ACTION: YouTube channel take-down


PLEASE SHARE/SUPPORT ~ Call for action, spread to all groups who care about child protection.   Sheva.

We are all too familiar with the daunting number of videos promoting the Hampstead SRA hoax that can still be found on YouTube (and don’t even get us started on or Vimeo). Most of us h…

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Neelu & Sabine trial: Day 4

Alot of further evidence of the dark ‘truthers’,  latest attempts to fly this false flag,  and daily updates.  Protection for the innocent and support for #HampsteadTruth.



This morning’s continuation of the trial of Neelu Berry and Sabine McNeill was adjourned, as Mr Attridge, the prosecution barrister, had fallen ill with a migraine. This means that any small hope that the trial might wrap up tomorrow has been completely dashed.

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New video from Abrella drives final nails in Hoaxtead coffin

Source: New video from Abrella drives final nails in Hoaxtead-coffin  Click here for orignal article, and share alot

This, i heard this, in the first videos that i could only find on Angirifan, which i did, having been alerted by something i saw, and realising who were promoting it, i spent the whole weekend, listening to the whole lot, and talking with a friend who had asked me what i thought…….

This is why i had no doubt and is why, i have no mercy for people that have helped to perpetuate these, false flags, that they have hurt so many, and on top of that pretend to spearhead child protection uk, whilst fiona barnyard bennett has tried the same down under, that belinda, bill , brian , david , and all on my blacklist attempted here UK, tho it is still incomplete, and with regards shared radio platforms, it is the host mentioned, not necessarily the whole platform.

The fake hollie campaign was ignored by many of us while the Troof platforms ran amok with it, given a false illusion that the speakers at the 2010 rally were the go to people, and that we were all too scared to speak out…………

I realised it could happen again, and this time moreso and worse, for us with the growing Inquiries, Commission, and of course the thousands of strong people, that work tirelessly, speak out continuosly, but will have nothing to do with the hampstead hoax or the charlatans and crooks promoting it.



Neelu Watch: Neelu takes on the IPCC

Source: Neelu Watch: Neelu takes on the IPCC Click for full Post & Comments


See comments,  i think a new playlist is in order.  ‘The Real Fonejackers’   not so funny, tho when you realise the consequences to CSA survivors     But my first thought was hey : #SpottheDifference is being well played, thanks, see previous blogs and check out John Brown’s playlists, and reasoned way of challenging and #SpeakingTruthtoPower…………and Matty McVarish, of #RoadtoChangeEu.  please circulate this, and help us dispel these clouds of confusion.

G’day downunder, thanks for the support, and glad to see the groups, holding tight together, now. that #FionaBarnett and

#DavidShurter #Laverty and some other nasty systematic trolls link up.  #Outlaw  had some too, and though i don’t go with all his posts and opinions, or some just holding stuff up, but he has some real information, of his time,  of pointing out that Gojam was working with Chris Fay, who was working with Bill Maloney, who ………the dots lead to Brian Gerrish and David Icke, and others, and include these hoaxers, down the threads, and downlines.

Thanks to all the investigators, that provide the evidence, of this dot to dot game.

Some of us hadn't realised the extent of attacks to our fellows.  I and others, tend to deal with negativity, Matty describes this well on his interview, previously shared, here.  And it looks as though BBC are allowing his voice to be amongst the sorely needed real experts.  He has much to share, and along his 10,000 walk round Europe, met many influential people, backward attitudes, recieved nasty bully, as an open gay abuse survivor, who has brought many to look at this issue, through his play 'To Kill a Kelpie', performed, Scotland, USA, i can't remember if London, but Camilla Parker Bowles, patron of one of the Survivor networks south east, was invited to see him off, i wasn't surprised by the refusal,, i can't remember if she was just busy, already, but Matty was really excited, and i'm sure expected a bigger press on the day, his publicist, Amanda, is really good, i don't think tho that many of the good ones, are used to the rough, tough and tumble that social media can be, these horrible trolly,hoxers, though are putting too much pressure, and too many spanners in the works. and also the co opters were gathering for their walk, which i really tried to support,  but remember baloney, fellows, and sids walk for justice were holding sway online at the time, and they were ignoring Matty's efforts, and they say the Beeb are covering up, tho, as i said previously, i was gutted that they didn't use it, and perhaps a film can be made, for schools, of his epic journey, that is appropriate, and includes some snippets of other survivors and some of the actors who have made some videos with key teaching tools for kids, i can't think of her name, one of the comediens, i'm sure there could be a massive fundraiser/s of the type, for Cancer, which this is too, in our society.

