ACTION: YouTube channel take-down


PLEASE SHARE/SUPPORT ~ Call for action, spread to all groups who care about child protection.   Sheva.

We are all too familiar with the daunting number of videos promoting the Hampstead SRA hoax that can still be found on YouTube (and don’t even get us started on or Vimeo). Most of us h…

Source: ACTION: YouTube channel take-down

White List CSA & Family/Child Protection/EndDrugwar


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Source: White List CSA & Family/Child Protection/EndDrugwar

Lots added to the list so that the good sites, helping to end child abuse, and help survivors heal the effects, can find the best help available, some updates to the unfortunately, needed Blacklist too, so that networks can be alerted, and hopefully those that know how to, can help rake out the fakes, that are using internet trickery to overwhelm google esp UK , so that the best can shine.

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and appreciation, it has been difficult to navigate this, but it is necessary, and not at all, to cause division, or stifle free speech, which are some of the hostile accusations, as i embarked on this…….   Lots of events coming, and i will try and list those on an events page, seperately, as i find more time, or help 🙂  Click the link for the white list or tab at the top

Be safe, keep safe and as well as possible.

Sheva Burton

(Prev Sue Melrose C.R.O.S.S. Campaign for Rights Of Survivors of Sexual abuse, organisor of 1st Public Rally Against Child Sexual Abuse UK that included men & women, 1993)   Tho i organised 2010, it was co opted, by Truth & Hope, with preplanning from Belinda McKenzie, so that survivors were mainl Continue reading

Hoaxtead vigilantes advocate kidnap attempt

For months now, we’ve been banging the drum about the dangers posed by the witch-hunters and vigilantes who’ve attached themselves to the Hampstead ‘satanic ritual abuse’ hoax.

Source: Hoaxtead vigilantes advocate kidnap attempt

Seriously Sinister & dangerous, click the link and check blacklist.

Please cirulate.  There are some sinister messages being sent to others. Please fill in a contact form, if you have had this happen, so we can collate and makes sure that Interpol are informed.

BEWARE Sabine K McNeill’s Web & Blacklist

Beware these sites/remove from links

BLACKLIST important info for Child Protection & CSA Victim/Survivor Networks.

Click the above link, for information purposes, only. DO NOT RISK THE ACTUAL SITE LINKS (Unless tech able, protected, hopefully Cybercrime expert)

Sabines sites are usually carrying malicious malware and 49 sites listed, 49 !!!!

All the more to fool you with, and give an impression of undeserved credibility and an illusion of professionalism, unearned, and just not there, oh if only it were, and could have done so much good.  Sigh.

I just clicked on one, there looks to be good info and seems to lead to a good site ‘They work for you’, with hansard links and everything, but when i put the link in my browser, it read ‘Gravatar Bomb Avatar’ thereby, it all revolves back to her matrix.  I’ll add the proper links for that good info.  to the white list, or google the title, or Lucy Allen proper.  That’s if you can find her, amongst the pages Sabine manages to hog with this fakery, fuckery, making a mockery out of misery.

I’ll leave it to the investigators and tech experts, to help undo this, and block, because not only is it false impression, it is also stealing traffic from good sites, and i’ll bet as the other day, i found, with Lucy’s Video, i bet it all leads home, towards signing up, for either the new beauty scam, multi level pyramid schemes, she is pushing, or ramping up the hoax campaigns, to re vitalise them, now that they are dying out.

Anyway, once again, by her actions, just like Angela Power Disney, does it again, proves our suspicions, and statements.

Just as the cock up Belinda McKenzie allowed the rallies to descend to, if only, i would have quite happily gone back to my other skills, or singing, dancing, writing, painting, instead of trying to counteract, what occurred.

Do not click on the links, she has spam commented here, even and all over many sites, as does some using the HG Green badge, please try and warn people not to go near this hive of corruption.

Keep her away from victims.

Warn the networks on Child Protection, CSA, CSRA , any support sites, or campaigning on Family Law, Forced Adoptions, Parent Support, Care,

The have proven truly dangerous, and to be massively influencing, badly, all genuine endeavours to Stop Child Abuse…..Worldwide.

