Belinda’s completely unbiased view of upcoming legal cases

Source: Belinda’s completely unbiased view of upcoming legal cases

Belinda is now the champion of ‘Mckenzie Friends’, in her imaginary world, this is insulting, i’m sure, to the really decent and ethical people, that run good sites, and work hard to be there for people in court……..

All the emotionally loaded disinfo !  Has she NO shame ??? !!!  Click the above link for the real deal on the court cases for Witness Intimidation, and having suffered alot of intimidation, personally from quite a few of their co conspirators, i have to wonder, ‘just how long do they think they can keep fooling people ? how long before they show some decency ?  some dignity ? some contrition ? let alone make amends for the harm and suffering caused to so many, people and most importantly, CHILDREN !!!!  ‘

Click the link and thankyou again Hoaxtead, who have helped provide the evidence and backed up links that has helped the real picture of horrors caused by these ‘saviours’, that we can let people in on the scam.

Share and use the evidence provided, here and through the links from the Black and White Lists.

Their fearmongering is another load of bs. They’ll be rattling that holey bucket, again soon, and tough !!!!

Tim Minchin hit the holy note, and is wholly appreciated, for what he managed to help us smash last week !

Sheva Burton !

And Belinda !  why havn’t you let the troops know that i don’t eat babies, yet ???? or any of the other bullcrap, like what David Shurter and dearman does hampstead site carry ????  The dearman doubleblind, and was that child porn, on there and supposed to come from Ricky Dearman, did it come from Chris Everard ???? cos it sure matches Deb C’s description…….For anyone interested in some deeper real investigation, check out my Youtube playlist CSA Hoaxes…..   I’ve got more questions, for you Belinda, but they’ll keep for a bit longer.

Black List CSA & Family/Child Protection


Source: Black List CSA & Family/Child Protection Click for more info, links & contact form for victims with evidence,


Evidence of viscious campaign of hatred towards Child Abuse Whistleblower Amanda Prosser, DownUnder, also targetted by Fiona Barnett & David Shurter.  See Wake Up World link, below.

The pair that also targeted John Brown, Kathy Devine, Stolen testimonies from Survivors, and they are also teamed and connected to the Horrible Hampstead False Flag case, previously Hollie Grieg and the Web of Sabine K McNeill’s 50 Blogs (on trial for Witness Intimidation UK) and Belinda McKenzie, and all of the threads and people, blacklisted, so far.  See video link to death threats on John Browns channel, below.

Recently it seems that they have carried Melanie Shaw’s links and appear to be raising money, as if on her account, on the unrelenting Hollie fake blogs, run by Malcolm konrad Ogilvy or John Graham/Butlin Cat.  They accuse me of being a gatekeeper, shill, etc…… but i am more of a gate opener, trouble was, they took over as shepherds 2010, with a plan and intention, that is now evermore clearer.

The list includes Chris Everard of the Enigma Channel, also another Whistleblower targeted,  and a cover up of real child abuse.  Video Link below.

There is a definite pattern, and David Shurter & Fiona feel so confident (protected?) that they increase their foul denigration of me and others with ever more glee and gore.

As do others, like Bronwyn Llewllyn NZ, who named me as Ricky Dearman, the innocent (uncharged and cleared during the investigation of Hampstead SRA case),  sometime ago, given that he is accused of vile false crimes,  is this group, really to infact, take the light of real abuse, by attacking effective campaigners, like me (this too is a pattern).

In fact they are producing more and more evidence, by their increased defamations, and our increased profile, as the Spotlight on Abuse increases and so many have been alerted to this, via their own behaviour, viralisation techniques, tracks, tactics, that indeed they have tried to take centre stage online, yet are causing immense harm.

Please share this important information, and if you are torn loyalty wise, ask yourself why ?

Have their misuse of NLP and other emotional blackmail, triggering and psycological tricks, worked on you ?

Did they give you alot of attention, then drop you, once you were old news ?

Or did you end up, like Kellie Cottam and others, worse off, whilst they even made money and drama from your suffering, whilst taking no effective action on your behalf ???

There is support out there for us, alot now are helping to remedy this, please use the Whitelist to find better support, or the pages on Facebook that i run, in the likes sidebar.

