Prelude to a hoax: How Belinda and Sabine prepared the way for Hoaxtead


Screenshot-2017-10-24 Mail u2013 2010 Rally Anna Bragga Press Release.pngScreenshot-2017-10-24 Mail u2013 2010 Rally Anna Bragga Press Release 2.png

So, Belinda had a healer lined up, to suck victims into her Highgate Hub, introduce them to the likes of Miles Johnstone, so they could be regressed by false memory engineers to become:  Alien Abductees, Super Soldiers or MKUltra mouthpieces, or pretend they were abused by famous people……  If you were really abused and unwilling to get on script, if you would not promote the Hollie Hoax, then you and your groups were sidelined, ignored, or mirrored.  If you spoke against their schemes then you would be targetted by the followers of Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill, Angela Power Disney, George The Greek Trucker, Kevin Annett, Brian Gerrish, Malcolm Ogilvy, Robert Green, Mumsy, Maggie Tuttle, Malcom Blackman AKA Joe Public, Opdeatheaters, Pedohunters of the vile kind, David Shurter, American Freedom Radio, Revolution Radio, David Icke………  who by the way, never mentioned Jimmy Saville, until after mainstream did….even though he worked in the BBC at the time of ‘everyone knew, but did nothing’……  He could have, spoken sooner.  Instead, David chose to repeat or make up allegations for headlines and to support hoaxers and child molesters.    Listen hear, Jimmy Saville is discussed by CW at about 1hr plus, the whole video is worth a listen, I certainly learnt more about some people connected to Belinda Mckenzie & co……..

Click for video:   Zen Gardner, David Icke, CNN, etc exposed

Please share this, still people seem to think they are sanctioned by UK Survivors, mostly they are not.  Newer campaigners though have been fooled by them or dazzled by their large followings.   Source: Prelude to a hoax: How Belinda and Sabine prepared the way for Hoaxtead

Please share this info so that genuine survivor groups & networks, still unaware that our events UK were hijacked, will not be fooled into giving credence to these liars perverting our movement, causing diversion of resources, fear amongst professionals, as shown during the live broadcasts of the IICSAUK. Rochdale Investigation

Video Below shows what some of the headliners did just after the rally.

Sheva Burton (Cross of Change) Had Her CSA Protest Work UK Hijacked 2010

Black List CSA & Family/Child Protection


Source: Black List CSA & Family/Child Protection Click for more info, links & contact form for victims with evidence,


Evidence of viscious campaign of hatred towards Child Abuse Whistleblower Amanda Prosser, DownUnder, also targetted by Fiona Barnett & David Shurter.  See Wake Up World link, below.

The pair that also targeted John Brown, Kathy Devine, Stolen testimonies from Survivors, and they are also teamed and connected to the Horrible Hampstead False Flag case, previously Hollie Grieg and the Web of Sabine K McNeill’s 50 Blogs (on trial for Witness Intimidation UK) and Belinda McKenzie, and all of the threads and people, blacklisted, so far.  See video link to death threats on John Browns channel, below.

Recently it seems that they have carried Melanie Shaw’s links and appear to be raising money, as if on her account, on the unrelenting Hollie fake blogs, run by Malcolm konrad Ogilvy or John Graham/Butlin Cat.  They accuse me of being a gatekeeper, shill, etc…… but i am more of a gate opener, trouble was, they took over as shepherds 2010, with a plan and intention, that is now evermore clearer.

The list includes Chris Everard of the Enigma Channel, also another Whistleblower targeted,  and a cover up of real child abuse.  Video Link below.

There is a definite pattern, and David Shurter & Fiona feel so confident (protected?) that they increase their foul denigration of me and others with ever more glee and gore.

As do others, like Bronwyn Llewllyn NZ, who named me as Ricky Dearman, the innocent (uncharged and cleared during the investigation of Hampstead SRA case),  sometime ago, given that he is accused of vile false crimes,  is this group, really to infact, take the light of real abuse, by attacking effective campaigners, like me (this too is a pattern).

In fact they are producing more and more evidence, by their increased defamations, and our increased profile, as the Spotlight on Abuse increases and so many have been alerted to this, via their own behaviour, viralisation techniques, tracks, tactics, that indeed they have tried to take centre stage online, yet are causing immense harm.

Please share this important information, and if you are torn loyalty wise, ask yourself why ?

Have their misuse of NLP and other emotional blackmail, triggering and psycological tricks, worked on you ?

Did they give you alot of attention, then drop you, once you were old news ?

Or did you end up, like Kellie Cottam and others, worse off, whilst they even made money and drama from your suffering, whilst taking no effective action on your behalf ???

There is support out there for us, alot now are helping to remedy this, please use the Whitelist to find better support, or the pages on Facebook that i run, in the likes sidebar.

The investigation with regard conspiracies to commit crimes online….with varied crimes enabled through their dark networks, gangs etc, listed grows.   Features Amanda Prosser Australian Whistleblower

threats & what the hoaxes lead to John Brown’s Youtube channel contains the recorded threats & thread contains evidence, otherwise John’s channel is an amazing resource. and he deserves more support, instead of the leeches of our movement.

click above for recorded evidence of death threat from a follower of another case promoted by Sabine McNeill, Belinda Mckenzie and those die hard Hampstead and hg hoaxers…..who all also promote…..Fiona Barnett. This threat was towards Veteran Campaigner John Brown, and others downunder, caused by Fiona Barnett & David Shurter falsely accusing them as he has done also to me and others.  At the time of this recording of death threats, i hadn’t heard the recording of Fiona & David, slandering good and genuine, long term, important investigators, campaigners, supporters, advocates and whistleblowers, on the Ed Oppenhiemer show, listed on the link below.

More info here:  The Real Deal on CSAinquiry, Royal CommissionAus


More Evidence added with regards Chris Everard of the Enigma Channel. Another vile bandwagon jumper/accuser towards a Whistleblower.