And Sabine !  I did ask you to remove your face from my blog.  But just like with Cheryl Corless’ Video, you just ignore, and show complete disregard, disrespect and use anyone to increase your online presence, to support your scams with Belinda Mckenzie, Angela Power Disney, and allow good people to be bullied, threatend, whilst posting spiritual notions, poems, and crying victims,  The lot of you need to be made accountable, stopped and made to make amends.

BLACKLIST BELOW:  Will be updated and Hoaxtead Research note new videos and channels supporting this child abuse, pretending to be campaining for child protection.

BLACKLIST: Please circulate to networks.

  • The matrix web of sites include,   Any with Belinda Mckenzie’s involvement:
  • Jeranism Youtube channel, just uploaded latest interview with 2 child abusers Abe & Ella
  • Children Screaming to Be Heard, The Silent Witness, too many speakers on this list.
  • BELINDA McKENZIE Belinda & Angela Power Disney proof Belinda & Angela Power Disney Proof
  • ANGELA POWER DISNEY Lies of attacks whilst attacking others inc. me
    • Angela Power-Disney

      if you are genuinely a survivor you are a disgrace to the name. (my inbox 3.12.14) many reports of this.

      Angela Power Disney & others consistantly undermine survivors:

  • FIONA BARNETT Fiona Barnett & David Shurter @ lying disinfo, accusing real advocates of being agents etc 1hr
  • SABINE McNEILL Sabine Lying,Crying harrassing, Angie slurring survivors
  • link to petition Proof of links to all suspect cases tho since 4 arrests Sabine is removing some.  fake supporters mass sign & gives false image, Lucy Allen is heading this Eu Group
  • ANDY PEACHER RADIO HOST & CONFERENCE ORGANISOR only cos he leads people to this web of deciept, i believe he has been used, groomed, not helped either.  He and his wife have difficulties and did lose their chilren to care.
  • NEELU BERRY  Neelu’s fake claims/babies/hampstead/bail breaking includes Christine Sands & Fiona Barnett  case video link proving they and kevin annett david shurter are all in this together plus beinda, sabine all spreading these
  • lou lotus Youtube Channel harrassing/encouraging harrassment of services, wasting time, when CSASurvivors need these, to respond.
  • DAVID SHURTER Recent tweets abusive/diabolical
  • LAURENCE COGHLAN featured in video link above
  • ABE CHRISTIE Made up lies, false accusations about me, threats, the usual.
  • ELLA DRAPER i’m not a mail fan bt surely these two should be for torturing the children
  • ROBERT GREEN   Life After Hollie proof/hoaxperpslink
  • BRIAN GERRISH  on Google Plus wall Sheva Burton will add some links here, soon.
  • SABINE K MCNEILL best see the tab Players/hoaxtead plus already on posts here.
  • JUSTICE FOR HOLLIE  Still some relentless sites, backed up,
  • MALCOLM K OLVILVY always involved in nasty trolling/stalkin on behalf of holliehoax See my Google Plus, the call me a Gatekeeper, LOL. I open gates, they chose to see us as victims/sheep that they could misteer, whilst bullying any in their way !
  • Sharon Kilby/Sharon Zaki has written a shitload about me & many, only recently. really long, full of crap & lies
  • Sharons writing style very similar to Charlotte Ward/Jacqui Farmer who ran the orignal, disgusting blog..
  • Will add more
  • Martin Matthews sabotaged, groomed ? a number of cases, vulnerable mothers,encouraged to act in unhelpful ways. Mysogenist? Infiltrator ? Evidence soon, and more info with sensitivity to victims, soon.
  • Pineutopia Youtube Channel (posted a comment/comments immediately shutdown/my pc & twitter gone nuts.)

So these people have certainly badgered the poor MP’s to death, though i do not include John Hemming, who i really think should make a public statement/apology, even for allowing Belinda Mckenzie and Sabine McNeill to set up and run the disastrous McKenzie Associates.  .

