Why Hoaxtead Research Blog deserves an Award by Sheva Burton.

I think EC has done a really good job of pointing out what seems a common phenomenom: Please Click the link below and read the post and comments as a very interesting conversation is developing and Angela Power Disney and her new cohort ‘Rev’ Anthony Pike are royally shown up for what they are; ‘peddlars of child porn’, protectors of child molesters and the post linked below, shows yet another example of the fact, that alot of convicted paedophiles are amongst the most relentless promotors of SRA myths and hoaxes or false flags, really demonstrated by the still ardent promoters of the most heinous of them all after Hollie Grieg; Hampstead fake SRA case…….. (By the way, they are also found amongst the worst of the bullies crying false flag at tragedies and targeting families of victims, much like Malcolm Blackman of UK Anon, Opdeatheaters & previously 4 Chan, (where the so called pizzagate CP symbols & codes were used since before 2009), Malcolm like others from various factions of scammers has hung around Anti CSA Events and groups since 2010, claiming on Panorama to have turned over a new leaf…… er no, in fact he has trained and encouraged others in the nasty tricks of his trade. David Icke is now trying to allude that it was the ring of satanic paedophiles who run the world that what? were using those codes?? No David, you are wrong and still involved in creating the smoke screen and suppressing the real truthes about child sexual abuse. On your video ‘Context’ recently, you even berate the horrendous abuse levelled at people debunking the hoax, wrapped in the usual phasing that is meant to reinforce beliefs in lies and mistrust of truthes…….flim flam you sir are a sham.
That the one’s that are shouting the loudest about child abuse that are in the Truther or Alt Media or Freedom Movement, online…..those viralising and getting their massive (some bought),numbers of followers (& the real ones often have alot of socks which perform various duties, all designed to undermine the movement towards better child protection and more support for victims of Child Sexual Abuse).
That so many of them have defended and still do, even after any of their friends are convicted (Brian Gerrish for example, as well as Belinda, Sabine & Angela Power Disney) is for me confirmation of suspicions I’ve had for years.
I really believe that paedophiles, child molesters, child rapists and those who delight in or make money out of sharing images of children being harmed, tortured or interfered with sexually have set themselves up using their networking channels to employ themselves and others to actively work against people like me and others who naturally are their enemies if we are effective…… I think the verocity of the attack on me is telling and proof of this. Not many could have done what I have here, but without here, this would not now be so obvious and evidenced, nor recognised by so many.
I think there should be an investigation into this and thanks to this blog there is now enough evidence and connections made and proven for that to be pushed for.
For that I will always be grateful to Scarlet Scoop for setting up this blog and for El Coyote for keeping such a steady head amongst such a difficult subject amongst people with varying approaches, opinions and beliefs.
There were times, moreso in the early days when this blog seemed hostile towards survivors, I can remember wincing and cringing and screwing up my face and posting anyway, sometimes,because the information was so good and people were finding things I would never have been able to, produced videos, memes, screenshots, reported things to platforms, police, authorities.
I didn’t always challenge things and overtime I have found that like mine, others have grown in their knowledge, not least of the real plights faced by us survivors either campaigning or creating change with better perspectives, ideaology and integrity.
These are just some of the reasons for me recently tweeting quite a few times, that I believe this blog deserves an award.
To have achieved so much and promise to achieve so much more, to have withstood the attacks, the frustrations of reports being ignored, the relentlessness of the hoaxers to determinedly refuse to give up their ideal poster children to promote their vile co created SRA False Flag, is phenomenal.
I really appreciate everyones engagement, committment and energy spent on this. No matter how much or little, even the ones that have at times upset me,(I’ve upset people too at times, sometimes by omission or unwittingly as I’m sure has happened for me and others too.
It has all led to such growth for me in my understanding and I’m sure many would say that from other perspectives than mine, too. I commend you all and myself by the way….. it’s been really difficult at times for me, too. 🙂

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Malky and what a calamaT eh Cat ? 🙂

The above is one of my comments, in others I explain more reasons for the title of this post.
Also below some of the evidence files containing comments including death threats, kindly collated by one of the most committed Hoaxtead commenters, researchers and investigators also a talented and witty video maker, also severely targeted and attacked by the vile viralisers of CSA False Flags.