Angela Power Disney was trying to ignore me for months on end, dismissing me as no one, no one had heard of me, no one liked me, etc, as did various sock accounts, trolls, just keep undermining, and slurring me……And then i began to enter their arena, and challenge them.

The intense, immediate vile abuse hurled at me, can be seen on the Hoaxtead Hypocrites Video, examples on there of the kind of comments, any of us dissenting, recieve, as well as being called, Ricky the so called made up cult, leader, or a member, baby eater, and threats.   Given that i found her video, where she snarls shame at me, and other insults, in my inbox, with a message saying , ‘If you are a real survivor ? or advocate, Sheva, you are a disgrace !’……….She  uses alot of triggering words, throughout, is the same kind of thing, reported by victims of Fiona Barnett, downunder, linking to pretend paedo hunting groups, using Anon and Opdeatheater guises, to operate within.

Angela goes on to explain that she is drinking and needs AA, and therefore, any one working on this issue knows that that means she is unfit and unsafe, at this time, to be taken seriously.

My version of Angelas’ attempt to personally trigger, intimidate, confuse me, contains snips of the Co opt attempt of Lucy Allen MP’s Meeting, Kellie Cottams truthful (edited out by Sabine’s team) rant, powerful and explaining that she not only lost her children, but recieved NO ADVICE !!!! even though she was in Belinda’s team, and these people have the audacity to think they can arrange conferences as the Child Protection Task Force UK ?? !!!!

They must be stopped, and groups protected, and signposted to the good and safer places.

Those amongst them that do have links to dark, murky criminal gangs, conspiring to use CSA Survivors so cruelly, will be taken to task.

The Hollie/Hampstead gangs, have linked with Fiona Barnett’s, Chris Everards’, Baloney’s, Spiveys’, and other’s, to defame, bully, us that work with ethics, empowerment, truth, boudaries, to create real change,  so that they can pretend to spearhead, with disgusting displays of behaviour, untruthes, mocked up cases, dramatic attention seeking…….  This is why, now the word is spreading, they are losing ground, and getting ever more ugly.

There have been some people victimised and triggered, groomed at first, used, abused, and then find their story misrepresented on some blog, like CathyFox  and some have had near breakdowns, felt betrayed, and we are working hard to keep groups safe now, Hence my warning to Downunder groups about POMIC.

So serious and serial patterns emerge, that are now being investigated with a view to legal cases of both Civil and Criminal, Individual and Class Types.


Important updates, showing clearly the reason and extent of danger, damage being caused by people pretending to champion child protection…..  en masse crime, extortion, fraud, scams, marketing,harrassment,sabotage,encouraging victim blame, fear mongering, abusing survivors & whistleblowers, whilst pretending to be champions at that too, co opting anything growing, where possible….. destruction and victims, left in their wake, given 4million saw the original videos of the Hampstead two.

Then many will need to be shown this information, so that cases and class actions, can help to effectively prevent this being possible, in the future.

Be safe


A cockney girl, forced to have elocution lessons, and grammar school, ed…..but tech, social media has rendered me lazy, my lack of tech skills have been a barrier.   So am brushing up a bit, as i can, and thanking Hoaxtead Research Blog, for producing the evidence, humour and helping and staying the course…….  And not forgetting the innocent Hampstead Residents, whose children have been tormented, by these foul vile, viralisers all on behalf of  a Child Abuser, Abraham Christie.

Happy Birthday Hoaxtead Research !   A year old today 20.02.2016.   Going from strength to strength, and keeping members safe, and protected.   Providing evidence, and backing up every statement, available for questions, queries, and at times, a good laugh at the crazy antics of some of the loons supporting the cases and characters named on the blacklist and their perps list.   Also keeping within legal limitations, so that cases can be brought against as many as possible that have engaged in this hate campaign, borne of a criminal, carried out by a conspiritatorial team, for really bad reasons, whilst pretending to want children better protected and to speak for survivors of CSA.    Hence the inclusion of the UK roots taking hold at the 2010 Cross of Change Anti Child Abuse Rally, co opted by Truth & Hope, for the Hollie G campaign.

Now that they have serious attention, they will not be able to proceed in the same way…..and be angry, and it shows,

Bronny shows herself up some more in comments.Click here


Hoaxtead Hypocrites If you have been victimised or witnessed such cybercrime, please use the Blacklist contact form. Or at Hoaxtead Research.

Connect downunder Fiona Barnett & David Shurter ~HampHempHawkers reach, smears


I thought I’d share this again, as they are trawling again, hoping to find new people who don’t know…….

The link at the bottom is to another post where you can hear Fiona Barnett & David Shurter telling Ed Oppenman of AFR (American Freedom Radio) that John Brown, Amanda Prosser, Kathy Devine, and another are informants and not to be trusted.

Thereby, confusing people on who to trust.

This has been done to me and others UK, by Belinda McKenzie,  Sabine K McNeill,  Angela Power Disney, advising their teams of trolls, clickalots, spamalots, fake accounts, fake victims/survivors, fake advocates and all kinds of bullies, manipulators, actors, shills, gullible followers, naive followers, vulnerable groups, setting out from the core UK, across the child abuse movement online, social media,  dividing groups, keeping new victims from getting real help, whilst running them into the ground, making use of them in any way possible.  Flying false flags especially on famous VIP paedo;s, and amazingly horrific SRA cases, overshadowing the genuine cases, groups, advocates, and choking them off, by shunning, isolating any who either whistleblow on these fake truthers or refuse to toe their line and promote their spam, petitions, etc.

This has led to the same dynamics that we Survivors of Abuse, grew up with, and for some of us, has sent us near the edge.

They are clever, sneaky, devious, informed, and relentless, in their determination, to shut genuine advocates and CSA Survivors up, with no care for who might get hurt in the process,  whilst on top of that……

……claiming to be spearheading Child Protection UK ?????