And please support the independent smaller groups, who have survivors real testimonies, of good practise, we need those to continue.   ‘Ask a Survivor’, are shows that go on in the states, and we could do those here    Including poets, singers, dancers, art, perhaps ‘The Wall of Silence’, and even Comedy, to fundraise, and with aftercare, help, which i know John with the Saville Show, desperately tried to provide, but just like at an MLM sales conference, the sharks circled and pounced on victims.

We are seeing the clouds of confusion dispersing, due to the wind of clarity and truth, Blessed Be 🙂 to all my crafty friends, Namaste to all the healers, Yo to me Bredrun, listen to Akala, and see, Thankyou to all the hackers, that i don’t know, but know that i feel supported and heard, and think i see actions, develop, and i feel sure, that some will be checking and raking out the filty charlatans from their midst, especially those using this issue, for their personal gain, or agenda, such as bringing down the government…….and those putting so many at risk.

Times are changing, we need to be more sensitive, and i’ll try and explain more, why it is another of their mantras, well two, anyone dissenting their lies, is either a paedo, apologist, supporter, and yet, they also are in many quarters calling for more understanding, and defense for abusers.

I don’t have all the answers, but there are some good actions, that we can learn from and maybe adopt here.

Certainly, the age and circumstances matter.   In terms of if it is a one on one relationship, i had older boyfriends as a teen, but there is a vast difference than being groomed, pimped, shared, drugraped, gangraped, by those targeting vulnerable youngsters, and the treatment of the victims, must be changed, and the real criminals, treated swiftly and hard, and for addressing abuse by known people, again, it might be a one and only case, or someone regularly babysitting, etc….

reporting, action, and policies need to be much clearer, and in cases of clear false reporting, something done quickly to repair damage, and protect those children and their family….i would like Lie Detectors and other methods of lie detection, to be adopted.  Please.   I’m just putting ideas out there.

Anyway have as good a day as possible.

Enjoy the laughs

Take some action if possible to help really protect the children.

And help undo any harm still caused by this matrix that Spiderwoman, Sabine K McNeill boasted of, on a video, somewhere to her cronie Angela Power Disney.  Who sent me a nice message, pre christmas, ‘Sheva ! you are a disgrace, if indeed you are a survivor ‘ , i didn’t see that at the time, but FFS !  nasty dangerous, vile, bile, and the type of thing i witnessed going on in the Australian groups run by John Brown and others slurred, like i and others have been .

  • See:
  • Main Players Hoaxtead
  • Black/White Lists & one for under surveillance/investigation/seekingevidence, too.
  • I’m finding more, i had stopped engaging with them, of course shunned, for years, till lately.
  • Now, i think they might have run outta names, but you just never know, they like changing labels.


Take care

Sheva 🙂

By the way, i think this was my first attempt at making videos, i know, it’s awful, technically, i think it took me a whole day 🙂

I’m still not much better, but i was pleased with the one i did for Matty, probably my 3rd.

Anyway, the views etc, are evidence.



Brollies up, everyone!

Abe claims to be right over target. Brollies up!

Source: Brollies up, everyone!

He is a creep !

When i was first online, and massively publicising the 2010 rally, my online presence bacame huge.

I spoke to Ian McFerran quite a few times, disturbed that in any hollie support groups, no other cases or survivors were allowed, he explained, that he had seen evidence,that he was Robert Greens’ right hand man, he mentored Brenda mumsy, and convinced many that the hollie case was the one to rip through the denial of the establishment, i disagreed, but conceded that he might indeed know more than me.  But still promoted them amongs hundreds of other groups, not realising their dark agenda.

At the time of the reddit posts, i had highlighted on allvoices a man on hunger strike in ireland and a small two man protest against the Catholic Church.  Immediately, Wearechange were on it, and a hollie banner was then included in the picture, i think too, that around that time Charlie Vietch did a speech at a wearechange meeting, and so i thought they knew perhaps, more than i.

It is why, i went to the holliehoax group meeting 2013.

It is why i have felt that it behooves me to address it now.

