Parents CAN Record Child Protection Meetings

Source: Parents CAN Record Child Protection Meetings

It’s not always what you do, but the way that you do it.

Know your rights, exercise them politely and firmly.  Just leave out the aggression, accusatory stuff, and just for your own recollection, even, write all recordings up, that can be used as evidence.

There are some sites with very good advice on this.  Staying calm is paramount, luckily my sofa is strong, so it took the pounding and big cushion the shock of my screaming.

Here’s hoping parents will get more support, I have often remarked, that i was given more info when my car was towed ?

Of course tho, campaigning as i do and speaking with many, some children really do need to be removed, swiftly and protected from harm, as thankfully has happened, in the Grim Hampstead/Hollie replacement hoax.

Hoping that 2016 the arguments become less polarised, and the wrong on all sides of child protection, need addressing, as do some activists need to be arrested for their crimes, and held accountable for misleading so many vulnerable people, and they need to be stopped.

Google and all platforms need to behave more responsibly and Facebook needs to have a clearer report option, when harrassment, cybercrime, or injunctions are broken, and definitely for child abuse, surely, it’s not too difficult for these giants, to protect innocent people from false allegations, and to protect children more quickly.


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