I DON’T THINK SO !    This is important, more reports are coming from THEIR victims, and all very similar, so lets’ us learn from this, take action where we can, inform, and keep victims safe from their clutches, and instead signpost good organisations, both within and without the system.

Personally, i will remain, independent.   Though happy to work with, collaborate with good people.

Be Safe and remember to share this important information.

Sheva Burton

Shows clear links Hampstead/HollieUK -Australia of Conspiracy to Corrupt Child Abuse Campaigns Worldwide


The Real Deal with links to John Brown’s video & much more links to Black n White Lists

The White List

Here are some recommended people and groups, working with integrity, we all make errors at times, and trust the wrong people, and as shown some very nasty and subversive tactics have been employed, as well as emotionally charged people, releasing alot of negativity online, many are very negative about the new developments.

It is fair enough, for some, so weary, so tired of being let down, so angry, that whilst perps are getting alot of money spent on their rights, and lighter sentencing, though all improving, only through pressure.  Whilst Survivors/victims have been so badly let down, for so long, but most of us know that more abuse, isn’t the answer.

Certainly i have witnessed people that are amongst groups, stirring trouble or being negative, purposefully, to bring people down, often they are also promoting the fakes, so hence, the warnings i am hoping will be shared.

Those messing with us, i believe are encouraging all the wrong sorts of actions, whilst ignoring all that are working away, whilst challenging, asserting, they keep it non abusive, which is always more effective, in the end.   We have come far.

There is alot of twisting that has gone on.  And i am hoping to help rake out the crap, so that the better people and groups can rise to the challenges right now, and people can support each other, more so, without these dangerous types that have infiltrated.

I digress, below are links to some very real people, who deserve to be supported in their endeavours, so that people can choose their path and part of the campaign,  or get help with any needs that they have, i will be adding to the list of well known, effective sites, going by the survivors recommendations, that i hear, or see.

The links below will take you direct to the websites.


Books coming and i will try and put it into sections too soon, but need this info cirulated, it’s an important time.

We have good reason to hope for change and without sabotage, everything within ourselves, our networks, groups, events, to encourage each other, on this journey.

Also for current projects to help right now, with young people incarcerated, or with addictions.  How long is too long………..

I spoke at a Community Forum 20 odd years ago, and piped up that we needed specialist help for CSA Survivors, the speaker glared at me, ‘No funds possible’, i said ‘Your’e already spending money on us, look at any service for the vulnerable, homeless, addicted, there are survivors who need to heal the root cause, which is not a treatable disease, the drugs just suppress us, and we didn’t cause it’,  I’ll come back to this, i met her again, down the road, i have no idea if she hated on me, cos she was a catholic, or what…..but she even told me off for wearing the wrong knickers scornfully, but, that’s another chapter.

Those that can and want to, there will be good events, where the right solutions can be found, if discussed in ways that many of us can.


I am tired, but will add and try again to form a comprehensive data base or directory.  I will be adding to this list, as i can.

Most will already have links to more good groups, the facebook groups Cross of Change and Join The Dots have other pages in the likes, which might be useful……I am raking out the crappy ones, please alert others, being infiltrated by them as listed, in my previous blog.  It’s not that i fuly trust the system, nor MP’s, nor all media, etc,  but we Survivors have created new opportunities, and there are many out there, wanting to help, many experienced and able, and many floundering, not knowing how.

We can help……..But the infiltrators have caused some problems and are striking some of the strongest, targetting us for ever more ridiculous and disgusting claims, whilst selling bullshit.

All of the above listed, though have good track records, longterm, and there are more out there, many more.


Be safe and as well as possible.








Source: About

Edited and updated.  Revealing truthes by Sabine K McNeill, Angela Power Disney & Belinda Mckenzie.

One of few videos, of me speaking, sharing my intentions, 2009.

So i viralised the rally 2010, and the evidence is there, that Truth & Hope, was a fake charity, set up to help Belinda, and Co, aided by Ian McFerran, greatly, Butlin Cat, and John Hemming, Maggie Tuttle, to ensure that the genuine voices were mostly drowned out.

Aided to by Bill Maloney, who was on ITVNews stating that the rallies had only just begun, organised by him and Emma.

I guess the truth, spoken from the heart en masse, as had happened originally, filmed by BBC but shown in a documentary about False Memory Syndrome 1994, i guess the truth and massive energy we created 22yrs ago, re emerging and being shared on line, was too much to risk, with hindsight, i do believe there have been some with the purpose to create cases to mask our cases, allow us to still be mocked, and also to suppress us.

Truth is though, that at the same time, false allegations seem to be on the increase…… this too needs addressing, more.

And in the meantime, i have faith still, in the meantime, many good organisations, charities, groups, support networks, activists, writers, have still carried on, regardless, mostly ignoring the bunch of clowns, that took over our platform 2010…. i do not include all, there were a few very genuine speakers, easy to spot the difference…….

We do now have an Inquiry going on, yes with false starts, yes with problems, yes with people argueing, some fighting, vying it seems to take a lead…..In the background, i am sure good groups are preparing to work harder to support victims/survivors going forward with their testimonies and evidence.   I just wish it had been more prepared.

More than that, I wish, our original rally hadn’t been misused to support the false memory syndrome brigade, because it was begun, to  help abusers avoid justice, and did in turn, mean that many survivors ended up with mental health labels, undeserved and even losing children, even losing them to survivors….. This has continued, and a force to be examined are the Psychiatric Experts and Expert Witnesses.

My suspicion of hoax teams, covering up the evidence of our early rallies, is because, if it were shown in it’s entirety, for sure with blurred faces…. by the BBC the whole truth of what was then, would be heard and seen, well, as much as we were able.   This can easily undo the claims, that people in power did not realise…. even though it wasn’t properly aired on TV.  It would have been watched by some officials, having been filmed in Trafalgar Sq.