The gross comments contained in the files are meant to be upsetting, some especially aimed at me, puposefully designed to trigger shame or other negative feelings in CSA survivors, so please be careful, there are a collosal amount of them, so just maybe have a quick look to get the idea, or don’t… But for any that are either advocates, admins of support groups or part of any networks or sites, systems or campaigners about CSE or CSA…. you need to know if you don’t, already and pass the information on to where it will count and protect others as well as helping to stop these bullies. There are more files too on others. See Perps tab on Hoaxtead Research.
Take care everyone,

A Worrying Paradox Paedophiles Dressed Up as ‘Whistleblowers’

Heather Brown aka Prudence Halliwell & Suzy Jones

Malcolm Konrad Olgivly or Hollie Grieg Hoax Fame

Catriona Selvester aka Cat Scot, WildCat, @calamaTcat; Fresh Start Foundation & close ally of Malcolm Konrad Olgilvy

Wesley Hall of Opdeatheaters

FALSE: Comet Ping Pong Pizzeria Home to Child Abuse Ring Led by Hillary Clinton


A detailed conspiracy theory known as ‘Pizzagate’ holds that a pedophile ring is operating out of a Clinton-linked pizzeria called Comet Ping Pong.   And bear in mind that Malcolm Blackman attended many Anti CSA Events UK.  Promoted both the Hollie, Hampstead hoaxes and other charlatans like Bill Maloney.  He was a vile 4Chan Troll and admitted it on BBCs Panorama programme pretending to have changed.  In fact he has been training others to troll and discredit, create chaos using the veils of Anons, Opdeatheaters, Pedohunters, 44th British Troll Brigade and others.   Malcolm Blackman aka Joe Public aka Metropolitan Peace

Source: FALSE: Comet Ping Pong Pizzeria Home to Child Abuse Ring Led by Hillary Clinton

Watch these: If you’re still using the pizzagate hashtag, check the facts & those who are using it just for clicks.

Hampstead Hoax Conspiracy Criminals added the pizzagate Hashtag to further abuse the two children & harrass innocent people.

Ex ? 4Chan member and vicious troll of childrens’ memorial groups claimed to have changed his ways to now defend people against harrassment. However he has been at most UK Anti CSA Events, involved in Opdeatheaters & 44th British Troll Brigade aiding Hampstead Hoaxers and attacking decent advocates & campaigners, survivors & victims.

Who are the saboteurs #CSA/familyneeds ~ Spot the Difference !

2012 Now the HG Hoax leads the Survivors Rally CSA & Family court

2012 Now the HG Hoax leads the Survivors Rally CSA & Family court


Anti child abuse rally 2013 run by Belinda Mckenzie, Maggie Tuttle, highlighting the hollie hoax.....again.

Anti child abuse rally 2013 run by Belinda Mckenzie, Maggie Tuttle, highlighting the hollie hoax…..again.


With oldtime campaigner now deceased. Our banner embraced all others, launched purple ribbon. 2nd Rally 1994

With oldtime campaigner now deceased. Our banner embraced all others, launched purple ribbon. 2nd Rally 1994















threats & what the hoaxes lead to

click above for recorded evidence of death threat from a follower of another case promoted by Sabine McNeill, Belinda Mckenzie and those die hard hg hoaxers…..who all also promote…..Fiona Barnett. This threat was towards Veteran Campaigner John Brown, and others downunder, caused by Fiona Barnett & David Shurter falsely accusing them as he has done also to me and others.

More info here:  The Real Deal on CSAinquiry, Royal CommissionAus

And a blacklist Below.


I caught Sabine McNeill up to her usual tricks, yesterday, posting the video link at bottom of page, on her ‘PunishmentwithoutCrime’ blog.

Beware Spider Sabines’ Web of Deciept & Blacklist 2.


I don’t recommend trying the links there, the Facebook one sent me to a fake lucy one, which had one post, an advert for Developers for WordPress, with the promise of alot of future work.

This was the last conference with Kellie Cottam’s brilliant speech, a Must Hear watch out too, for more truth from the hero herself.  That took courage, much respect.  Kellie speaking truth to belly the eliphantClick for video.

BELINDA McKENZIE Belinda & Angela Power Disney proof Belinda & Angela Power Disney Proof

So these people have certainly badgered the poor MP’s to death, though i do not include John Hemming, who i really think should make a public statement/apology, even.