To clear up confusion.  Generated, i believe, purposefully.

my reddit posts 2010 unwittingly pr for paedotrolls

However you will also see the post about Michael Mcmanus, who has worked tirelessy for over twenty years to shed light on the abuse within the Catholic Church…… that is genuine and holding support.

I sincerely apologise to all Survivors and Victims, for allowing them to misuse and abuse the platforms i set up, for all.

Their platforms were and are for the one case only, each time, both hollie, now hampstead, and at the same time, troll gangs infiltrate groups, groom victims, and bully survivors that spot it and stand up to them, as demonstrated on my blog in other posts.

Unfortunately the family court action also failed, that’s another story and unfortunately people were ripped off, and hurt, but the family justice movement mostly knows what happened, so i won’t go into detail here.

Please keep reporting the videos, maybe google will take note, and block them, so that as those children grow up, they won’t have to face the nightmare of abuse demonstrated on threads on the videos, to any that dare point out the truth.

And please keep spreading the warning about the matrix created by Sabine K McNeil and Belinda McKenzie, Maggie Tuttle and Angela Power Disney, Brian Gerrish, Bill Maloney, and the others named on other posts and at the Reseach site, Hoaxtead Research, which i can assure you is NOT run by paedophiles, as those wanting to continue to abuse children, keep repeating. so that groups are aware of the danger that we have put victims of either abuse or family court injustice, by allowing them to viralise these hoaxes, while their teams troll and divide our groups, denigrating the work we have done, undermining our truth, overshadowing the good and truthful campaigns, allowing the witchunt and conspiracy fantasist labels to be re attached to us, when we have made so much progress.

They have targetted many of us, and their display of disgusting bullying towards me is shown here, so that people can quickly see exactly what they are about.

It has happened to many, and they have cleverly divided us, so that groups will not see, instead, blaming their victims, as Angela Power Disney has done, trying to mis label me, as aggressive, conned, working for paedophiles, etc, so that people are not sure who to trust.


Source: Child Abuse

Click the link above Child Abuse for evidence.


this is the man that SOME so called campaigners for justice or child protection , support.

EXPOSING & WARNING OF SCAM CHARITIES, PAEDO SUPPORTERS DEVALUEING & & most importantly perpetuating & encouraging child abuse en viralising videos of children.

Please share this important EVIDENCE, with groups dealing with issues concerning child protection, or helping families trying to keep their children from the care system, that need support, help not yet more victimisation.

I am certainly being targetted. Only because i am being more open publically as this case is causing so much harm, i cannot ignore it.

It is this case and the one before, hollie, that is responsible for the divisions within groups.  so to be clear, do not let members infiltrate our groups, that support either the hollie case, or Hampstead SRA Scandal.

These groups are part of a matrix, that does support them, and link to viralise only certain stories, and raise donations, cause problems, abuse victims, and little else it seems, but they turn up at all child protection events.

Victims Unite, Battle for Britains’ Children, Whistleblowerkids, Punishment without Crime, Knights Foundation, Options not Adoptions, (there is evidence on the Hoaxtead Research blog, linked at the top) are the main one’s but with new sites check what they link to, and if they have any of these, or the two cases linked, steer clear.  I know seasoned campaigners normally would, this is more for newer people, although, people are often too busy to be online much, and have allowed them to infiltrate the inquiries for example, probably unaware of the devastation, witnessed by some of us/

Blaming me for that, because i am confronting them and showing it up, is tantamount to being told to stay silent as a CSAsurvivor, they have scoffed and scorned me, ignored me, and when they couldn’t i have recieved very disgusting messages. I cannot stand idly by and let them keep wrecking good people and groups, so please check the evidence and share it on.

And of course, remember sharing those videos is wrong ! please take them down, if you have them, do not share, and report as many as you are able.


Sheva Burton

Poll name & shame CSA hoaxers

Anyone who would like to see how these people operate check my Gplus. I have only just joined, and their trolls got busy. I am ashamed that they call themselves protectors of children, and demonstrate such foul behavour, that gives rise to labelling survivors more easily, now that we have come so far. We cannot allow these moronic groups to wreck our progress and enable conspiracy labels, and witchunt, vigilante, is this why they act so extreme ? is this why thy pick fake cases, to make a mockery of the whole subject ? i don’t even care why, it is so wrong, they have damaged so many, please share the information, so we can rake them out of the way of those amongst us strong and working with integrity.