The hoaxes and the people engaging with them, supporting them and in contact, supporting each other, serve so many dark purposes, no matter which way i look at it, i just wish i hadn’t become so ill, by the day, and been able to be bolder, and regain the platform.  But what has unfolded since, serves as a great lesson, for many, including me.  Lots of lessons.

There are signs of them losing their grip, at last.

Like a wounded beast, some are becoming even worse in their abusive behaviour, others more into their flights of fancy, delusions and pretence…..

I hope that the good people, unwittingly caught up with any, will make their position clear now, if realising the whole truth, they want to dissassociate.   To help un confuse, and discombobulate, their tentacles have reached within many, and covertly, many have the purpose to bully, disrupt, confuse, bring down, good groups, if possible.

Sheva with an E 🙂


Evidence of gaslighting, bullying by hoax/trollgangs

Guidance 2222

Sep 2, 2015


Sep 4, 2015

+Angela Power-Disney is another batshit crazy loony with a perverted desire to make people drop their panties so she can peer at their privates. Hideous bat she is- probably the only thrill she gets


Sep 9, 2015

+SamSpade Yaaawwwn. Jesus Christ, can’t you lot think of some ‘arguments’ that work??

Angela Power-Disney

Sep 9, 2015

Sam Spade dear me your abuse is kindergarten nastiness….get help….SOON.

Angela Power-Disney

Sep 9, 2015

And yes….all alleged satanic paedophiles DROP YOUR EFFIN UNDERWEAR just as Michael Jackson did


Sep 10, 2015

+Angela Power-Disney “kindergarten” are obsessed aren’t you? Just like Bill Baloney who calls his film company PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) and demands that paedophiles not be prosecuted and given immunity . Apparently you support that stance and don’t mind abusing these 2 poor kids by ensuring their images are re-posted online.


Sep 11, 2015

+Angela Power-Disney another fanatic who has never ever expressed the slightest concern for Ella Draper’s third child who Ella claimed is also in the hands of the Satanic Cult with her other ex-partner who she claims is a part of the cult. Angela Power-Disney, Sabine, McKenzie etc etc have never EVER said a word about this . Why?


Sep 11, 2015

+SamSpade The third child is an adult or almost, as far as I understand.


Sep 11, 2015

+oneperfectoutfit so what is he then? chopped liver? left in the hands of the satanic cult? of no interest to Ella? Of nil interest to the silly Power-DisneyLand ? In fact, bloody ignored by every one of you hoax nutters. And not that it’s Ella replying on here but more likely the child abusing druggie Cristie.


Sep 11, 2015

+SamSpade Have you been let out on day release?


Sep 12, 2015

so you have no explanation as to why Ella Draper, Belinda McKenzie, Neelu Berry, Sabine McNeil etc etc etc ignore their claim Ella’s third child ( he is NOT an adult and even if he was it would make no difference) is in the cult nor have they ever bothered to ‘save’ him. Easier if you just admitted you have no explanation than beat about the bush. Not a difficult question yet not ONE Hampstead satanic fanatic will answer. Why?

Susan Banga

Sep 16, 2015


Sep 16, 2015

Oh God, still hawking that old shite.
Btw, I hear I’ve had a namecheck – you can tell Dingo Coyote that at least I admit ‘I know nothing’ (but trust my eyes/intuition, as has been gone over many times already on Icke forum and elsewhere). It’s the ones like Dingo, Balderson etc. that say they KNOW anything, from a distance, and so SOON – that are obviously highly suspect. So, Dingo, I’m not out here putting out any message – unlike you, obvs.

Angela Power-Disney

Sep 18, 2015

I dcn’t read/watch Hoaxstead rubbish it has been proven forensically and beyond doubt who runs it.  Interviews soon to be released where I do indeed ask Ella about James…yes he is older, yes he has a different Father also cult….and yes there are recorded domestic violence incidents involving him ….a Mother tries to protect her young, ALL her young and Ella talks about James in interviews….she clearly is NAIVE to have been seduced by not one but TWO psychopathic cult members and I have suggested she do some personal work on the vulnerabilities or achilles heel of her own psyche re that… is however SECONDARY to the fact that James is at least free to the extent that he is not secreted incommunicado in so called ‘care’……as Alisa and Gabriel still are.  so what is your point exactly?


Sep 18, 2015

+Angela Power-Disney Ella stated in her “witness statement” that James has a good relationship with his father. Aww, how lovely. So she is pleased and happy to let her son continue that good relationship with a man she accuses of being a baby rapist and murderer?
A man that she claims engineered it for her to meet RD so he could have children, and then they could rape them.So I am sure you can see why people are confused that Ella and her supporters don’t focus on helping James or on the father. Mind you, Ella doesn’t seem to bother about any of the children in her videos. Too busy having a laugh and  giggle with Abraham. Ella couldn’t even be bothered to change her name from a man she accuses of rape and murder, until it was pointed out to her.

Susan Banga

Sep 18, 2015

….and ella is according to a ‘reliable source’ getting money from the supposed cult member to the tune of £1000 per month, does she refuse such ‘blood money’ or does she happily take it and feed and clothe abraham with it, or what are they living on? +pookster78

U Fredericks

Sep 18, 2015

+Angela Power-Disney She isn’t bothered at all that her eldest son has lived since 2010 with his father and his step mother, both of whom she names as being in the cult? She must be afraid that by now he has been inducted in to the multi generational cult and is eating babies himself. Has she not tried to save him from becoming a cult member? How terrible for her to know her son is at risk of such an awful fate. Now the disgusting nature of his father is out in the open he must have disowned his vile child murdering rapist cannibal father! Surely he now sees his father for the complete and utter repulsive scum he is? He must also have seen the cult tattoo his father has, that all the cult members seem to have?

What a bind she is in. No wonder it has taken a year to even mention him.

She must be so grateful for all that Abraham did for her two youngest. The injuries that resulted from Abraham’s methods are just a side issue.