These people have systematically viralised fake chosen cases, some also have supported real ones, but Hoaxtead Research, link below has evidence easily accessable, in their tabs, on all of their claims and proof is on my blog of how dire and serious the attacks on genuine CSA campaigners are becoming, if we won’t share their BS, we are called paedo supporters, or paedos, government shills, agents, etc….I hope i have managed to paint the picture clearly enough, given that the UK Rallies were co opted 2010.  With hindsight and proven by their actions since, the above list, have demonstrated these dynamics, over and over again.

Many Serious Activists, that are the ones really creating change,  have formed in smaller, tighter, safer groups and are working hard, achieving much, despite and in spite of them, and my list on, So now some good news will be more developed.

There are too, some immensely strong, networks that are also educating, training, supporting victims, and working with Law Enforcement.

See Also the White List for the trusted Links, not in any way complete, but i will provide as many essential ones, and most good ones, included trusted other links.

So i can only hope to signpost people away from these drivers of sheep, and towards, those that will empower victims, and offer strenght to grow from surviving to thriving.

And highlight the petitions that call for changes, genuinely sought by people, not drummed up to suit charlatans, crooks, schemers and saboteurs.

The massive changes are because of the oh so many beautiful, courageous people who have achieved so much, we help and support each other, it has been a long battle, for many of us, we support each others efforts, and link up to unite our power moreso, without the division, confusion, overwhelming caused by the fakes, both listed above and any advocating for these hoaxes.

A late Xmas gift from David!

For some time now, we’ve been getting regular reports from the Sooper Seekrit Hampstead Research Facebook group that Charlotte Ward Alton threw together when she abandoned her disgusting blog.

Source: A late Xmas gift from David!

In contrast despite the dreadful bullying, trolling, attempts to trigger, belittle me, The Hampstead Group on facebook which i help to admin, is open again.   Only Admins can post, to protect from the spammers, taking advantage if we take breaks, and misusing yet another platform, to promote only the chosen hoax cases, which many the world over, know was never my intention, nor been shown by my actions, it is open, so people can look and ask questions, if they need, for any clarification, and the Hoaxtead Research Team, and I, who are all accused of being Ricky Dearman, and clearly are not, we all can back up any statements we make, the hoaxers cannot, never have, but have bullied their way onto many of the CSA and Family Justice groups, in various ways…….. Anyway our group is open, so people can look without needing to join, as we are of course aware of the need to protect, from the real monsters, raging their way around the net, causing harm, which we aim to limit, but also meanwhile, as we rake these shysters out of our way, we need to keep on keeping on, and tho i have devoted attention, on this, i have explained why, but next year, next year…….. things will be different for me, from me, and hopefully able to filter through for all of you out there, genuinely fighting.  There is no need for people to get involved, just be warned, be aware and beware, if you can help at all, great, if not, fine, don’t let it distract you, from your purpose, and trust me, it hasn’t distracted me, i needed to take a stand on it all.   And i will, until i don’t have to, just as with CSA, the genuine cases, survivors, groups, events, campaigns, and it really is for the children, now and tomorrow, that we need to, create effective changes, on so many levels.



Source: Child Abuse

Click the link above Child Abuse for evidence.


this is the man that SOME so called campaigners for justice or child protection , support.

EXPOSING & WARNING OF SCAM CHARITIES, PAEDO SUPPORTERS DEVALUEING & & most importantly perpetuating & encouraging child abuse en viralising videos of children.

Please share this important EVIDENCE, with groups dealing with issues concerning child protection, or helping families trying to keep their children from the care system, that need support, help not yet more victimisation.

I am certainly being targetted. Only because i am being more open publically as this case is causing so much harm, i cannot ignore it.

It is this case and the one before, hollie, that is responsible for the divisions within groups.  so to be clear, do not let members infiltrate our groups, that support either the hollie case, or Hampstead SRA Scandal.

These groups are part of a matrix, that does support them, and link to viralise only certain stories, and raise donations, cause problems, abuse victims, and little else it seems, but they turn up at all child protection events.

