Angela Power-Disney leaves CCN…under a cloud

Recently, Ive recieved another wave of threats. Inspired again by Angela Power Disney & Belinda McKenzies’ diehard satanic hoax viralisers that co opted our public rallies, 2010.


Bright and early yesterday morning, we received a very odd email, from a very unexpected source. It took us aback, in fact: we just aren’t used to hearing from Mel Ve, spokes-thingy in chief …

Source: Angela Power-Disney leaves CCN…under a cloud

Why we need to stop calling it ‘fake news’

So Angela Power Disney strikes again ! Trying to hit me with SHAME again ~ 13 months ago, it backfired. NO advocate for CSASURVIVORS with integrity acts like that.  Still raking out the fakes.  Sheva



The term “fake news” has become common currency over the past couple of months, but like many terms that go viral online, the meaning of the phrase “fake news” has morphed a…

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ACTION: YouTube channel take-down


PLEASE SHARE/SUPPORT ~ Call for action, spread to all groups who care about child protection.   Sheva.

We are all too familiar with the daunting number of videos promoting the Hampstead SRA hoax that can still be found on YouTube (and don’t even get us started on or Vimeo). Most of us h…

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