Sep 18, 2015

+Susan Banga Wouldn’t surprise me at all. I wonder what the father and eldest sons opinion is of all this. Whether the son left because of RD, or left because of Ella. Just more questions that need answers but non of these people with access are willing to ask. Probably afraid they will be named as cult members.


Sep 19, 2015

+Angela Power-Disney these are not “seasoned campaigners”. Baloney Maloney is afake and a real disinformation agent who was hired by Mohammed Fayed to embarass Tory polticians & the royal family until Fayed ditched him as a loose cannon. More Disney-Land b/s


Sep 19, 2015

+U Fredericks Ella isn;t worried about her 1st husband (or oldest son) because she lives on the generous alimony payments paid to her- as does child abuser Abraham Cristie. Power-Desneyland supports these child abusers but I think she’s a heavy drinker which may explain it.

Fred Muppet

Sep 23, 2015

God bless all victims and survivors x

U Fredericks

Sep 28, 2015

+Angela Power-Disney “Interviews soon to be released where I do indeed ask Ella about James…”
Are the interviews released yet?

Angela Power-Disney

Oct 4, 2015

quoting a wise researcher

To what are you referring here? I wonder what you mean by no evidence? Are you talking about the highly credible video testimony of two children disclosing ritual abuse by their father and a sadistic, paedophilic child-pornography-producing cult based in Hampstead? That testimony that was submitted as evidence then leaked onto the internet? Or the “Achieving Best Evidence” police interviews that were also leaked? Or the medical reports? What is all this if not “evidence”? The – evidenced – fact that this case was covered up by the police and judiciary does not negate the fact that very real, tangible and admissible evidence exists…..and was ignored.

There is other evidence, too. Evidence in the form of drawings of the alleged abusers’ distinguishing marks. Not to mention the fact that not one member has turned up to prove that they do not have these marks. And this, of course, is evidence in itself. Allow me to remind you of this guilty behaviour:

The cult complained to the Ham and High that they were being victimised……when their vicar could have ended all that pain and misery by taking off his T shirt in the privacy of the police station!
The cult shouted in the street at people; illegally hacked my email address; organised mass trolling and death threats; complained to the police and warned people off………all, of course, far more economical and clear cut than the head teacher of one of the local schools spending a morning in the presence of a police doctor!
The cult had arrested two activists and are now trying one at public expense…..when the wife of a local builder could have nipped down to see the police doctor one afternoon and cleared everyone’s names!
Lots of people could have proved the children wrong. And Abraham and Ella wrong. Thus ending the “hoax” and shaming the “conspiratards” (as you put it). Yet they did not. Nobody did. Buffy – your innocent friends are letting you down!

I take it that you do not believe the testimony, which you refer to as “utterly ridiculous crap”. That is your prerogative but I and thousands of others do believe it. So why not let us alone to our crap and get on with your own? Why is this matter at all important to you? Do you have children, even? Have you undertaken any activism in this area? Is your opinion informed? If not, then why do you imagine that it is of value or relevance to anyone?

You come across as rather ignorant. You crow as if Dutroux never existed; as if Savile was a myth; as if Melanie Shaw is lying; as if the UK government is fabricating all those “historic child abuse” cases; as if there have never been any convictions for ritual abuse! Never mind the thousands of – international – survivors, therapists, websites, witnesses, books, conferences and training courses in this field. Never mind the fact that it is generally understood that not only is evidence easy to conceal but the police are also, frequently, complicit. A specialist ritual abuse barrister was interviewed on the UK Column the other day and stressed that people like you, who insist on disbelieving the evidence present a real problem for victims and survivors. In fact, this man went so far as to refer to your attitudes as “secondary abuse” because survivors of ritual abuse had already been through so much, the last they needed to hear on their escape and recovery from the most traumatic of situations was scorn and contempt.

A recent research article, published in the Journal of Child Abuse, interviewed over 60 survivors of ritual abuse and concluded that one of the main problems in the area is people like you, who insist on ignoring the evidence and perpetuating ignorance and suffering. Recent articles published in the Australia’s Journal of Psychiatry say the same. Recent books on ritual abuse and mind control all say the same: people like you are part of the problem.

And it is “me and my ilk” who are striving to be part of the solution.”

and p.s I rarely drink.  Alcohol.  And have never drunk blood….get help you sick fuck

Fred Muppet

Oct 4, 2015

yeah exactly. holding any survivors accountable or responsible is wrong


Oct 4, 2015

+Angela Power-Disney
During that “video testimony” G is asked about Richie from social services, and whether he comes to the school. He starts by saying yes, and then during his sentence says “is that true”. If it was his story he should know whether it’s true or not.The children answer almost in unison, a clear sign of having been over the material many times. So the video testimony is actually not particularly convincing and we only see the footage that Ella and Abe chose to give Sabine.

During the ABE interviews G is describing teachers and pupils of a school which he had not attended when the pool incident was supposed to have occurred. Further, he said that when raped he was hit with a spoon…Abraham admits hitting them with a spoon. Moreover, when describing the swimming he initially says it was fun. In fact, he is excitedly telling the officer about racing his dad and sister. The officer has to draw him back to talking about the abuse. A clear sign that he actually has happy memories of the swimming. Plus, both children retracted their statements during ABE, saying that Abraham hit them and forced them to lie. The physical evidence shows he did indeed hit them. The ABE interviews are evidence of Abraham coercing the children.

The medical reports were inconclusive in terms of sexual abuse, especially since the fissures were amended. What they do show is numerous fresh wounds that the children say were Abraham, including dried blood, perforated ear drum and abrasion at the ear. Something Ella and Abe tried to blame on Ricky. Proving that they are willing to blame Ricky for abuse inflicted by Abraham (I remind you of the rape and spoon I mentioned).

“Covered up”?…em….who organised the medical exam, ABE interviews, drive around and premise searches???…The police.

According to Nemesis Green and Dicky Rearman, Ella and Abe have other drawings. There is also suggestion that the other drawings were never handed to police, hence why Belinda had them. Why not?…who is covering up by hiding evidence from the police?

