Court Order: February 2015

Source: Court Order: February 2015

The police & other support agencies have been informed.

Deborah Mahmoudieh & John Alexander Paterson both knowingly breaching this Court Order, making more threats & false allegations towards innocent people. Reported too to Youtube,.  Using QEG Scammer HopeGirl, who resides in Morocco, where Abe Christie tortured the two children, being used by Deborah, Angela Power Disney, to attempt to still promote a horrible hoax.


Court Order: February 2015

Source: Court Order: February 2015

A reminder for:   John Paterson Alexander Paterson who claims that he is in touch with both Surrey Police & Crown Prosecution Service, whilst breaching this order, KNOWINGLY and making DEATH THREATS.  Inciting Deborah Mahmoudieh & Jake Clarke to breach the order too, as if Angela Power Disneys encouragement hasn’t done enough damage.


Sabine joins Patreon, violates restraining order


Source: Sabine joins Patreon, violates restraining order

Determined to keep this false flag alive, along with Deborah Mahmoudie; now admin on Krista Costas Believe The Children Facebook page, insults the genuine victims, survivors, advocates, campaigners….. At the same time Troofer platforms are promoting the latest conference selling SRA panic woo in London, Miles Johnston, David Icke, Belinda McKenzie, Lift The Veil, David Shurter, Fiona Barnett, Sabine McNeil, Brian Gerrish, CCN, those promoting Pizzagate, all colluding, conspiring & claiming to be heroes but have actually done zero to really help victims come forward, in fact their intentions are clearly to make it more difficult…. having interfered with our inquiries, investigations, making false allegations.   Personally, I’m glad that their donation buckets are full of holes just like their scams & schemes…….   Remember Ray Savage, the fake detective ?  also host & ex bf to Hope Girls UK QEG Scam Launch, Mel Ve (CCN) & Angela Power Disneys ex colleague, Morocco connection ? ………  where Abe Christie tortured the two Hampstead children until they repeated his sick fantasies.

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