The investigation with regard conspiracies to commit crimes online….with varied crimes enabled through their dark networks, gangs etc, listed grows.   Features Amanda Prosser Australian Whistleblower

threats & what the hoaxes lead to John Brown’s Youtube channel contains the recorded threats & thread contains evidence, otherwise John’s channel is an amazing resource. and he deserves more support, instead of the leeches of our movement.

click above for recorded evidence of death threat from a follower of another case promoted by Sabine McNeill, Belinda Mckenzie and those die hard Hampstead and hg hoaxers…..who all also promote…..Fiona Barnett. This threat was towards Veteran Campaigner John Brown, and others downunder, caused by Fiona Barnett & David Shurter falsely accusing them as he has done also to me and others.  At the time of this recording of death threats, i hadn’t heard the recording of Fiona & David, slandering good and genuine, long term, important investigators, campaigners, supporters, advocates and whistleblowers, on the Ed Oppenhiemer show, listed on the link below.

More info here:  The Real Deal on CSAinquiry, Royal CommissionAus


More Evidence added with regards Chris Everard of the Enigma Channel. Another vile bandwagon jumper/accuser towards a Whistleblower.


Angela Power Disney was trying to ignore me for months on end, dismissing me as no one, no one had heard of me, no one liked me, etc, as did various sock accounts, trolls, just keep undermining, and slurring me……And then i began to enter their arena, and challenge them.

The intense, immediate vile abuse hurled at me, can be seen on the Hoaxtead Hypocrites Video, examples on there of the kind of comments, any of us dissenting, recieve, as well as being called, Ricky the so called made up cult, leader, or a member, baby eater, and threats.   Given that i found her video, where she snarls shame at me, and other insults, in my inbox, with a message saying , ‘If you are a real survivor ? or advocate, Sheva, you are a disgrace !’……….She  uses alot of triggering words, throughout, is the same kind of thing, reported by victims of Fiona Barnett, downunder, linking to pretend paedo hunting groups, using Anon and Opdeatheater guises, to operate within.

Angela goes on to explain that she is drinking and needs AA, and therefore, any one working on this issue knows that that means she is unfit and unsafe, at this time, to be taken seriously.

My version of Angelas’ attempt to personally trigger, intimidate, confuse me, contains snips of the Co opt attempt of Lucy Allen MP’s Meeting, Kellie Cottams truthful (edited out by Sabine’s team) rant, powerful and explaining that she not only lost her children, but recieved NO ADVICE !!!! even though she was in Belinda’s team, and these people have the audacity to think they can arrange conferences as the Child Protection Task Force UK ?? !!!!

They must be stopped, and groups protected, and signposted to the good and safer places.

Those amongst them that do have links to dark, murky criminal gangs, conspiring to use CSA Survivors so cruelly, will be taken to task.

The Hollie/Hampstead gangs, have linked with Fiona Barnett’s, Chris Everards’, Baloney’s, Spiveys’, and other’s, to defame, bully, us that work with ethics, empowerment, truth, boudaries, to create real change,  so that they can pretend to spearhead, with disgusting displays of behaviour, untruthes, mocked up cases, dramatic attention seeking…….  This is why, now the word is spreading, they are losing ground, and getting ever more ugly.

There have been some people victimised and triggered, groomed at first, used, abused, and then find their story misrepresented on some blog, like CathyFox  and some have had near breakdowns, felt betrayed, and we are working hard to keep groups safe now, Hence my warning to Downunder groups about POMIC.

So serious and serial patterns emerge, that are now being investigated with a view to legal cases of both Civil and Criminal, Individual and Class Types.


Important updates, showing clearly the reason and extent of danger, damage being caused by people pretending to champion child protection…..  en masse crime, extortion, fraud, scams, marketing,harrassment,sabotage,encouraging victim blame, fear mongering, abusing survivors & whistleblowers, whilst pretending to be champions at that too, co opting anything growing, where possible….. destruction and victims, left in their wake, given 4million saw the original videos of the Hampstead two.

Then many will need to be shown this information, so that cases and class actions, can help to effectively prevent this being possible, in the future.

Be safe


A cockney girl, forced to have elocution lessons, and grammar school, ed…..but tech, social media has rendered me lazy, my lack of tech skills have been a barrier.   So am brushing up a bit, as i can, and thanking Hoaxtead Research Blog, for producing the evidence, humour and helping and staying the course…….  And not forgetting the innocent Hampstead Residents, whose children have been tormented, by these foul vile, viralisers all on behalf of  a Child Abuser, Abraham Christie.

Happy Birthday Hoaxtead Research !   A year old today 20.02.2016.   Going from strength to strength, and keeping members safe, and protected.   Providing evidence, and backing up every statement, available for questions, queries, and at times, a good laugh at the crazy antics of some of the loons supporting the cases and characters named on the blacklist and their perps list.   Also keeping within legal limitations, so that cases can be brought against as many as possible that have engaged in this hate campaign, borne of a criminal, carried out by a conspiritatorial team, for really bad reasons, whilst pretending to want children better protected and to speak for survivors of CSA.    Hence the inclusion of the UK roots taking hold at the 2010 Cross of Change Anti Child Abuse Rally, co opted by Truth & Hope, for the Hollie G campaign.