Nobody should have to go to the police to prove their innocence. Plus, Abraham accused Belinda of being part of the cult, and all cult members have tattoos. So, when is Belinda going to show her genitals to prove the kids story???

No, the “activists” shouted at people in the street and outside the church.

People believing the children when they said Abraham coerced them to lie, is not mass trolling. It’s called having a different opinion.

What was economical was verifying the children’s story by having them point out Mr H’s house (which they couldn’t), and finding that no secret rooms exist. As stated, the police considered multiple arrests but would need more supporting evidence in order to obtain warrants. It is due to the secret rooms not existing…etc, that the investigation paused. Then the children retracted and said it was all Abrahams fault. No chance of warrants then. The police therefore proved the children wrong, and the children admitted lying. You may have complaints about that process or felt the police could have done more. However, to conclude they are cult members is just fantasy.

It’s fantasy like your “activism”. You are an attention seeker who will make up stories about anything and anybody. From MK Ultra mind control, to soldiers pissing (or cumming) on you, to your family being paedophiles (causing your daughter to disown you), to accusing your father of murdering your sister. All in your head.

Other cases have zero bearing on whether this case is true or not. It must stand on it’s own merits.

People like me do believe the evidence. The evidence is that a convicted child abuser and fantasist (eg Abes blood transfusion pseudoscience) abused these children and made them lie. Something the children say themselves.  These children should be given anonymity and left alone to live their lives. Not be ab/used to give you something to be an “activist” about. You are the problem, not the solution.

If you want to know what guilty behaviour looks like…well… the guilty run….now where is Ella and Abe again?
Why won’t they answer questions. Such as, what was the nature of Abrahams other child abuse convictions?…What was the nature of his convictions for Dishonesty (fraud)…..What was the nature of that child porn found on Abrahams phone?
The public are waiting for the answers.


Oct 4, 2015

+pookster78 Ugh, you are disgusting. How dare you say to someone who purports to be an abuse survivor that it is all in their head?
Have you got evidence for that assertion?
I’ll answer that for you – NO, so fuck off!


Oct 5, 2015

Has she shown evidence she was part of  MK Ultra mind control experiments?…No.Has she shown that her father murdered her sister?…No

Has she shown that a satanic cult exists who murder babies, rape them and eat them?…No

Yet she is perfectly happy to create videos making those accusations.

Angie goes around speaking as if all these things have been proven, casually and happily accusing people of heinous crimes and destroying lives in the process. She is the one who puts that information out in the public forum. I struggle to think of anyone who comes across anymore disingenuous than she does.


Oct 5, 2015

Well she should know more than you do about what has happened in her own life! Simples!


Oct 5, 2015

+oneperfectoutfit Well done for stating the obvious, but that doesn’t mean we should all believe her at face value.


Oct 5, 2015

Not believing her at face value is a bit different from outright saying she’s lying about it.
What part of logic don’t you understand??


Oct 5, 2015

‘I do not believe her at face value due to various factors and believe it is all in her head’You happy now?


Oct 7, 2015

Yes, that’s better.

cgi plains

Oct 20, 2015


cgi plains

Oct 20, 2015


Sheva Burton

Oct 27, 2015

+Angela Power-Disney ffs btw i have also got emails from tom at sky, and btw carry battle scars, just that those of us, really seasoned, to not display and act out online this way ! baloney has some coming from survivors that he has really hurt and damaged, but that can’t yet express it. baloney always embellishes his films on abuse, like the disney fiasco re ben and the pretend walk for justice.

Post Nein

Oct 30, 2015

+Angela Power-Disney What about the Chantelle from his last family. Him beating those kids and unsuccessfully turning them against their father?
Him beating his ex wife in a hospital ward?If Abraham has done it to one family? Why not another ?
Chantelle warned Ella before he took the kids to Morocco, beating them with spoons and threatening to kill them? Is that the kid of man you support?

Sheva Burton

Nov 9, 2015

she doesn’t care who gets hurt, i can take it, but it’s not in my town, if it was…but the children, she cares nothing for their feelings, displayed contempt in many convo’s, dismissive supercillious, snearing, sublimal speaking, you are so shown up for the charlatan you are, and defaming me, was a mistake, you care nothing for those children, they are safer than with Abe, any one would know that, even with a quarter brain cell !

Sheva Burton

Nov 9, 2015

yet sabine & you cry cos you feel bullied ? what about the children having to be escorted by police cos of you abusive nuts

Sheva Burton

Nov 9, 2015

what about the shit going thru doors, the leaflets plastered everywhere, you talk rubbish, and think you are clever, in your ego’s, in denial, acting just like abusers do, and thinking survivor groups won’t notice ?  sabine don’t carry her scars, she bleeds them everywhere for pity and donations, we all got families, hardship, and do this for nowt, so fking what ! my choice, never bleated about it online, in 6yrs, with a twisted spine, hardly anyone even knows that… all survivors carry what isn’t healed yet, how dare you fking talk down at us
Maybe we’ll get a rally in your town eh ?
+SamSpade Your posts can only signify one or two or both of these, either you’re a f…ing pedophile yourself, or a disinfo agent, or both, which is the more likely. Nothing else makes any sense. A concerned citizen worried about supposedly false allegations? Naaaah.

Sheva Burton

11:18 AM

+António Ferreira  you all put it out to the world, now the world can see the truth, you care about children ? naaaah and who are you, anyway ?

Sheva Burton

11:20 AM

Sheva Burton

11:23 AM

see my blog at the batshit crazy araya soma & bully mouth piece joe blogs telling me pants need to come down, and abusing me, like anyone who dares speak out, suppressing the very people i tried to free up.