These people have systematically viralised fake chosen cases, some also have supported real ones, but Hoaxtead Research, link below has evidence easily accessable, in their tabs, on all of their claims and proof is on my blog of how dire and serious the attacks on genuine CSA campaigners are becoming, if we won’t share their BS, we are called paedo supporters, or paedos, government shills, agents, etc….I hope i have managed to paint the picture clearly enough, given that the UK Rallies were co opted 2010.  With hindsight and proven by their actions since, the above list, have demonstrated these dynamics, over and over again.   Many have formed in smaller, tighter, safer groups and are working hard, achieving much, despite and in spite of them, and my list on, So now some good news will be more developed.

The rest ?  i’m really thinking they are being mullered for what’s done, or otherwise ?   yeah i wonder, too. but i do think that for the first time in history, Child Sexual Abuse is on the agenda, in Parliaments, as never before, and we need to stop the wrongun’s from misteering people.   Really unless, like me and many others, you have focussed on this issue for a long time, broadly, you wouldn’t know.  I have witnessed many genuine, vulnerable, emotional people be drawn into their net and games, if people sign the petitions sent out by Sabine’s teams, you can expect to get sudden friends and attention, and if you dare to mind, or disagree or ask the wrong question, many have been bullied, some even to suicide, and many to give up, and never want to come near social media or these issues again, worse though many have also lost their children, who might not have, if better advised.

If we listen and see what they are attempting, here are my observations, impressions and judgements, opinions:

  1. viralise ridiculous, farfetched, made up cases, allowing those who really want us to shut up to use labels that we have worked hard to dismantle, and had achieved, we still are taken more seriously, but:
  2. Frighten people away from sources of real help.  eg. Good campaigners, effective and sound, Good support groups as can be heard from David & Fiona on that interview above. 
  3. Lie and accuse us of threatening or lying, cast doubts on whether we are real survivors and attempt to trigger us.
  4. Use manipulative techniques including NLP, emotional hooks, whilst pretending that another victim has reported being bullied or threatened by one of us, that would never do so. I have written further on this, as has a linked blog, with de bunking info, my view is balanced, and i will also list some decent practitioners out there.  As well as Osteopaths, alot of bodyworkers have found that they may trigger a release of massive emotion, and with us Survivors that can be either dangerous or healing, depending on whether we can, go through that healing crisis with the right help.
  5. Create fake drama, whilst in fact as evidenced, one of their followers have indeed issued death threats
  6. Groom people to believe and support them, how on earth did Bill Maloney & Chris Fay fool so many, including MP’s.

The truth is that the reality is dramatic enough.  For a stark contrast, and a truly spiritual journey, of healing and then extending light to others, to set them free….. This is a powerful film.  I am not religious, but i do believe Jesus, existed, but has just been mis described.  A bit like a friend Kay Ebeling, stuggling, interesting Journalist, writing to survive. luckily, tho, in what sounds like a beautiful home, in North America.  I’ll add her link soon to the coming Worldwide Whitelist, forming on my notepad, Google plus, as well as adding this beautiful Dreamcatchers Foundation Film.


That blue list here, Blacklist, on checking a few links for new people to this case, but that are seasoned activists, campaigners, genuine about this, the signs are immediately apparnat, and is enough surely for people to warn their networks, and keep up to date as the lists grow, and the background and developments as these people are arrested, tell even more outrageous lies.   Meanwhile lets keep up the good work ! we are still more effective and there are serious challenges now.

It is important that people network effectively to build a ring of protection that people can trust, those that work with integrity will recommend others, not try to bind people to them and extort everything possible, in terms of attention, money and time.   Please don’t be afraid to change your mind, and get with the good groups, or support them.  I too, was suckered, triggered really badly, and as i can develop my personal story, i think many will be shocked, at the lengths they will go to.

For now though, i want to help people be safer from them, and understand that they are in fact, guilty of all they project and accuse people like me, the innocent people in these cases, and don’t mind bullying and abusing anyone in their way, including children.

But coming from the absolute silence, we are now in a deluge of information, it is important that those who wish to add their truth in whatever way feels comfortable, and the processes can proceed without shabby interference.

Most important is that good sites, groups etc are supported, moreso, without the saboteurs, holding as much influence as has been.

See my next blog post for good sites and more will be added, as i can.

But certainly changes are being pressured for in undeniable ways, thanks to all who have done their best to tackle the Family Court and Child Protection, Care System.

