Why am I posting about a conspiracy ? Abe and Ella and Steve and Finbar: The pocket tape

Source: Abe and Ella and Steve and Finbar: The pocket tape

I’ve recieved various hints, and even a slight telling off, for valid reasons, and reasons i usually apply.

I have tried mostly to avoid, giving oxygen to things i view as largely negative, and encourage things i view positive to flourish.   Which i have consistantly maintained, still, when able to be online.

Consistantly, i have shared many new groups, some now massive.  I have made mistakes, some i know, now, others are viewed that way by some, but then, they have in some cases, grown massive, because they fulfilled a need, in the general public.  Some, i can see have done more, or mostly good, some i’ m afraid have been downright harmful, and some of the people perpetuating myths and causing immense disruption amongst our movement, are the people behind both this hampstead hoax and the previous hollie one.

With hollie, i followed my usual rules, mostly and left things alone, i spoke to many people about the takeover of the rally, privately, but if i dared eg. ask in any group to emma clarke ‘why had the ’94 rally video, not only disappeared but been wiped clean ?’, i would be called a bully, or jealous etc, and kicked out, this happened recently, in an ‘official CSAinquiry’ facebook group, because i wanted to know who was running it, and making sure they knew the background of especially, Belinda McKenzie, Sabine Kurjo McNeil (currently on bail conditions not to mention the hoax, attempting to embed herself in whiteflowers, internet safety panel and inquiry).  Much as they did with John Hemmings ex MP.  Sabine, Belinda and others would simply turn up at a public meeting, where john was hoping to recruit, train and inform McKenzie friends, i attended one such training, and never have i seen belinda, nor sabine act as if they know anything of how to proceed and really help parents, in family court.  (Justiceforfamilies is the group, where McKenzie Friends work that have helped quite a few families, but i don’t know much more in detail, but why John Hemmings didn’t make it more clear that he had no allegience to these fakes, is a mystery to me).  I have also met some of johns’ other mckenzies and followed them, and i know they act with integrity, knowledge, experience, and have been quietly getting on with their work for years,  It is a shame though that they, Belinda’s fake McKenzie Friend site with Terence Ewing on the team, carried on with a John Hemmings tab on their site, even when he had made it clear to them, he did not endorse it, giving an illusion of attachment, the fake McKenzie Friends site, that is, run by Belinda McKenzie, also Knights Foundation, fake charity.

Justice For Families is still going, as far as i know, and has helped some families, though i have heard complaints, they are usually the kind, that most organisations helping people would get.

Unlike Belinda and Sabines sites, which consistantly lose cases, and cause such law breaking, that their victims, they claim to be helping end up sectioned, imprisoned, lose their children, and work hard with their co horts to maintain a strong online presence, using pretence, largely to gain donations, with no transparancy of where the funds are, except of late, when they expect their followers to support their lifestyle, on the run, etc.  Apologies for editing flaws, but hope it is clear that i am not attacking genuine McKenzie Friends who do exist.

This is now their main tactic, attaching to good sites, often groups, whose people don’t spend alot of time online, and have no clue of their background.  Having failed with the hollie case, they really thought hampstead would give them the same momentum, but because  thankfully others with more ability than me, have this time, decided to make sure they can’t repeat the same programme, and hurt more innocent people and children, helping me and others to enlighten those still fooled, or about to be..

Anyway, any thinking that those meetings in parliament, hardly listened to, but mentioned as a kinda CV quote, like the EU Brussels meeting, that Sabine attended, and makes much of, though which if actually listened to, says nothing, and led to some parents being arrested, but sabine certainly spoke for no one, really.

Many of us in various groups, relating to child abuse, have learnt, not to speak out openly about those that took the platform, in 2010, at the 17th rally against child abuse.  It brings on alot of trolling, seriously disgusting name calling, threats, groups being reported en masse, just to silence them, indeed they act like abusers do, for me, at times, i have fought back, stood up to them, because i experienced it so much because i was so open and large on facebook about child abuse, when the UK was still more secretive, online.   But by 2012, some people wanted to grow the march here, and i offered to help, hence join the dots, but unfortunately some involved, insisted on attaching to belinda and the fakes, and when i began events, they were destroyed by mass reporting, as were all those helping, reported, so they had no choice, but to preserve their good work, and withdraw from me.

I have become more ill, in the meantime,

The worst  part for me, being made to feel like a leper, in that anything i touched, would then find new members, beginning to push their agenda’s and spam their groups, so that  i became less effective, well openly, though  i am in many groups around the world, still in touch, after all these years, safe spaces for survivors exist online, thankfully.

Previously, 1993, began, by me and a small group C.R.O.S.S.  later by Step Up, Amsosa, Napac, and One in Four attended, and others, i was not involved, nor attended during the years 95 to 2009, when one of Johns’ Mckenzies took me to the rally, after pushing me onto facebook.    She filmed the event, and quickly posted the videos, although i had asked her to wait, as i wanted to contact the organisors, first, had i, there wouldn’t have been the onslaught of abuse, and hurt that followed, and i sincerely had to apologise, but C wasn’t good at respecting boundaries, and thought i was a victim etc, i managed to speak with some, and explain, they were immediately taken down, others probably still resent me, i was told by one that ‘the rallies were safe, till i got there’, i retorted ‘ if we’re in public, it needs to really break silence, or what’s the point? and if you need that level of safety, book a room’.

Had i known that 2010, i would be purposely, (which dawned very slowly, and carried on) triggered, collapse and allow the platform to now be stage managed by belinda, who had (unknown to me), been meeting with emma, and the others, to arrange how the rally, publicity etc would be handled.

So that is an outline of why i have felt obliged, to shed some light on how these people look like they have credibility and followers, when in fact, i seriously witness them dividing, sucking energy from the stronger purpose and integrity that survivors do achieve, many in small tight groups, focusing on a particular part of the whole puzzle.

The groups that are working with integrity are too busy, to bother, so that those who spamalot and clickalot, for the hoaxers, look like the ones to attach to if you want numbers.  They are known to promise this to people they interview or link with.  My concern is that newer, vulnerable people get sucked in, to their detriment, often unable to see it, often accusing me of being a troublemaker, if i try to alert them.

So to some of my oldest friends, and to those that have been upset by me, and i have felt dreadful for allowing the rallies to be so sorely misused, and misteered, the upset over that is fully justified, but i can also, being me, see that some value has come, in terms of awareness, and the mass media, being unable to avoid publishing, and also, some valueble groups, have like anonymous (some) again, with integrity, been hacking abusers, and more.

I have a unique position, as do we all of course, but in terms of the rallies, i have a very broad prospective, based on vast amounts of communications, with many, at many levels, at times, and many decent people have also been to and supported the rallies, more recently, it’s just that only those supporting the hoaxes, like a ring, drown out or corrupt the genuine, in my honest opinion, and apart from that, these fakers, gift any still wanting to mock or ignore the seriousness or real serious needs of adult survivors, by allowing the same old arguments and divisions to still be employed.

So, i just shed this light, for people to help new people understand some background, and why one of their biggest lies, is that the rallies began 2010.

The fact that they began 22yrs ago, surely should not be allowed to be covered up,if nothing else, it proves that survivors of CSA have been vocal and needing more help, justice, awareness, driven by the wish to prevent more children being abused, so why would any campaigner cover that up ? and now it seems to have been planned and carried out by these ‘players’, with severly nasty methods, and so it merits transparancy and my truth ?

The site reached by clicking the link below has evidence of the whole sorry lot, you can click tabs to gain quick background on all the players, and their antics.

click for post abe & ella planning hoax

video warning a few years ago


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