White List CSA & Family/Child Protection/EndDrugwar

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The lists will be updated, and collated in clearer order as soon as i can, at the moment, once the seriously dangerous cancer eminating from London, Belinda McKenzie & Sabine McNeill have 50 sites, overloading google with fake cases, and devastating advice, both are on bail for witness intimidation, (there are more involved, covered on other posts, death threats have been made to serious campaigners too)  After co opting the 2010 UK Rally Against Child Abuse, organised by me Cross of Change Facebook Group, it began to spread hoax cases, pretending to spearhead Child Protection, and still are,  see Child Protection Taskforce, McKenzie Angels, (previously Association of McKenzie Friends) Hollie Hoax, Hampstead Fake SRA Case, spreading infecting and attempting to obliterate people destined to give important evidence at the Royal Commission down under, as well as obliterating strong survivors, UK, as evidenced on this blog, i have just wanted to shed light for awareness, and protection.

I am hoping those that can help to remove the links to the dreadful sites on the Blacklist so that those working with the right ethics, can shine !   Survivors of CSA deserve nothing but the best ! 🙂   Thankyou to everyone helping to stop Child Abuse, and provide support so that Survivors can heal, things have certainly changed alot since our first public rally 1993, when we really were breaking a wall of silence, now that it is breaking down, lets get it as good as possible, for all, and make children safer.

Be Safe and as Well as possible.

Sheva Burton