Re route child abuse prevention support to those that actually know how to…pls

As someone who has worked in many ways, to whatever ability i,ve had and whatever i,ve managed to inspire others to do, to engage in some way, to end child abuse and help it,s victims/survivors…….how would you feel if i suddenly announced i was buying jimmy saviles’ old property….. ?

Would that be questionable, or more…. would it fly in the face of any integrity i might have ? would you still believe that i really had ever cared?   so ……….

How come an ex nspcc board member, expects us to not now question him?


t,s time to really challenge the charities, and divert the donations, that they spend millions on advertising to gain, then only spend 20% of on any services………… not good enough.

Never has been enough. ……To the people volunteering their time, money, and energy to these big charities, i urge you to consider re directing your 2 or 3 pounds a month, to us….at Join The Dots…..

We are connected throughout a network of groups and people, who but for lack of cash, would help so many more people with direct, fast, and effective help…….. please people volunteer or raise funds for us, we must speedily create solutions, sanctuaries, and real empowering, effective and compassionate help to our brothers & sisters.  I promise to do my best, and work with others so doing, to achieve changes that count……most importantly we will be transparant.   Presently our account is zero, the donation applications use have been mercilessly trolled, and so many have invested time and energy to spoil what we are attempting, before we began, waiting in the wings……..

A mixture of various components have been at play ……..abusers infiltrating  the child abuse movement (this is and has been constant & unpredictable threat throughout)  obviously made up in part of those wishing to coverup or collude in, or continue the rape, assualt and destruction of childhood innocence, that live amongst us and at all levels and within all authorities, services and power structures, added to by old spiteful enemies, ex partners of some of us, or ex co workers, admins, or groups, that jealously guarded the new found fame or members achieved through our platforms, that share the whole picture, (ie competition), the disgruntled and dis informed supporters of the false flag, disinfo and co opted campaigns, now outed, but still trying to claw back to thousands of pounds of donations, used questionably, with no info available.

Barnados too, has much to answer for, yet we are dictated to, by those that have colluded to cover up, child abuse, up to and until, the pressure of it,s victims, and those supporting us, has become too great to be ignored……………….. and this is true of all active groups, who want to protect our children and our earth, our world, and create peace, harmony and safety.
Need some techie help to get a monthly donate button on blog.

And need people that can help us, to not be shy of seeking money, to further this………it is needed……… but we also need all of the things money can,t buy…and to provide, energise, free up, creative, whole, empowerment & healing …..for as many as possible,
We need other groups that know my work, to get on board and those that have listened to my intentions, to know that money will be shared to those really able to help, so supporting us, will rebound, for those working with integrity and meeting the criteria necessary.

There are of course some very good achievments by charities, and we are collating lists behind scenes, with some real accounts of treatment recieved, good or bad, by various charities and groups.    But seriously, let;s somehow find ways to create THE REAL FULL STOP.


September is our 20th anniversay UK.



Launched purple ribbon.

Held the 1st public March & Rally UK

To end child abuse.

Lets build and co create something amazing this year to celebrate how far we,ve come………and to give voice again to the people that want to tell their truth on this issue.

Please help.

Please contact us with offers of support, in whatever way you can, and just being there on the day, or sharing info as we publish, will be of enormous help, every tiny drop of help will count.   And help us towards creating sanctuaries and effective help for those still suffering and in need of support……as well as facilitating more education, empowerment, and endeavour to STOP CHILD ABUSE.

Use the contact form below or email us @

We need:



Event planners

Team builders/community groups

People able to help the internet tools work more effectively



Members for core group, we have as few as possible, necessary ground rules, so that we can retain independence, integrity, adaptability & speed of action & decision making.  so no big committees, or things to bog us down.  But essential respect, trust & clear communication, honesty & compassion are ingredients needed to be at the core, we also retain a position of no allegiance to any political or religious dogma.   There are plenty of groups with other agendas.   We have but Two.  As above.  To end abuse of children, and to help the victims of it, wherever they are, and whatever has befallen them, or state they have fallen too, or choices made to survive, we want to help all to thrive.

Or at the very least, as many as is possible, which is up to you , now that you have read this, to support in some way…. or help those working in real ways to flourish.  And to disempower those who have misused the money,  energy invested in the past.

and remember……..

We that care or have been victims & survived abuse, outnumber the perpetrators of it……because they are so prolific and we are so protective, and commit to change, correct or challenge abuse everywhere that we can…when we can, and when we cannot, that is a great comfort, has been to me, during my quiet or coping or disabled times………tho, i still never stopped either talking about it, or attempting and actually helping some, and educating, tho still bearing scars and costs and still being given more, by the ‘care’ services…. and i know i am not alone in that, both a comfort and a cross to bear……..that awareness, eh?  and i,m not alone in that either.   much love all ….. Sheva ❤

Road To Change ~ See Matty off 31st May, walk the first mile or more of 10,000 ! UK

HEY PEOPLE, SOME LIGHT AMONGST THE DARKNESS, LOOK WHAT MATTY’S BEEN DOING & IS NOW UNDERTAKING ROUND EUROPE OVER 2YRS………..LONDON 31st setting of on 10,000 walk, with bagpipes ………! i,m going………wave him off, give him a cheer ! he,s doing this for me and all the others that can,t and will be showing his film at venues en route, which he hasn,t got set up, so take alook at his route and see if you can open a venue, your home, or help and Join The Dots, mean time wants to create events and film showings here. so help us do that and we,ll be sharing his updates and news, on the way, as he will be able to show at his venues what we are up to, magic …..:)      HE,S DOING THIS FOR ME……….GONNA PROBS BE MY CHANT….as well as a bit THANKYOU !!!!

Join The Dots Campaign


                                                                                                 The Route over 18months

Now for some good news,  and a treat for victims & survivors of child sexual abuse.

Matthew McVarish is setting off at the end of this month on a massive 10,000 mile walk from the National Theatre.

First stop, Crawley………news will be updated as it comes in, as this is evolving, what a step into the unknown, i value that so much, it is the same as when as victims of child sexual abuse, we begin to heal, and why it takes so much courage, it is a step into the unknown journey ahead………….Big respect to all of us, and Matty……….many will understand this.   Many will do amazing things to help him along his way, it,s gonna be an amazing adventure, and one way or another we can all take part, some of us from the comfort of our home, just by sharing and spreading…

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