Victims Unite, Battle for Britains’ Children, Whistleblowerkids, Punishment without Crime, Knights Foundation, Options not Adoptions, (there is evidence on the Hoaxtead Research blog, linked at the top) are the main one’s but with new sites check what they link to, and if they have any of these, or the two cases linked, steer clear.  I know seasoned campaigners normally would, this is more for newer people, although, people are often too busy to be online much, and have allowed them to infiltrate the inquiries for example, probably unaware of the devastation, witnessed by some of us/

Blaming me for that, because i am confronting them and showing it up, is tantamount to being told to stay silent as a CSAsurvivor, they have scoffed and scorned me, ignored me, and when they couldn’t i have recieved very disgusting messages. I cannot stand idly by and let them keep wrecking good people and groups, so please check the evidence and share it on.

And of course, remember sharing those videos is wrong ! please take them down, if you have them, do not share, and report as many as you are able.


Sheva Burton

Poll name & shame CSA hoaxers

Anyone who would like to see how these people operate check my Gplus. I have only just joined, and their trolls got busy. I am ashamed that they call themselves protectors of children, and demonstrate such foul behavour, that gives rise to labelling survivors more easily, now that we have come so far. We cannot allow these moronic groups to wreck our progress and enable conspiracy labels, and witchunt, vigilante, is this why they act so extreme ? is this why thy pick fake cases, to make a mockery of the whole subject ? i don’t even care why, it is so wrong, they have damaged so many, please share the information, so we can rake them out of the way of those amongst us strong and working with integrity.

Belinda McKenzie thinks she knows about child protection. Alert to all serious campaigners

Please watch & share, and be aware that Belinda McKenzie has now been warned by the court and police, not to talk about the Hampstead Case, which she does/doesn’t here.

The very worrying thing, though is that at a meeting yesterday, she announced the launching of a campaign for childrens’ rights, ‘Children must come first’, she stated.

Nevermind that she and the team that viralised the identities and testimonies of two young childrens’ allegations of child abuse, which were bullied out of them by their step father, the case unusually, for family court, was heard in open court for the final judgement, which is available here:  Court Restraining Order also reported in the national and local press. The videos are still circulating, encouraged gleefully by those profiting cynically from the diversion and money gained, the Judge said that 4million people had seen them, so it’s a task to report, flag and have them removed, so i’m asking people to devote some time to this, put hampstead child abuse in search, and unfortunately, lots are still there, below is a statement that works, or you may know a better one.

If anyone has suggestions to help this to be stopped, please comment below.  It’s obviously best not to play them so they don’t feel encouraged by more clicks, once, you are satisfied that this is a valid campaign to rid seriously bad stuff, please just report as many as you can, I’m doing 5 or so a day, please ask friends to do the same, and share in groups, it has gotten so out of hand, and if you come across the hollie ones, please do them too, if possible, even with injunctions, court cases, and evidence of the lies in these cases, they still go on, and have ruined lives.  As a campaigner, apart from caring firstly about the children, I also care about our reputations, and that these make it easy for people to still condemn CSA survivors as conspiracy nuts.

So the right to privacy for the children is thrown to the wind, and Belinda and Angela casually discuss a radio broadcast on LBC, that Angela mentions, having listened to, a point made on the programme on cases of CSA, was that sometimes, some adults may be wrongly accused,and that is collatoral damage….. taken out of context during the conversation, within the video here, because on LBC, they were talking about credible allegations, rather than what turned out to be, false ones, certainly not credible, and no excuse for posting videos of the children online..

Part two Hypocrisy video

Belinda says she has no real regrets, fails to even apologise for the terror caused to innocent people in Hampstead, including children. She fails to ask her followers to remove the illegal videos, which of themselves are child abuse. She states that in her opinion, there hasn’t been an investigation, which there has….. What utter arrogance, to believe that she has the right to influence such a campaign, after wreaking such havoc. So I am also asking friends, fellow campaigners, caring people to report any videos still found, so that we can try and protect the children from further harm in the future.

