Re route child abuse prevention support to those that actually know how to…pls

As someone who has worked in many ways, to whatever ability i,ve had and whatever i,ve managed to inspire others to do, to engage in some way, to end child abuse and help it,s victims/survivors…….how would you feel if i suddenly announced i was buying jimmy saviles’ old property….. ?

Would that be questionable, or more…. would it fly in the face of any integrity i might have ? would you still believe that i really had ever cared?   so ……….

How come an ex nspcc board member, expects us to not now question him?


t,s time to really challenge the charities, and divert the donations, that they spend millions on advertising to gain, then only spend 20% of on any services………… not good enough.

Never has been enough. ……To the people volunteering their time, money, and energy to these big charities, i urge you to consider re directing your 2 or 3 pounds a month, to us….at Join The Dots…..

We are connected throughout a network of groups and people, who but for lack of cash, would help so many more people with direct, fast, and effective help…….. please people volunteer or raise funds for us, we must speedily create solutions, sanctuaries, and real empowering, effective and compassionate help to our brothers & sisters.  I promise to do my best, and work with others so doing, to achieve changes that count……most importantly we will be transparant.   Presently our account is zero, the donation applications use have been mercilessly trolled, and so many have invested time and energy to spoil what we are attempting, before we began, waiting in the wings……..

A mixture of various components have been at play ……..abusers infiltrating  the child abuse movement (this is and has been constant & unpredictable threat throughout)  obviously made up in part of those wishing to coverup or collude in, or continue the rape, assualt and destruction of childhood innocence, that live amongst us and at all levels and within all authorities, services and power structures, added to by old spiteful enemies, ex partners of some of us, or ex co workers, admins, or groups, that jealously guarded the new found fame or members achieved through our platforms, that share the whole picture, (ie competition), the disgruntled and dis informed supporters of the false flag, disinfo and co opted campaigns, now outed, but still trying to claw back to thousands of pounds of donations, used questionably, with no info available.

Barnados too, has much to answer for, yet we are dictated to, by those that have colluded to cover up, child abuse, up to and until, the pressure of it,s victims, and those supporting us, has become too great to be ignored……………….. and this is true of all active groups, who want to protect our children and our earth, our world, and create peace, harmony and safety.
Need some techie help to get a monthly donate button on blog.

And need people that can help us, to not be shy of seeking money, to further this………it is needed……… but we also need all of the things money can,t buy…and to provide, energise, free up, creative, whole, empowerment & healing …..for as many as possible,
We need other groups that know my work, to get on board and those that have listened to my intentions, to know that money will be shared to those really able to help, so supporting us, will rebound, for those working with integrity and meeting the criteria necessary.

There are of course some very good achievments by charities, and we are collating lists behind scenes, with some real accounts of treatment recieved, good or bad, by various charities and groups.    But seriously, let;s somehow find ways to create THE REAL FULL STOP.


September is our 20th anniversay UK.



Launched purple ribbon.

Held the 1st public March & Rally UK

To end child abuse.

Lets build and co create something amazing this year to celebrate how far we,ve come………and to give voice again to the people that want to tell their truth on this issue.

Please help.

Please contact us with offers of support, in whatever way you can, and just being there on the day, or sharing info as we publish, will be of enormous help, every tiny drop of help will count.   And help us towards creating sanctuaries and effective help for those still suffering and in need of support……as well as facilitating more education, empowerment, and endeavour to STOP CHILD ABUSE.

Use the contact form below or email us @

We need:



Event planners

Team builders/community groups

People able to help the internet tools work more effectively



Members for core group, we have as few as possible, necessary ground rules, so that we can retain independence, integrity, adaptability & speed of action & decision making.  so no big committees, or things to bog us down.  But essential respect, trust & clear communication, honesty & compassion are ingredients needed to be at the core, we also retain a position of no allegiance to any political or religious dogma.   There are plenty of groups with other agendas.   We have but Two.  As above.  To end abuse of children, and to help the victims of it, wherever they are, and whatever has befallen them, or state they have fallen too, or choices made to survive, we want to help all to thrive.

Or at the very least, as many as is possible, which is up to you , now that you have read this, to support in some way…. or help those working in real ways to flourish.  And to disempower those who have misused the money,  energy invested in the past.

and remember……..

We that care or have been victims & survived abuse, outnumber the perpetrators of it……because they are so prolific and we are so protective, and commit to change, correct or challenge abuse everywhere that we can…when we can, and when we cannot, that is a great comfort, has been to me, during my quiet or coping or disabled times………tho, i still never stopped either talking about it, or attempting and actually helping some, and educating, tho still bearing scars and costs and still being given more, by the ‘care’ services…. and i know i am not alone in that, both a comfort and a cross to bear……..that awareness, eh?  and i,m not alone in that either.   much love all ….. Sheva ❤

Links to many broadcasters ~ at Bilderberg Fringe Festival 2013 ~ No one owns the truth !

Please share widely include hastags #OB13 #stopCSA #childabuse #abuse #corruption #childrape #satanicabuse #ritualabuse #childtrafficking   ~  This will ensure a wider reach than those financing, controlling this event desire.

