‘Hampstead ‘satanic abuse’ campaigner shouts at judge and refuses to go to dock’: Ham & High

This just in from the Ham & High: apparently Neelu’s hearing this morning was even more exciting than we’d imagined!

Source: ‘Hampstead ‘satanic abuse’ campaigner shouts at judge and refuses to go to dock’: Ham & High

Spotlight on CSA in Catholic Regime, Fracking & Frickin SUE ME with Tim & Tammy

This was a year ago, covered by the press at the time, extensively, now quite a few are in court tomorrow, i’ll update with more details, although some might know quickly who to contact and get the ‘Spotlight’ on them.   If Mark Ruffalo isn’t too busy, he might be able to help with press, but also i am going to tweet this to BBC and Manchester News Teams, and perhaps others more used to this can help……

They are doing their best to stop our home, mother from being raped, for power, by power, for gain.

There are effective alternatives, and if men could put their dicks, pointing up like rockets and bombs, and those pointing down like drills, and just stop and consider a really best for all option, to nearly every fking decision, you make, those with power and influence, trained to mis use and abuse it.

Hour long programme about Spotlight movie

Oh but the power unleashed, from people, now thanks to the Spotlight Film, and the Ballarat Fund Campaign, which raised over £74K in one day, as Tim Minchin released his wonderful song ‘Come Home Pell’, all spreading alot of relief and hope amongst survivors, an enormoous, no collosal amount, some weary and so tired, the words, of Tims song, have really hit the perfect message, and Thankyou.

Anyway, Tammy Samede, is a very dear friend, and has been extremely effective not just for Fracking Activism, but on Racism, War/Peace, and effective at helping raise massive awareness of Child Sexual Abuse, whilst dealing with problems and ill health, and wounds of her own.     There are more than her in court tomorrow, for trying to stop the madness of Fracking,

Click for ‘If Boots Could Talk’ By Tammy Samede, replacement for hacked site.

They have all suffered enough various consequences, do not make them some example to scare people from saying NO !

We are supposed to be able to.   You are supposed to listen ! and RESPOND.

Not bully our freedom fighters into submission, if possible, so that you can run roughshod over the peoples will.

You have also ignored Child Rape, and Sexual Assault for too long, skewed and sabotaged, and now i hope you can realise that people are awakening, and cannot unknow what they now know.

Everything is used and abused, far too much, from our earth, air, and natural empathy, that we are born with, but is taught out of us.

We will not simply obey, such corrupt leadership, no matter what party you represent, we love our home, and we love our children, and as children, those of us abused, knew it was wrong, so how come none of you grownups with all that learning and influence don’t………

Sheva Burton

Tim Minchin carries the link for the Go Fund me page   Ballarat to rome appeal fund  and is contributing all proceeds, any monies not used for travel to Rome, by survivors of Ballarat, will be used to build a world leading healing centre for the area, beautiful opportunity for people to re direct their charity or plate in church maybe.

By the way, we survivors are everywhere abused in various settings, and we all need more help everywhere, i am connecting with many wanting to create events and so hoping to help get some other things helped to flourish too.   But today, has been a gorgeous day, of sharing real hope and real ways for those wanting to, to help.

The words are printed below for the song. ‘Come Home, Cardinal Pell’

]Link to the channel that began the Go Fund Me campaign Really good listen and read, too.

I really recommend listening to the link above, for survivors they are messages our ears have longed to hear, the presenter says, it all, exactly what many of us are saying, that this is a world problem, she nails it, and i’ll put names and tags on, i seem to blog like i paint, a bit more,  oh it could do with…..not finished and ooh, i fortot about that, so i just did want to get some media attention if possible for Tammy and her fellow warriors tomorrow, and okay so they were naughty, but you could always stop these things, innit ?

Here are those words, that i am sure all survivors are glad to hear, beautifully done. Copyright obviously is Tim Minchin.

Tim Minchin releases charity single
‘Come Home, Cardinal Pell’ (All money made from this song will go to help survivors).
A lovely day in Ballarat
I’m kicking back thinking of you.
I hear you’ve been poorly
I’m sorry that you’re feeling blue

I know what it’s like when you’re feeling a little shitty
You just want to curl up and have an itty bitty do nothing day
But a lot of people here really miss ya Georgie.
We really think you should just get on a plane!
We all just want you to come home Cardinal Pell
I know your not feeling well
We don’t think its much fun
Even though we think you should come home Cardinal Pell
Come down from your citadel
It’s just the right thing to do
We have a right to know what you knew.
Cause you see what was under your nose Georgie back in 73
When you were living with Jerry
Is it true that you knew but you chose to ignore it
or did you actively tried to keep it buried
Nine years later
When survivors
Despite the shame and their fear
Stood up to tell their stories
You spent year after year
Working hard to protect churches assets
I mean with all due respect
I think your SCUM!
And I reckon you should come Cardinal Pell
I know your not feeling well
Perhaps you just need some sun
It’s lovely here you should
Come home you pompous buffoon
I suggest do it soon
I hear the tolling of the bell
and it has a Pellian knell.
And I’m gonna be transparent here George

I’m not the greatest fan of your religion
And I personally believe that those who cover up abuse
should go to prison.
But your ethical hypocrisy, your intellectual vacuity
and your arrogance don’t bother me as much
as the fact that you have turned out to be such a goddamn coward
You’re a coward Georgie.
Come face the music Georgie.
You owe it to the victims Georgie.
Come face the music,
Come face the music
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Give the god of omnipotent reigning
He would take one look at you and say
Go home Cardinal Pell
I’ve got a nice spot in hell
With your name on it
And so I suggest you toughen up and
Go home Cardinal Pell
I’m sure they’ll make you feel well
Come at the pub in Ballarat
They just want a beer and a chat
Go home Cardinal Pell
I know your scared Georgie Poo
They have a right to know what you knew
Your time is running out do it George Georgie.
I think the Lord is calling you home Georgie.
Perhaps he could forgive even you
If you just let them know what you knew.
Oh Cardinal Pell
My lawyers rang me to tell
This song could get me into legal trouble
Oh well, Cardinal Pell
If you don’t feel compelled
To come home by a sense of moral duty
Perhaps you will come home and fricken sue me.

Pell accused of cowardice hits back & other links BBC