Sheva Burton

11:27 AM

so none of those spreading this bs care that you support paedo supporters as proven here

Sheva Burton

11:31 AM

+Angela Power-Disney
stop suppressing the truth, trying to handle and control us. it ain’t going down well, at all

Sheva Burton

11:35 AM

+cgi plains
we believe that children who hate #Abe so much so that they would rather be in care, should be believed about the torture, threats to bury them alive, beatings, cruel disgusting abuse, that abe has displayed to all of us, as have all the paedo supporters, pretending to care about children, twisting, reversing, gaslighting, bulling us adults, so what chance the children, Abe has targetted me now, and the World of real online child protection that ignore this shit, are now on it… see the results, and thanks for all the slurs, brilliant evidence, that i can show, to the real groups, that know me, and my work and credibility.

Sheva Burton

11:40 AM

you all act like paedos, speak like paedos and bully like paedos, you support #Abe who had images of child abuse on his phone, you all support #BelindaMckenze n #SabineMcNeil n #MaggieTuttle who all have proven backing from paedos #TerenceEwing #BrianPaed n #ChrisFay Bill Maloney’s witness, who was nowhere to be seen back in #Naypic days, ask #MaryMoss another sidelined real campaigner of old

Post Nein

12:26 PM

+Sheva Burton two tactics being used again and again. Your a pedo or government agent. Gets a tad boring to be honest. For what? Believing the children? I won’t argue any longer.

Sensible people would be able to talk without throwing nasty terms at people or unrealistic things like everyone being govenment agents. They have no evidence of either as much as Ab believes everyone is Ricky Dearman. No! I’m Spartacus!

Post Nein

12:28 PM

+Sheva Burton didn’t mary moss distance herself from Chris Fay?

Oh but Chris Fay is to be believed as BBC are in with the hoax! If BBC discredit someone, they have to be a hero? If anyone speaks out about belinda and co, ect,ect.

Sheva Burton

12:32 PM

+Post Nein
she has totally denounced him, as a fake, but struggled to get support, another wounded warrior, sidelined and overshadowed by team #paedoprotectors

Sheva Burton

12:35 PM

+Angela Power-Disney
and your handling, gaslighting, sneering at #CSAsurvivors is wellknown, easy to recognise, you nasty #bully happy to encourage #cybercrime lie, and smear, so where is the proof that you asked me for a skype convo? cos i have all convo’s and it ain’t there, so stop with your innuendoes, arn’t you embarrassed by the videos, of you discussing me, cos it sure woke up the world of real online child protectors, that avoid the likes of you like the plague, usually

Sheva Burton

12:39 PM

maybe check my twitter feed, and try it all on them Angela, see how far you get, regardless any that are supporting this are now, being targetted by the guys who know what to do about #paedosupportingfales

Sheva Burton

12:40 PM

you better knooooo

Why am I posting about a conspiracy ? Abe and Ella and Steve and Finbar: The pocket tape

Source: Abe and Ella and Steve and Finbar: The pocket tape

I’ve recieved various hints, and even a slight telling off, for valid reasons, and reasons i usually apply.

I have tried mostly to avoid, giving oxygen to things i view as largely negative, and encourage things i view positive to flourish.   Which i have consistantly maintained, still, when able to be online.

Consistantly, i have shared many new groups, some now massive.  I have made mistakes, some i know, now, others are viewed that way by some, but then, they have in some cases, grown massive, because they fulfilled a need, in the general public.  Some, i can see have done more, or mostly good, some i’ m afraid have been downright harmful, and some of the people perpetuating myths and causing immense disruption amongst our movement, are the people behind both this hampstead hoax and the previous hollie one.

With hollie, i followed my usual rules, mostly and left things alone, i spoke to many people about the takeover of the rally, privately, but if i dared eg. ask in any group to emma clarke ‘why had the ’94 rally video, not only disappeared but been wiped clean ?’, i would be called a bully, or jealous etc, and kicked out, this happened recently, in an ‘official CSAinquiry’ facebook group, because i wanted to know who was running it, and making sure they knew the background of especially, Belinda McKenzie, Sabine Kurjo McNeil (currently on bail conditions not to mention the hoax, attempting to embed herself in whiteflowers, internet safety panel and inquiry).  Much as they did with John Hemmings ex MP.  Sabine, Belinda and others would simply turn up at a public meeting, where john was hoping to recruit, train and inform McKenzie friends, i attended one such training, and never have i seen belinda, nor sabine act as if they know anything of how to proceed and really help parents, in family court.  (Justiceforfamilies is the group, where McKenzie Friends work that have helped quite a few families, but i don’t know much more in detail, but why John Hemmings didn’t make it more clear that he had no allegience to these fakes, is a mystery to me).  I have also met some of johns’ other mckenzies and followed them, and i know they act with integrity, knowledge, experience, and have been quietly getting on with their work for years,  It is a shame though that they, Belinda’s fake McKenzie Friend site with Terence Ewing on the team, carried on with a John Hemmings tab on their site, even when he had made it clear to them, he did not endorse it, giving an illusion of attachment, the fake McKenzie Friends site, that is, run by Belinda McKenzie, also Knights Foundation, fake charity.

Justice For Families is still going, as far as i know, and has helped some families, though i have heard complaints, they are usually the kind, that most organisations helping people would get.

Unlike Belinda and Sabines sites, which consistantly lose cases, and cause such law breaking, that their victims, they claim to be helping end up sectioned, imprisoned, lose their children, and work hard with their co horts to maintain a strong online presence, using pretence, largely to gain donations, with no transparancy of where the funds are, except of late, when they expect their followers to support their lifestyle, on the run, etc.  Apologies for editing flaws, but hope it is clear that i am not attacking genuine McKenzie Friends who do exist.

This is now their main tactic, attaching to good sites, often groups, whose people don’t spend alot of time online, and have no clue of their background.  Having failed with the hollie case, they really thought hampstead would give them the same momentum, but because  thankfully others with more ability than me, have this time, decided to make sure they can’t repeat the same programme, and hurt more innocent people and children, helping me and others to enlighten those still fooled, or about to be..