Now that they have serious attention, they will not be able to proceed in the same way…..and be angry, and it shows,

Bronny shows herself up some more in comments.Click here


Hoaxtead Hypocrites If you have been victimised or witnessed such cybercrime, please use the Blacklist contact form. Or at Hoaxtead Research.

Angela Power Disney why don’t you come here & frickin SUE me ?!

Tim Minchin challenges Cardinal Pell & I challenge Angela


Also see the Real Deal Royal Commission, IICSA, Black & White Lists and please do send in either warnings with evidence or recommendations, on contact forms, either here or at Hoaxtead Research.

Fiona Barnett has done much the same to many survivors and advocates downunder, including some very important witnesses, and the immense cyberbullying is so serious and widespread, that we are collating information, so that any actions, personal or class, civil or criminal, can be supported.

Angela and Fiona are also guilty of posting illegal images of children on social media and websites.

Troll gangs are infiltrating CSA Survivor groups, to cause problems, takeover, destroy or spam with fake stories, and also nicking peoples testimonies, learning weak spots and then using them, very cruel, very manipulative, and many are now coming forward, so if people are out there feeling alone and have been hurt by any of the named or any connected to either the Hollie, Hampstead or Fiona Barnett case…Please contact here, or look on the whitelist and reach out for support, please let us have evidence if possible, though.

Thankyou again, everyone who is making the Ballarat Gofund for Rome a success nearing £299,999 in a few days, and to the Spotlight Film and everyone involved, and also of course Tim Minchin.

The negative headlines and putdown trolls are attempting to employ labels such as witchunt, veangeful enemy, fantasist, etc, the very labels encouraged and justified by the actions of the blacklisted people and sites.

Thankyou for all of the messages of thanks and encouragement.

Hoping that soon, they will either desist or be arrested and charged or SUED.

Be safe, and keep playing that song, !  Links are on the post about Spotlight on CSA in the Catholic Regime, Fracking & Frickin come and SUE me with Tim & Tammy.


Trauma Theory by John Brown  source of research, links, info,

Remember Survivors molested as children, traumatised, have been left to deal with it alone, often turning to drugs, alchohol, food, or other unhealthy self harming ways, to cope, with immense pain, often just given sparce counselling, pharma drugs whch can make things far worse, and suppress emotions, that need to be released, otherwise the build up can cause serious and chronic illness, behaviours and worse.

I can’t take what Angela and others have said negatively, they don’t know me, nor how i work.   I hope she finds her way.  And i hope this isn’t too patronising, but i just wanted lighten up that video.



Blacklist alert Downunder


But First, a word to the unwise, stop following me around, do you think the people of the calibre that you are attacking, do not notice the sudden members, friend requests, do you think people don’t notice where traffic goes, flows etc.

And thankyou for the present video Angela why did you send it ?


  • Conversation started 3 December 2015
  • Angela Power-Disney
    03/12/2015 19:39

    Angela Power-Disney

    if you are genuinely a survivor you are a disgrace to the name

    “Not sure if i want to inflict this on anyone else”

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The sender won’t see that you’ve read their messages until you accep

very underhand,  yet you never once posted a comment, even when i nicked your video, on my channel, what both treated me like i was nothing, yet were scared and bullied by me, and what a way to speak to anyone ?  You need to do your steps if your going to AA, girl, and i’m the same age as you, so stop with the poor me, yet act so arrogantly, you are way outta wack, Ange and seriously need to balance, unravel, a good sobbing cry on the beach can do wonders, if you let go, takes years off too !

The pair, Fiona Barnett and David Shurter have set up both a facebook page and site, both called ‘Survivors’ Voices Australia’.   Full of the same false flags and child abuse imagery which is illegal, offensive and abusive and triggering to many survivors.

OpdeatheatersNSW  on twitter

Shane Nagle Admin of and Peadophiles downunder Facebook page.

Lukes Army

Both were responsible for carrying posts of harrasment and defamation towards, veteran campaigners, as shown on the page Blacklist and thru links.

Nicky Davis  is no longer a representative of SNAP  because of her involvement and posting of images and posts that did harm to fellow campaigner Kathy.

By the way, i’m not sure if Tim Minchins link works right from the page, Survivors Voice Australia, not sure if they are stealing traffic like Sabine McNeill  did to Lucy Allen MP, UK,  Or whether it’s something else.

I would guess that some pages linked there may also be theres, to attempt to keep flying that false flag, that is such a fail.

But don’t let it spoil this glorious time of refreshing solid support by so many.

