Who are the saboteurs #CSA/familyneeds ~ Spot the Difference !

Source: Who are the saboteurs #CSA/familyneeds ~ Spot the Difference !

#Blacklist Updates a few and other leads on Gplus

Check this out too: It is becoming more and more obvious.  I’m not that interested in argueing about NLP.  There is opinion, and experience, my evidence is my experiences, good and bad, but for me, it all depends on intent, motivation, and truthful help for patients/victims/survivors/clients……….. that goes for any institution, policy maker, MP, Doctor, Nurse, Carer, Psychiatrist, Practitioner of any kind really……. Legal, Education….  So, i only reposted for those interested, i know enough, for me….Thankyou Sassy.    If that’s the skeptic,  people, i think you carried an interview, by our Rose which, was  not very credible, i think i have it…….She did not represent, the kinda group i and Jamie had talked about, we were more in tune…..Rose went on to attach a banner, to all of Belinda Mckenzies events, appearing as if i supported them, so all in one go, discrediting me, and alos shunning and isolating me,,   yes i did shout at Rose, but by that time her incessant talking and pushing, and downright unkind comments, and the third time, my life was in danger cos of her crap driving,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, well i snapped, and told her to ””shut up and drive’

There are others, a 3L a week  vodka drinking survivor, who forgets i had already spent money preparing to visit, and help her, so worried for her was i,  it would have been great to have some resources and people who i could have sent to see her.   So she says i didn’t pay her back, i did, and it’s in my bank statements.    She suddenly turned, and it started over a mistake on her part, because of memory.  At her request, i had recorded almost daily calls.  After she turned and tried to humiliate me on a few blogs, and rubbished me and Outlaw on her facebook, i still have and never will release those calls, which would indeed be horrible, for her.

Edward of Langton House has piped up a few times, a liar, and suspect, with a gripe, not sure of true agenda, but he was trying to use me, and spiteful.

A couple of ex Admins too, will be telling all how evil i am, they are on the Chisstun re born, forgive everyone,  but somehow not me…………..the foul and intense inboxing recieved, the attacks helped by some players, on the events i tried to build, the interference by Rose, all HG supporters, that handled Sid’s Walk,…….and it was all of the players at Bilderberg, where i was shunned.

I was sipping vodka n on painkillers, i couldn’t have gone, otherwise, and herbal meds

Enough people met me though round the fire, with some old friends, and George Brown can attest to me needing help to stand up.   Belinda provoked me, purposefully, sneered that i was only interested in old cases, at the Maggie Tuttle conference, and since has switched to being the expert in all cases.   I was largely shunned and certainly turned away to speak, cos i would have explained the Co opt innit ?    🙂

It’s a bit like any abuse, but for me this has been massive, the effects, and the efforts involved and now that i’m realising how many other people have been hurt.

But i know that those that can find stuff out and know how to deal, have got this now.  Thankyou.    I reckon Rose was used to mess with me, but on the other hand, i walked right into it, and in fact you could say i gave myself to them, talk about sacrifice.

They must have mistaken me for a Martyr lolLookie here Sabine McNeill & Belinda McKenzie,

Evidence also on Gplus and confirmations from good sources.

Still there are more, and i know many are aware, and have been alongtime, this is for new people, or those so confused or groomed by people in the threads of Spidabines Web

Go easy, i also fell for them, it is not our fault.

They already viralised this shit, and now are moving to most recently a youtube channel Jeranism to sell their wares, and snake oil, after hooking you with this #Labyrinth of lies, which though is unravelling.

There are some bloggers, still carrying there links, that i am reluctant to add to the blacklist, but soon, i will be, and i don’t care who people are, i will expose this.

Sam Hill, who spoke at the rally at Downing st, last year.  Have you been got at ?

Researching Reform, has alot of good information, valueble resource for many, why still carrying links ?

CathyFoxBlog, excellent resource, but carrying Fiona Barnett’s hoax, if that continues, i will have no choice, if anyone has doubts, check John Browns’ video’s with Laurence Coghlan, and the wrecking mission on RC Commission Aus group, and David Shurters’ twitter feed, and Fiona’s, and mine, for the disgusting false allegations on me, nothing new, this has happened to many of their victims.   And therefore, people dare not oppose them, for fear of being accused, but then they began picking on such longterm campaigners, where as they have sprung up from no where…………So be on notice and all the troofer doofers, too, no mercy, now, too many people are getting hurt by their dirty tactics.



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