Angela’s lies: Garden fence gossip gone mad


And, she cannot deny picking on THIS DISABLED WOMAN, me.  Thankyou so much Hoaxtead Researchers, commentators, investigators, readers, contributors, supporters, of this ‘David V Goliath’ fight.  Thankyou you all for the resiliance, perseverence, integrity, thorough research, evidence based information and for bringing together good people.  People of many faiths and a people with no spiritual beliefs.  But all shocked, disgusted at the cynical viralising of lies.

Thankyou. El Coyote for sending evidence to my local council, police.  As I couldn’t.   My GP was very concerned.  Yes, I have been effected by their bullying, humiliating lies, threats, so has my son.  My local services know my history well.   There is a long paper trail, going back to when I was a teenager, that was why my case had enough to go forward with a civil case in the 90’s.  These days, it could have been a criminal one.  In other words, there is plenty of evidence on the system , evidence.  Apart from the thousands who know about me, my case, the rallies.

Child sexual abuse has never before been as recognised, or spoken, written about, investigated.   The inquiry has spent millions, mistepped, ill prepared.  So far there is little sign of more actual effective help for survivors.  Some have serious injuries, physical, mental, addictions, emotional.   Only recently, a maternity unit has been set up, in London, to cater to special needs of CSAvictims/survivors, so there are signs of growing awareness becoming effective action.

VoicingCSA is going from strength to strength.  I’m hoping to get well enough to engage moreso.  For now though, I have a laptop again.

So, I will be able to write more fully.  There are though reasons why I will have to hold back, to not compromise investigations.  Source: Angela’s lies: Garden fence gossip gone mad

The Innocence Revolution 14th April

The Innocence Revolution 14th April

This is a global day for events around the world to support each other, to create events, to speak out, about child sexual abuse.  There are some UK events, a prayer day in Bradford, flashmobs in london & manchester.   So far.  Our facebook page, scroll down, click on the right has two event pages, for the coming April Month of Action Against Child Sexual Abuse 2013.  Our silence & secrets allow abuse to continue, it is the light of our truth, finally being listened to more & more, (only cos we wouldn,t shut up, nor go away), that has forced this out further into the open.   We are the voice.

Our name was inspired by ‘return to innocence’, by Enigma.

Starter for flashmob: ‘Your,e The Voice’ by John Farnham

Did you Google Hollie Grieg ?: meet some of the accused/hoax group/was this a planned coopt?

George pub, Strand, London, Uk 1pm All Welcome,

we are only discussing the actions of those involved in the campaign, and so the accused have a chance to put their side, they had cordially invited belinda mackenzie, robert green, anne, to attend, so that in public, with witnesses, they could be called to question. There are videos on youtube and they only ask that people listen, make up their own minds, we will not be discussing the person central to the campaign, we believe she has been paraded around enough, and publicly used, by people with hidden agenda,s and other gains in mind.

Not only have they refused to come, but are indeed threatening their members that they could even be arrested for attending. The hosts know the agenda, and are perfectly happy to facilitate a truthseeking meeting, that is fair. I am shocked at the levels these particular so called child abuse campaigners, (that don,t stack up at all, to the massive global network, that i am linked to), and are now attempting to scare me online, and calling people traitors and turncoats,bullies, child abuse supporters, pedophile lovers, even i am included in that.

I will be sharing my experience of them, and the impact it has had, in fact, silencing many, and sucking the oxygen from a campaign, energised by my group,2010.

I REPEAT, ALL ARE WELCOME, it is advised tho to get there early, if you do not wish to show your presence on the various event lists. we believe many will be interested in what we have to say, i am a guest speaker. there are videos & a website with more on this story, and more details of the meeting here:      here is the real evidence of the hollie campaign……worth reading & watching the videos where it is obvious that she is prompted.  as well as medical evidence, and other untruthes.


‘expert psychiatrist’ court witness: Dr Hibbert, ‘The doctor who took my baby away’

‘expert psychiatrist’ court witness: Dr Hibbert, ‘The doctor who took my baby away’

Dr Hibbert is still providing reports, accepted as evidence, and helping to remove children.  Amongst the parents he has dealt with are survivors of child abuse, some abused within the ‘care’ system.  This is how victims/survivors of abuse are treated by the very professionals, that you might think would be pioneers in solving the problem of child sexual abuse.  Instead, many are not only employed, and further abusing them, but also earn vast sums, to treat sex offenders in jail.   All the while, the collusion, coverups, denial, have been allowed to continue, this has gone on secretly, too.   Dr Hibbert is before the GMC, in may, this year.  There are so many more cases that should be addressed, instead Michael Gove, has dismantled the process, doing away with the need for ‘experts’, getting a bit to messy, probably, as parents form groups to fight back, speak out, though, they risk prison for simply trying to address these types of so called ‘child protection’. all the while fooling joe public, that it is all done in the ‘best interests of children’.



This is a far too common story, for victims/survivors of abuse, not believed or listened to, by social workers.  That is, until, perhaps later, having had children, a survivor breaks down, in some way or has problems, asks for help, or is reported to child protection or nspcc.  Now the abuse claim will be reexamined, she will see a psychiatrist, who will with the latest label that works, in the taking of children,her suicide, will be seen as ‘evidence’, in a secret court, where in far too many cases, children have been stolen, from parents, that needed support.   Even now, services are very thin on the ground, that are effective.  This needs to change.  please watch the video of the link, the previous post is a reblog, regarding Richmond council paying hush money, they too, will have stolen many children from survivors of child rape & sexual abuse, too.