So I’m recommending, that those that the IICSAinquiry or the UKCSAPT  apply to, get involved, put your testimony or evidence forward, and it’s quite easy to use the sites.

Others Lucy is championing for a Family Support Service, and so make a clear bid for the services that would have helped you, or would now.

New Adoption policies are on the cards, so get involved to help steer it.  otherwise, get behind those that can, and leave competition at the door.

Also with the recent Panorama Report ….. well here’s a book from a Survivor with a purpose, who plans to inject all monies to help youngster in the youth institutions now.  Please support and share, he is a survivor of Meddomsley, which has been achieved by the Victims/Survivors themselves and once the inquiry is over, he will release that book, hoping it’s a happy ending, but that is up to how that goes.

Link to Amazon Shame by Phil Thomas

Evidence re All Players & Cases

Who are Saboteurs CSA/Family Needs?

Click the links above to be taken straight to the sites

So i hardly look at their tripe, but i commented just now, on Abes’ failing crappy last bit of a bog er blog…….

I doubt it will go through so i copy it here:

Damn …….Right…… i strike hard 🙂 your numbers dwindling ours andother genuine ones flourishing, it’s over. Come home and face charges of child
torture, child abuse, harrassment, cybercrime and encouraging fake
charities and scammers like Angela Power Disney, Sabine K McNeil,
Belinda Mckenzie anyway, all the truth an proof is on my blog
circulating amongst networks that have never heard of you, but certainly
know what to do with disinfo agents, trouble makers, bullies, fake
campaigners, false accusers, charity scams, and everything that you
started, enabled and encouraged….relentlessly, Thank everything that
the children are not with you, and if their father is able to prove
himself to the authorities, i hope they can settle and be safe, you have

with complete disregard, continued to abuse the children, and have no
intention of stopping. That is why you are all being stopped.


So many amazing people, doing so much yet today a woman is beaten USA …….

And I mean legally, or almost, the case isn’t over yet……  But her abuser is a powerful and influential man, whose lawyer plays golf with him………  this is going on everywhere to.

Some incest victims/survivors talk of most of their family being abused, and of other people in the community also being either involved or colluding in villages and towns everywhere.   I hadn’t known that Ronald Reagans’ son had been raped, and more, and gone on to write and join forces with others to attempt to protect children. Read the article below about Michael Reagans account)

There are many brilliant teams, working hard, and many doing things more quietly too.    This article and the conversation i just had with the woman in USA, brings it home once more, keep going, keep sharing, keep shedding light, keep helping solutions, to be shared so they can flourish, each person we reach and help can blossom into being so powerful, once they can shuck off the shame, fear, and dark imaginings that childhood trauma leaves behind.

With sexual abuse, it then has gone to our deepest most sacred level of our being, and that is why, i,m passionate about letting out the darkness, letting it go, it is not ours, but theirs.    By doing that and encouraging our light to shine, we help to fan the light in others, and remind them that it is still there,  the problem i,ve mostly found, is that alot of healers, therapists, and people generally, cannot cope with what can be a tremendous release of anger, fear, grief.

It frightens any who have not found ways to release them.       Speaking with Actors and Musicians, they tell me, that they have been able to release emotions, through these mediums, and not needed to do it in therapy.      Some of my paintings were very dark, i used to just make shapes with paint, and then splat about and smear, one turned into a giant penis the colour of red clay, and with horns,  i had by then in hypno been asked what was inside me, and i ended up muttering, feeling very young, the devil a penis, and then this painting appeared……………   i binned it when i didn,t need to acknowledge, feel and release hatred inside me, that i didn,t know i carried, a few friends, were totally shocked, but for me, by then i really believed that i was saving my life and probably cancer, i also detoxed and used lots of various meditations, like ‘shadow queen’,  oils, chrystals, and was working with holistic massage.  The changes in me were incredible, and i journalled alot.   Journeyed alot to, in meditation, trance and during massage.

I believe that as my unconcious mind was able to express and clear out all of the memories i had needed to block to survive, that there was then room for my mind to open, and unlocking ancient knowledge, tapping into higher conciousness, mass too, and while crippled, and having to lie down most of the day, i felt blessed to have the ability, and time to use the power of my thoughts to create my healing.     Well since then, as my life has been various snakes and ladders, have meant that i know have to begin again, and i will be sharing vlogs as i do, and happy to share with others that feel like joining in.