Sabine’s ‘Forced Adoptions Event’ now up on video

It’s a thrill-a-minute ride: video from yesterday’s ‘Forced Adoptions Event’ with Sabine & Belinda.

Source: Sabine’s ‘Forced Adoptions Event’ now up on video

Since writing, i think they edited Kellie Cottam’s brave challenging speech right at the end, So i have reinstated it and given Kellie her own copy.    Please be aware that Kellie plans to return to the fight, in her own unique way, but for the time being doesn’t need any extra unnecessary stress.   I will know if she is bullied for this.  So here’s a clip, i managed to download, and since this, more evidence has been possible to show.

Click for video Kellie the Hero

It gives me no pleasure, but these people are hurting lots of people, Today Sabine is tweeting a celebration video of the event, i havn’t looked, but it is probably heavily edited, and will of course be diverting people to all the usual suspects as mentioned in my blog previously. I did tho, miss some out, Brian Gerrsh, David Icke, remember people  We will be pointing out in an easy to understand, backed up with evidence, collated proof, that these people have no business being in child protection, of any kind, and vulnerable people need to be warned about them, not steered towards them.

They tried to overshadow, the MEPs delegation on Forced Adoption, last week, organised by Lucy Allen MP.  There is little yet, until the report is out, January.  So Sabine, Belinda and team think they will sneak all the hoaxes, get loads of donations, meantime, by seeming to have had a fringe, alternative, and of course much more honest look at forced adoption, click on the link for the full version, which i couldn’t watch all of, but right at the end. 2.hrs. 11.

Kellie says things that i have said for years, at last.  It’s on Hoaxtead Research, just google them, if you would like to access it.

Because of malicious gossip, accusations, condemnation, criticism (not all unjustified, btw 🙂 ) of me, for various reasons, people didn’t not heed me, but i did never want those that did speak at the rally even be there, let alone then be the ones, so many turned to, and got hurt.   It was meant for survivors, us. to tell our story, had that been filmed, we would now have videos of genuine survivors, and evidence for the inquiry.  So whoever is organising these hoaxes, and then allowing them to run, well…….  so that’s why some experienced people have come together to regain some control and sense for people googling for help or truth about cases.

There is lots of good help out there, once they are not overshadowed, so thankyou everyone, who has woken up to this, and is helping us to clear it.   I know for many it is a shock to realise hollie is not true, and please don’t condemn yourself or feel guilty, for too long.   Just please help us undo the harm and put real solutions in place.   So this is like raking out the leaves and putting them on the bonfire.

And in case you don’t know, i am probably consumed with dark energy, demons, i can’t help it cos i’m also in an alter,    They are wrong, i have a massive Amethyst protecting me. My power animal shape shifts into king kong.   I have an Angel to my left and an American Indian Warrior to my right.  And the power of fire.    Cleansing, yes destructive fire, so that the TRUTH AND EMPOWERMENT OF PEOPLE can help us regain LOVE.      FOR ALL.

So just cleanse, salt baths, breathe, and lets reboot this thing.  recharge, rest, and collate info, for the good of all, peacefully as possible.   This is not to create a war, it is to stop one, and prevent it carrying on.  Too much division, danger, diversion, already.  We don’t need or deserve that.36811_416845387553_8170349_n


Reiki Master, Shaman, Queen, Wounded Warrior, Whore

Horrible: Lies, deception, defamation of me, hypocrisy, Sabine K McNeil & Angela Power-Disney

Source: Naughty Scarlet makes Sabine cry

Horrible Sabine & Hypercritical Angela  Video link

I will let my passion speak for itself.   If someone can screenshot the convo, the day before this, you will see exactly what was and wasn’t said.

Apart from not even naming me, you know that invisible being ignored, trigger….. and then to change and twist my words, well alot of survivors of CSA, don’t need me to tell you, that these people have no business being anywhere near us, our campaigns, or other vulnerable people.

But of course, as child abuse perps, they are also displaying all of the signs, of that to.

Do we need people like this, educating anyone on either child abuse or Family law, let alone childrens rights.

We need to rake out the autumn leaves put them on a bonfire, so that roots and shoots may grow strong,

So yes, as you will see, when i publish the convo i was a bit chippy with Angela, but i certainly did not put it in the terms or with the intention she ascribes to me.  But do we suffer fools gladly ? more tho, can we have people with such a disregard for childrens rights to privacy, disregard for online bullying, disregard for any harm caused in the Hampstead area ?