Still the fake charity, Knights Foundation, also under investigation, is plastered on all the many sites, that have failed so far, to have a positive impact on any area of either child protection, stopping child abuse or family law.

The previous hoax centring around Hollie which did similar things, caused similar damage, ran on for years, overshadowing the UK events and campaigns, ended with her admitting that she had never heard hollie name anyone!

hollie named no one, admits belinda 30sec video

Her attitude in this video is much the same, washing her hands of it, withdrawing, yet nudging, hinting for her followers to carry on, regardless. Has she no shame, certainly no integrity. Certainly not fit to run any campaign with regards Child Protection.

I feel obliged to share this, and ask that people working in this field, warn others, of this coming new campaign, which like all before will divert attention, energy, money, time and sabotage those working with integrity.

Witchcraft & Demonic Possession amongst Hoax Promoters

Flagging and reporting the videos, this statement works well:

This video contains illegally obtained police evidence, featuring the names, faces and confidential testimonies of two vulnerable children, as well as slander against a number of innocent individuals. It is in breach of several laws as well as a High Court injunction currently in place against both YouTube and Google.

Thankyou, Sheva Burton

Research on all aspects of this case

Read what Hampstead Children have suffered


Amazed to see how many are following this blog…

I came here to begin some of my personal story here, which i havn’t told publically, very much…….and i will begin soon, but i just caught sight of that i have 1600 followers…………….wow, i really am amazed, and wondering if its’ a mistake, i certainly havn,t recieved email notifications of them all,  i,m not one for numbers, and don,t take too much notice, but the last time i looked it was around 20 !   ……………and i must admit i feel a bit confused, because i have hardly engaged here, mostly reblogged………i had just begun to have a go at blogging, when the Join The Dots team began forming,  and so working on that page, twitter account and blog, has taken more of my time.   And mainly i have reblogged, or channelled others’ work……….though i had planned to be more of a writer of articles,  and that will come………

Now about my grammar………i often don,t use capitals,  for i/me, it is my way of being humble in my ramblings & rantings, and with authorities, that i feel don,t deserve the respect of a capital letter.

I am though very tired, lately a few people have needed support quite intensely, and indeed needed more than i could offer, and as ever i have directed them towards other groups, and people, so that hopefully they can find enough support, for now, until we can do better, which makes me even more determined to find ways to re route donations, from the charities that have failed, to our group/s, so that collectively we can provide the services that we know are needed, and are not there for many.   Those that are there are inundated.

Recently i heard of a charity that Matty McVarish is supporting amongst others, with his walk around europe that the nhs sends people to, but does not fund…………..this can,t be right, surely……victims & survivors have been sidelined and suppressed in so many ways, so i,m right behind this venture The Road to Change, that begins in London  29th & 30th with two film showings of a ‘To Kill a Kelpie’:

There are two chances to catch this event, Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th. Only 100 spaces sadly and it’s filling fast. RSVP to be sure of your seat because spaces are limited but Matty  really wants  you to be there.   suggested donation £10.00  as the venue has to be paid for…….please be generous as you can.

facebook event page for film showings:

”  ”   ”   ”        ”      ”    ”  ”   ”      walk the first mile :

and then 31st outside the National Theatre, for the first mile walk along the southbank……come and see him off…………..give him a wave and a cheer, I,m really thankful that i found out about it, and looking forward to sharing his news, through his 2year journey.   Hope to meet up with many friends and meet new ones there………….:)

Road to Change :   including Matty’s blog.

Promised recordings with people will start very soon,  my health hasn,t been at best lately, and it,s slowing me down.

But as ever, i try to link people up, and work with others, as much as possible, or support others’ work, because none of us can tackle this alone, no one group………..we all need to be taking this more seriously in our own rights, as the coverups and denials and poor treatment of victims of abuse, is revealed and still happening…………it,s why i began the marches and rallies, 20years ago, with the dream of stopping child abuse, and making sure we had justice and support…………..we can do this,  together…..:)