Self healing, gentle techniques, starting with breath.   Soon.   I didn,t know i was gonna write all of that, but it might explain to people why i,d like to get to stonehenge, this weekend 🙂

I,m not put off, but happy to be a part of it………   at the moment the Walk Against Corruption UK is fairly small and gentle…….  perhaps it will gain momentum by the time it reaches London.  Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/BenFellowsWalk

gathering camp 13th/14th July 2013

gathering camp 13th/14th July 2013


Anyway, back to the USA  there are resources and inspiration, things to participate in, if it,s in your area……..   and remember, even if it looks as though there is lots happening, on the ground, many , too many are suffering injustice or abuse daily, right now, with still no where to turn, but a facebook group.

To begin with, we need to let them have choices of resources asap.    I hope groups will stop, being cliquey, and hold members prisoner, or some of the emotional blackmail, i,ve seen go down, or the disgusting levels some infighting gets too.     Yes there are people on this walk, who i suspect could be controlled opposition, if they are, there is nothing i can do to stop it, except be myself , and i,m not controllable 🙂

I still think it is another form of light shedding, and as all are welcome, it can be shown uncontrollably, it enough independents, get on this…………………    me i,ll be there to speak about the whole picture as someone who networks globally, and often still in secret groups, with people going through alot , right now, up to campaigners, also globally, sharing news, ideas, and getting to know each other.      I have never stopped talking about abuse, wherever i have been, and even those words, and convos over years of me not being an active campaigner, were of value.

I saw a status today, ‘We don,t need more heroes’,  my thought was…………. ‘there are so many, shame so many want to be the ONE, or or ONE LEADING GROUP,  so that it becomes more about them, than the core issue, and the people who are in need, right now, still falling through the net.

I got to wondering, is it part of our makeup commonly, does being traumatised and abused, make us over compensate, by needing to be heroic to a level that can work against, others, ultimately?   I know for me this was an issue, as a child i was bullied, ostracised, i smelt, and my mum chopped my hair off to make me ugly, and my clothes sucked………..  and i probably did seem strange, secretive, i don,t know……….. but my dreams were full of things like the school burning down and me able to fly and rescue them, but like all superheroes, they never knew, if only they did, they,d be nice to me…………..  grief as i write this, i realise that , that is exactly how i felt, back when i,d had my first son at 19, and pined for my mum, and was sure that if only she knew, she,d be there, grieving, but also feeling noble, because i hadn,t told her, and gave her up……….sacrificed myself, not realising that that was what she had done, it was to be a further 15 years before she snorted that it didn,t matter, and that she,d always known, anyway……………. well that was a massive shock, to me.   I was still yet to find out how many would then close ranks.   How many would label me vindictive, when i decided to take a civil case forward, which i still couldn,t while i thought it would kill my mum to know.

2 years of gruelling reliving, statements, and trauma, the House of Lords put a stop, to the first case of its kind, by changing the statute of limitations, now, any doubts for me, that there really was a conspiracy of silence, and a wall of denial, protecting the ring, that i knew because i had been friends with victims of the elites, that are the ones practising what we call SRA.     I know from many real sources exactly what went on and why.         I knew then, and it was the reason for our first public march & rally, 20 years ago, i could see no other way, then publically displaying our truth, and we did.     Walk with us, i asked, if you simply want child abuse to stop.   Amongst all of the corruption, it lives, the arms, drugs, all big dealings, all big industries, all child protection institutions & services, all influential professions, contain those that link and practice dark , hidden arts, to various degrees.

Another reason for my joy at the stonehenge gathering, do be part of a group of lightworkers, and to alert lightworkers around the world, to send love and light to Stonehenge this weekend, how ever you choose to, please send your prayers, thoughts, and help.

I hope to be able to walk with them some of the way, if not, i will be watching for news and sharing it, as i am with Matty McVarish on Road To Change EU,  unable to ignore the two different  walks, both by people who worked at the BBC, both ignored so far by UK media, one likely to be highly ridiculed, but we survivors of abuse are used to that, for whatever reason, and neither will stop me, from sharing them,   so that those who choose to can join in if they wish…………….   divisions, though are still abound.   As are those determined to cause them.   🙂    I have also the pleasure of sharing our upswelling against the same enemies they have faced, with many actions, through Kevin Annett, Whisper’n Thunder, Idle no More.   As well as Australian forgotten children groups, much the same corruption has infected our world, we are many in various ways, determined to make it stop.   Links below:  or Google Road To Change EU, childabusejointhedots, Walk Against Corruption UK, as well as those mentioned above.