Anyway, any thinking that those meetings in parliament, hardly listened to, but mentioned as a kinda CV quote, like the EU Brussels meeting, that Sabine attended, and makes much of, though which if actually listened to, says nothing, and led to some parents being arrested, but sabine certainly spoke for no one, really.

Many of us in various groups, relating to child abuse, have learnt, not to speak out openly about those that took the platform, in 2010, at the 17th rally against child abuse.  It brings on alot of trolling, seriously disgusting name calling, threats, groups being reported en masse, just to silence them, indeed they act like abusers do, for me, at times, i have fought back, stood up to them, because i experienced it so much because i was so open and large on facebook about child abuse, when the UK was still more secretive, online.   But by 2012, some people wanted to grow the march here, and i offered to help, hence join the dots, but unfortunately some involved, insisted on attaching to belinda and the fakes, and when i began events, they were destroyed by mass reporting, as were all those helping, reported, so they had no choice, but to preserve their good work, and withdraw from me.

I have become more ill, in the meantime,

The worst  part for me, being made to feel like a leper, in that anything i touched, would then find new members, beginning to push their agenda’s and spam their groups, so that  i became less effective, well openly, though  i am in many groups around the world, still in touch, after all these years, safe spaces for survivors exist online, thankfully.

Previously, 1993, began, by me and a small group C.R.O.S.S.  later by Step Up, Amsosa, Napac, and One in Four attended, and others, i was not involved, nor attended during the years 95 to 2009, when one of Johns’ Mckenzies took me to the rally, after pushing me onto facebook.    She filmed the event, and quickly posted the videos, although i had asked her to wait, as i wanted to contact the organisors, first, had i, there wouldn’t have been the onslaught of abuse, and hurt that followed, and i sincerely had to apologise, but C wasn’t good at respecting boundaries, and thought i was a victim etc, i managed to speak with some, and explain, they were immediately taken down, others probably still resent me, i was told by one that ‘the rallies were safe, till i got there’, i retorted ‘ if we’re in public, it needs to really break silence, or what’s the point? and if you need that level of safety, book a room’.

Had i known that 2010, i would be purposely, (which dawned very slowly, and carried on) triggered, collapse and allow the platform to now be stage managed by belinda, who had (unknown to me), been meeting with emma, and the others, to arrange how the rally, publicity etc would be handled.

So that is an outline of why i have felt obliged, to shed some light on how these people look like they have credibility and followers, when in fact, i seriously witness them dividing, sucking energy from the stronger purpose and integrity that survivors do achieve, many in small tight groups, focusing on a particular part of the whole puzzle.

The groups that are working with integrity are too busy, to bother, so that those who spamalot and clickalot, for the hoaxers, look like the ones to attach to if you want numbers.  They are known to promise this to people they interview or link with.  My concern is that newer, vulnerable people get sucked in, to their detriment, often unable to see it, often accusing me of being a troublemaker, if i try to alert them.

So to some of my oldest friends, and to those that have been upset by me, and i have felt dreadful for allowing the rallies to be so sorely misused, and misteered, the upset over that is fully justified, but i can also, being me, see that some value has come, in terms of awareness, and the mass media, being unable to avoid publishing, and also, some valueble groups, have like anonymous (some) again, with integrity, been hacking abusers, and more.

I have a unique position, as do we all of course, but in terms of the rallies, i have a very broad prospective, based on vast amounts of communications, with many, at many levels, at times, and many decent people have also been to and supported the rallies, more recently, it’s just that only those supporting the hoaxes, like a ring, drown out or corrupt the genuine, in my honest opinion, and apart from that, these fakers, gift any still wanting to mock or ignore the seriousness or real serious needs of adult survivors, by allowing the same old arguments and divisions to still be employed.

So, i just shed this light, for people to help new people understand some background, and why one of their biggest lies, is that the rallies began 2010.

The fact that they began 22yrs ago, surely should not be allowed to be covered up,if nothing else, it proves that survivors of CSA have been vocal and needing more help, justice, awareness, driven by the wish to prevent more children being abused, so why would any campaigner cover that up ? and now it seems to have been planned and carried out by these ‘players’, with severly nasty methods, and so it merits transparancy and my truth ?

The site reached by clicking the link below has evidence of the whole sorry lot, you can click tabs to gain quick background on all the players, and their antics.

click for post abe & ella planning hoax

video warning a few years ago

Road To Change ~ See Matty off 31st May, walk the first mile or more of 10,000 ! UK

HEY PEOPLE, SOME LIGHT AMONGST THE DARKNESS, LOOK WHAT MATTY’S BEEN DOING & IS NOW UNDERTAKING ROUND EUROPE OVER 2YRS………..LONDON 31st setting of on 10,000 walk, with bagpipes ………! i,m going………wave him off, give him a cheer ! he,s doing this for me and all the others that can,t and will be showing his film at venues en route, which he hasn,t got set up, so take alook at his route and see if you can open a venue, your home, or help and Join The Dots, mean time wants to create events and film showings here. so help us do that and we,ll be sharing his updates and news, on the way, as he will be able to show at his venues what we are up to, magic …..:)      HE,S DOING THIS FOR ME……….GONNA PROBS BE MY CHANT….as well as a bit THANKYOU !!!!

Join The Dots Campaign


                                                                                                 The Route over 18months

Now for some good news,  and a treat for victims & survivors of child sexual abuse.

Matthew McVarish is setting off at the end of this month on a massive 10,000 mile walk from the National Theatre.

First stop, Crawley………news will be updated as it comes in, as this is evolving, what a step into the unknown, i value that so much, it is the same as when as victims of child sexual abuse, we begin to heal, and why it takes so much courage, it is a step into the unknown journey ahead………….Big respect to all of us, and Matty……….many will understand this.   Many will do amazing things to help him along his way, it,s gonna be an amazing adventure, and one way or another we can all take part, some of us from the comfort of our home, just by sharing and spreading…

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