Sabine and the smoking gun

Sabine is starting the year off with a whine: her first post of 2016 is a mercifully brief but still painfully self-pitying rant protesting her innocence of any wrong-doing.

Source: Sabine and the smoking gun

Last comment on the blog, click the link, is a copy of paste of my comment on a linked blog, yet another slur, smear, of the many i have had, as well as threats, all to silence any that see through the lies and bs….. Sabine McNeill is a danger, to any victims out there, and still relentlessly pushing the fake case, the one that replaced the previous fake case, both beginning with H.   Both with her close ally Belinda McKenzie, and other screwball,s who co opted our Anti CSA Rallys 2010.

Even the abuser Abe Christie, behind the torture and abuse of the two children, and mind control, bullying, to create a fabrication of ridiculous proportions, but even he and others, see through Sabine, and yet Sabine relentlessly tries to raise donations and her profile, whilst blaming others including Anons, of releasing the original videos and documents, this is proven, as well as a rundown on all the fakeries, fkeries, and muckraking, done by all and sundry, who are using these two children, sharing videos that are for them child abuse, of themselves and need removing, for their sake.

So many are using them to promote themselves, it is thoroughly abhorrent, that they all pretend to care about children, child protection, and even in some cases, to be spearheading the campaigns, at a time, when survivors ourselves have come so far, there are many pretending to be onside, that instead are in various ways, overshadowing real events, campaigns, sabotaging or just simply jumping on these complex, sensitive issues, for self promotion.

The evidence is easy to find on Hoaxtead Research.

Every statement there, can be backed up with real evidence.

I certainly did not lurk in their secret group, i made a few comments, i certainly witnessed much, odd behaviour, not usual in a serious group, much planning and telling each other who to put on the next hit list, whose facebook page to go and troll, copy and ‘investigate’, often innocent residents, who were then subjected to harm, threats, and worse, their children were too, they were told what to say, and how to get more hits and donations, but not one serious conversation……. needless to say, as soon as i asked a question, i was kicked out, by Angela Power Disney, i can guarentee, tho, that not once, even tho tempted, to show their dubious behaviour up, not once did i photoshop any convo’s, to what they percieve as the other side.

I have been called all sorts of names for years, for speaking out about the dirty dealings of some of the characters involved, it has stepped up, as they become more desperate, to damage anyone, who doesn’t agree with all they say………

These people project all they in fact do, onto those of us, disagreeing, and trying in fact, to protect the children, from them !

As well as future parents, in need of help, advocacy, or support.

As well as future events, by genuine survivors working with integrity.

As it goes, i have challenged many online, most comments are removed by them, or i just get the usual, name calling, shill, gatekeeper, paedo protector, paedo supporter, i’ve been asked disgustingly shocking, intimate questions, sneered at, smeared, and bullied, recently, they have even said i am the cult leader, which is duly reported to the police, given the nutcases they encourage, and how potentially dangerous that could be.

Apart from that, i have enjoyed the holiday, and felt grateful for much.

I hope groups and people damaged by these types that have infiltrated so many areas and levels, are recovering, and removing them.



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