Childhelp, Erin Merryn and Michael Reagan team up to protect children

Childhelp is part of a coalition who are dedicated to making every child in this country safe from predators.  Photo: Childhelp/Facebook

WASHINGTON, July 9, 2013 —  There is a coalition of heroes who have dedicated their lives to protecting the innocence of children and to rescuing the vulnerable from predators like Jerry Sandusky. That coalition includes the organization Childhelp, the son of former president Ronald Reagan and child abuse survivor Michael Reagan, and the author, child abuse survivor and advocate Erin Merryn.

Childhelp (http://www.childhelp.org) is an organization that was created by two women whose boundless compassion could not ignore the tragedy that unfolded around them.

SEE RELATED: Children of Domestic Violence: A black and blue fairytale

Sara Buckner (O’Meara) and Yvonne Lime (Fedderson) were Hollywood actresses who met on the set of Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet.

In 1959 during a goodwill tour visiting U.S. Troops in Japan, the two young women happened upon a group of eleven young children wandering the streets after a typhoon. The women quickly learned that the children were those of American troops who had fought during the Korean War. They also learned that the children had been turned away from every orphanage due to their mixed heritage.

Sara and Yvonne, led by their hearts, had no choice and led the beleaguered children back to their hotel room where they fed and sheltered them. They began a relentless search to find a place for these young orphans, and when word finally reached them of one woman who was caring for mixed heritage orphans, they immediately sought her out. What they found was a one-room shack overflowing with those who had been cast aside by society. The woman, Kin Horuchi, agreed to take the eleven orphans in and as the word spread she was soon caring for one hundred Japanese-American children.

Sara and Yvonne could have returned to their lives as Hollywood actresses, but at this point they did something extraordinary. They returned home and began raising money to build the orphanages needed to care for these forgotten children, eventually building four that changed the lives of countless children.

SEE RELATED: Protect New York Children with Erin’s Law

Japan had been a life changing experience for Sara and Yvonne, and since that day in 1959, they have come to symbolize everything that is good in this world and defined the phrase “selfless dedication to a cause.”

In 1959 Sara and Yvonne founded International Orphans, an organization dedicated to finding homes for the lost and forgotten. They have been tireless advocates for children, building orphanages in Vietnam during the brutal war in that country in the 1960s, They took part in the airlift to transport children from Vietnam to adoptive homes in America after the war ended. After hearing a speech by Sara and Yvonne, First Lady Nancy Reagan enlisted their help to combat an epidemic that was sweeping the United States.

A study by the Senate Subcommittee on Children and Youth reported the rising incidence of child abuse in the United States. Nancy Reagan, a woman of great compassion and stature, immediately leapt into action. After she approached Sara and Yvonne the two quickly took up the fight to save America’s children from the tragedy of child abuse. They have been boundless advocates for victims and survivors of child abuse and were instrumental in the education and prevention of the stolen innocence and vandalized hopes and dreams of our children.

Michael Reagan (http://www.michaelereagan.com) has spent the last twenty-five years of his life raising awareness about the scourge of child abuse.

The son of former president Ronald Reagan and Actress Jane Wyman, he is the Founder and Chairman of Reagan Legacy Foundation, New York Times Bestselling Author, Townhall Columnist and Former Talk Radio Host.

In his book, “Twice Adopted,” Reagan courageously shares his struggle to overcome his trauma as a victim of child abuse and child pornography. He has used his experience to help educate and empower parents and children so that no child has to suffer as he did. It is through his courage and that of Sara and Yvonne that they have teamed up to protect our children from predators through the 1-2-3 formula. The first component of this is the implementation of Erin’s law created from the courage and determination of author and advocate Erin Merryn.

Erin Merryn was a young girl when her innocence was stolen after being molested by her cousin and a friend’s uncle.

Trapped in a prison of silence, Erin dealt with her pain by writing in a small journal she was given as a present. One day her sister confided in Erin that the same cousin had molested her. Erin’s need to protect her sister eclipsed the pain she felt over her own abuse and she immediately confided in her parents. The friend’s uncle and her cousin were  arrested and brought to justice, but like Sara, Yvonne and Michael Reagan, her life embarked on a new course with a determination to save all children from the trauma she endured.

