, thankyou to all who are helping,  on so many levels.  Alot of true collaboration is going on, and working, at last.’

Please relieve the suffering Pope, it is in your hands, to be able to make a real instant difference to the so many people living and againg, wounded mind, body and spirit, you must understand the impact of such violations to innocence, and what that would achieve……… So please, Do this, so that people can be supported better, and heal more wounds, as they give and relive the torture inflicted on them.

The inquiries and Commission will be even the better for it.


Admirer of Sinaed O Connor

Click here for The CSA/Family Needs Blacklist of Saboteurs/promoters of fakes

Saboteurs/Blacklist CSA/Family Justice

Sabine has tried to use Lucy Allens work to boost herself, so out of respect for Lucy here is her original link.

Lucy Allen Speaking of Children in Care



6 thoughts on “The Real Deal #CSAinquiry #UKCSAPT #RoadtoChangeEU #RoyalCommissionAus Coverups

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  3. Found some more information on David Shurter: connected to #FionaBarnett in Australia and #HampsteadFakeSRAcase UK
    David denies that he and fiona barnett issued death threats, i said they put these innocent and hardworking, longterm, survivors and activists in the firing line, and the links with hampstead, the fact that the same is done to me, is disgusting, so i am warning fellow campaigners, to keep their people safe from these creeps !


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