Just bleating about the mild harrassment they may have felt, because those effected directly are thoroughly pissed off !

They don’t mind victimising me, either.  So why would i want to share their stuff with fellow survivors, ? when they can’t be corrected, they won’t take responsibility, they won’t apologise, and so far they will not urge their followers to desist and remove the videos……. Until they do that, they deserve whatever comes to them, any still spreading them, will be reported, and given a wide berth.

Since this of course, was the event last week, so …….. need i say more ?

Like so many wonderful groups, if they were too, i would also share and join in…… i can’t, i have warned many, please now listen.


Belinda McKenzie thinks she knows about child protection. Alert to all serious campaigners

Please watch & share, and be aware that Belinda McKenzie has now been warned by the court and police, not to talk about the Hampstead Case, which she does/doesn’t here.

The very worrying thing, though is that at a meeting yesterday, she announced the launching of a campaign for childrens’ rights, ‘Children must come first’, she stated.

Nevermind that she and the team that viralised the identities and testimonies of two young childrens’ allegations of child abuse, which were bullied out of them by their step father, the case unusually, for family court, was heard in open court for the final judgement, which is available here:  Court Restraining Order also reported in the national and local press. The videos are still circulating, encouraged gleefully by those profiting cynically from the diversion and money gained, the Judge said that 4million people had seen them, so it’s a task to report, flag and have them removed, so i’m asking people to devote some time to this, put hampstead child abuse in search, and unfortunately, lots are still there, below is a statement that works, or you may know a better one.

If anyone has suggestions to help this to be stopped, please comment below.  It’s obviously best not to play them so they don’t feel encouraged by more clicks, once, you are satisfied that this is a valid campaign to rid seriously bad stuff, please just report as many as you can, I’m doing 5 or so a day, please ask friends to do the same, and share in groups, it has gotten so out of hand, and if you come across the hollie ones, please do them too, if possible, even with injunctions, court cases, and evidence of the lies in these cases, they still go on, and have ruined lives.  As a campaigner, apart from caring firstly about the children, I also care about our reputations, and that these make it easy for people to still condemn CSA survivors as conspiracy nuts.

So the right to privacy for the children is thrown to the wind, and Belinda and Angela casually discuss a radio broadcast on LBC, that Angela mentions, having listened to, a point made on the programme on cases of CSA, was that sometimes, some adults may be wrongly accused,and that is collatoral damage….. taken out of context during the conversation, within the video here, because on LBC, they were talking about credible allegations, rather than what turned out to be, false ones, certainly not credible, and no excuse for posting videos of the children online..

Part two Hypocrisy video

Belinda says she has no real regrets, fails to even apologise for the terror caused to innocent people in Hampstead, including children. She fails to ask her followers to remove the illegal videos, which of themselves are child abuse. She states that in her opinion, there hasn’t been an investigation, which there has….. What utter arrogance, to believe that she has the right to influence such a campaign, after wreaking such havoc. So I am also asking friends, fellow campaigners, caring people to report any videos still found, so that we can try and protect the children from further harm in the future.

Still the fake charity, Knights Foundation, also under investigation, is plastered on all the many sites, that have failed so far, to have a positive impact on any area of either child protection, stopping child abuse or family law.

The previous hoax centring around Hollie which did similar things, caused similar damage, ran on for years, overshadowing the UK events and campaigns, ended with her admitting that she had never heard hollie name anyone!

hollie named no one, admits belinda 30sec video

Her attitude in this video is much the same, washing her hands of it, withdrawing, yet nudging, hinting for her followers to carry on, regardless. Has she no shame, certainly no integrity. Certainly not fit to run any campaign with regards Child Protection.

I feel obliged to share this, and ask that people working in this field, warn others, of this coming new campaign, which like all before will divert attention, energy, money, time and sabotage those working with integrity.

Witchcraft & Demonic Possession amongst Hoax Promoters

Flagging and reporting the videos, this statement works well:

This video contains illegally obtained police evidence, featuring the names, faces and confidential testimonies of two vulnerable children, as well as slander against a number of innocent individuals. It is in breach of several laws as well as a High Court injunction currently in place against both YouTube and Google.

Thankyou, Sheva Burton

Research on all aspects of this case

Read what Hampstead Children have suffered