In 2005 her diary was turned into the book, “Stolen Innocence,” and its pages have inspired countless victims and survivors to break their silence and that even on their worst days it would eventually get better.

In 2010 Erin Merryn helped craft “Erin’s law,” which implements child abuse education in grades Pre-K through eighth grade. She is tireless in her quest to have Erin’s law passed by every state. Erin is currently fighting to protect the children of New York State and is awaiting a vote by the New York State Assembly in January 2014.

The second component of the 1-2-3 formula is the implementation of Childhelp’s Speak Up Be SafeTM (SUBS) premier curriculum for grades one thru six.

Through education and empowerment of parents and children, the program combats the ever-growing threat to our children from cyberbullying, Internet predators and “sexting.” The final component is the utilization of technology such as smart phones as aids in the education and prevention of child abuse.

It has been a year this month that Jerry Sandusky was convicted of molesting young boys. Many thought that when Sandusky was locked away we had eliminated the threat to our children from sexual predators. Sandusky was only one of thousands that roam our streets today. Cloaked in the disguise of respectability, these stealth predators are sharks on land searching 24/7 for the next innocent and vulnerable child to target.

The conviction of Jerry Sandusky was not an end but a beginning, a beginning to a war that has been hidden for many years. His conviction is the Pearl Harbor in the war against child abuse that has been raging all around us, fought by brave heroes like Sara, Yvonne, Michael and Erin.

Nationally, one in four girls and one in six boys are victims of child abuse. There are over forty-two million survivors of child abuse in the world today.

According to a Centers for Disease Control study, the lifetime costs for the victims of child abuse reported in one year is $124 billion. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reports there are currently 500,000 registered sex offenders in the United States, and typically 100,000 of those are unaccounted for.

Other pedophiles are not on records or in databases. Pedophiles like Jerry Sandusky walk silently among us, and Sandusky showed us just how well they can disguise themselves.

The United States Government Accountability Office reports that, “More than five children die every day as a result of child abuse.” The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families Administration on Children, Youth and Families Children’s Bureau estimated that between 50-60% of child fatalities due to maltreatment are not recorded as such on death certificates.

Research has also shown that each victim of child abuse has to tell an average of seven adults before they are believed, and those who make it to the seventh adult are few in number.

As a young boy I prayed every day for help in escaping the child abuse I endured. Today I wake up each day and fight to educate and empower parents and children so that not one more child suffers the hell I had to endure. I am honored to work alongside Sara, Yvonne, Michael, Erin and everyone at Childhelp to stop this scourge. If I can save just one child from a lifetime of suffering my purpose in this life will have been fulfilled.

Please join Sara, Yvonne, Michael, Erin and me as we fight to save the most precious treasure we have, our children. To report child abuse or if you are a victim or survivor of child abuse and need help call Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800- 4-A-CHILD. You can also find more information and how you can help by going to the Childhelp website (http://www.childhelp.org).

For more information about Erin’s law click here (http://erinslaw.org) and for more information on Michel Reagan you can go to his website here (http://www.michaelereagan.com).

Read more: http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/heart-without-compromise-children-and-children-wit/2013/jul/9/childhelp-erin-merryn-and-michael-reagan-team-prot/#ixzz2YalphMox
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See facebook page, or twitter feed for links to lots including all mentioned here   to the right of the page, or follow, please click buttons, so others, can be empowered by freely shared information, of the many groups/campaigns/causes, and please help make this year the 20th Anniversary of the Public March & Rallies to stop child abuse…………..   with the Real Full Stop……  please any celebs, feel welcome to help put together a massive fundraiser, concerts/art diplays/shows/world recording…………  lets direct funds to a central core team with the knowledge, integrity, and ability, and connections, to make sure it is used to effectively, and swiftly help the victims and survivors of child abuse, who are struggling right now………….  it was all in the original dream 1988.

No one told me visions could take so long to manifest……….lol………. but along the way, so many miraculous things have occurred and resonated, and shown me, that it will happen this year.     Somehow.

I appreciate so much the many i have dialogued with over the years, not always often, but always deeply, sharing what the real and deep and huge truthes are.   Validating each other.  Thankyou, it has all meant alot.    🙂