Uk Source, Hollie hoax brigade and more, has stalked campaigners and caused harm for them online, disrupting, dividing, and bullying:

It has been notified that Malcolm Konrad Ogilvey still advocating for the cruel case of the hollie hoax,  is reported to have not only harrassed the group ‘Walking With My Sisters’  but also Amanda Prosser a key investigator with an article already published on ‘Wake Up World’ site called ‘Child Abuse Whistleblower takes a stand’,  with more soon to be published. with regards Cardinal Pell.   I will be collating the evidence that already exists asap.

Here is a warning posted by someone who did support and then reaiised the harmful activities and links:


Can I please have your attention just for a moment.

I am making an Official Statement as to WHY I WILL NOT SUPPORT,
Shane Nagle, Fiona Barnett or Luke’s Army.

I was warned about Luke’s Army as being nothing more than a Disinformation Shill Group although gave them the Benefit of the Doubt.

Furthermore, since hearing of Fiona Barnett’s story late last year and becoming Facebook Friends with her where she had only a FEW FRIENDS on her Personal Page and her Pedophiles Down Under page, I set out to help the woman get her story out.

I MADE A MASSIVE JUDGEMENT ERROR, in giving her so much advice over the weeks leading up to to Christmas 2015 and into the first weeks of January.

When she and her team were SLANDERING the works of Amanda Prosser and the Child Abuse Whistleblowers page, as well as Kathy Devine  and several other people I did not know, I set out to find out what the HELL was going on

All sorts of allegations were being thrown at Amanda and all these people I had never heard of, (Kathy and John and Sonja). As far as I was concerned, I only knew of Amanda who I believed to have been Fiona’s confidant, greatest supporter, and I believed that Fiona was only disseminating information as advised by Amanda, using Amanda’s vast knowledge resources through her professional Child Abuse Whistleblowers page and experience in the Police Force and in Education.

I went to the extent of spending so much time in supporting Fiona Barnett on her personal page, as she was COMPUTER ILLITERATE.

I actually went to the extent of recommending that she Team up with a few established Facebook Friends that I thought would be able to help her. People that were Victims of Child Abuse and people that could help her to get her story out. Pages such as, The Australian Antipedophile Party, Cristina’s House of Hope, as well recommended that she Team with persons that I have established a friendship with, that run volume Facebook pages, with thousands of supporters.

I even ADDED her to MANY groups in order that she could share her stories, herself without her having to rely on people like myself to get her messages out.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am NOT COMPUTER ILLITERATE and I DO NOT allow for Cyber Bullying by ANYONE at ANYTIME on any of my posts nor do I allow for FALSE ALLEGATIONS and RUMOUR MONGERING of people that are not given a chance to Defend those Allegations.

When Fiona Barnett, teamed up with Shane Nagle and they had some Filthy Images of someone they claimed to be Kathy Devine… and tried to solicit the spreading of these FOUL Images of Kathy Devine, holding up a Placard, stating that she is a Pedophile Supporter, I started seriously questioning the SANITY of all of these people.

I also listened to an interview on 6th Jan, where Fiona Barnett was Slandering, all these people, including Amanda, calling them all nothing more than Information Gathers, and stated that she was engaging in Foul Interactions with Abused Whistle blowers, it was evident that these people were SCAMMERS. When I listened to the interview, it seemed to me that she was mixing up these people and couldn’t get her story straight.

In order to spare you any further reading on this, please note, that I have been following the Hampstead FRAUD Case since 2014 when the story first went to air. These stories ARE LINKED, the Hampstead UK Frauds and the Paedophiles Down Under Frauds.

As soon as I started to question Shane Nagle and alert others to the the SCAM, I was attacked by Fiona Barnett’s TEAM of Co-Conspirators.

Considering, I have no INVESTED INTERESTS in keeping this SCAM in Operation or Hidden, I have decided to SPEAK UP AND LET AUSTRALIA KNOW… that they have been had by these SCAMMERS!!! ”


Sheva speaking again……

The above is an excerpt from an Admins Warning, and I ask others to do likewise, through networks if they also shared help for the people listed here or on the main blacklist.


Another reminder of the wonderful, support demonstrated with £113K at my last check in on the Gofundme for Ballarat Survivors to Go to Rome in just 2 days and Tim Minchins’ excellent song release, which was nearing 90,000 views in 1 day, and his generosity and clear commitment to survivors.

So lets be as responsive and responsible as possible, and not let emotional pressure keep people loyal to these fakes, there are many good safe groups and spaces online for survivors and excellent events building,, see the White List, and more as i can.

Much Kudos and Love to all that have helped the links spread, freely.

Guardian Article about Tim Minchins’ Song positvie read

Sheva Burton