It also brings us to the root cause of evil, that we need the bilderberks to address………….CHILD RAPE, TORTURE, MURDER, TRAFFICKING, EN MASSE…………….

as i probably cannot go, i will be sending light, love and peace to the whole, this is an opportunity for all healers, lightworkers to send energy to the core, although, most of us know that,it can be easy to get wrapped up in various misinfo and fear based stuff.

I hope that the players that took over the 2010 rally against child abuse and wiped out our 20 year her/history of UK marches & rallies, and claimed and now still claim, to have spearheaded and caused the recent massive revelations of child rape, murder & torture, whilst leaving out any links or reference to the many, hundreds of thousands of people, the adult survivors of these heinous crimes, that have withstood, ridicule, ostracisation, blacklisting, poor treatment, mockery, and more, to speak up and out, and still so many are scared, too scared, because some are still surrounded by the very people, or the people that abused them as children, are linked to others, with clout, either in the local authority, nhs,  who make sure that they silence us, or that we will be deemed unfit to be taken seriously……….

……..but by the many too, that work within the system, you seem we too are everywhere, and because these child hurting monsters are everywhere, and are soooooooooooooo prolific, than we out number, there really are angels in the system, that have also challenged, made changes occur, whistleblown, and helped move this forward too.

So much as david icke, hollie, brian gerrish, belinda mckenzie, might seem to have done something amazing,  well they may have got more people to look and see the wider picture, hopefully, not fooled by this, but looking for real and whole picture.

Not put off by the nasty tactics that have sometimes gone down, to split and alienate groups, and certainly to prevent the massive database, that could have been compiled from my original Cross of Change group, that had a massive global library with links by each country and each subject that involved the abuse of children, support groups, campaigns, petitions, but these people didn,t want any campaigns but their own, to be pushed,   ignoring the Catholic abuse, largely,as well as so many others.

david icke is the only one, that i still have time for,   but the others have simply united, and if you notice sing from the same page, only citing the chosen hollie case, ben fellows, the case in somerset, and a few others……………and my group, me others like me of which we are legion………………..and global, not mentioned, and well if that,s what they think has helped to bring child sexual abuse to the fore, they are kidding themselves and others,  maybe with good intent, i don,t know, but i do know this……… has been the uniting of genuine and empowering, people and groups, that exist, and some have done for over 20 years, and we are comliling the real or true or alternative list………………its being collated, but we do need help, so people with tech skills and all others,  please do help us, and with the recent news that G4S  are to be contracted to run rape & sexual assuault suites, both past n present, we need to make sure that we have an independent core group, to also create or demand that real and truly effective help is given, and that they quit stealing on a big scale the children from the abused parents…………and instead help them……………..THE REAL FULLSTOP  …..JOIN THE DOTS………Sheva

I have radio broadcasts on jointhedots100 where i explain the past events,,, and how it needs to move on…….and we are doing it, right now Matthew McVarish is on the  google it , or twitter @RoadToChangeEU…….   check this out one CBEEBIES presenter walking 10,000 miles, but unlike this event, no help at all, to make a massive splash and force the main media to promote it, i,ve lots of questions as to why………………….to lots of people including the BBC, who are missing surely a grand opportunity to introduce teaching safe touch, and so much more into schools,  they just need to know the swimming cossie rule, no touching by anyone there, that you don,t like, except obvious needstoo, how and who to tell, there are immense amounts of really good and healthy materials out there, already and Matthew is in touch with quite a few longstanding groups including Join The Dots, because he can see the simplicity of Join The Dots, the dot being red, and The Real Full Stop……………………….and we need those in power and with influence, to finally fund the people that can effectively help and stop this……….

……So i,m speaking up for 100,000,s of people the world over that i network with, in the Industrial Schoools Groups, Vatican Crimes & Other Religious Abuse Groups, The Satanic Abuse & Mind Control survivors, The Incest Survivors, Carehome Survivors, and any other adult, and person i have come across over the years.

Today is a chance for us, actually to make sure that we make sure that our voice is heard through the platform and opportunity, that this events presents for us.

1.   on April events you will see, a broad pic of past and but a few of the many events that went on worldwide that will not be acknowledged by those we find seeming to control and attempt to steer the campaigns…Details of RoadToChange,EU

2. A short clip of early rallies, plus soundbite on The Real Fullstop which Matty embraces as is so simple, amongst the other clear messages that must now be heard.

3.  Listen to Sonia Poultons impassioned speech about the whole mess, she certainly gets it and is broadminded enough and brave enough to withstand amongst us the trolling and bullying that has still continued.

4.  Me, talking about the past events and i hope this clears up some of the cobwebs and misinformation, that has been bandied about.  I will publish later, the accounts and records of the bullying and intimidation i have recieved, only a tiny sample, because it has been at various levels, and means for a longtime and why i am suspicious of the activists, not the subject.

Please share widely use the hashtags on twitter, and let our voices rise up through this channel open today very much so.

Her/History is in the making, never before have the Bilderbergs been shown on mainstream TV and hats off to Alex Jones, and all who spread that information, we got alot of stick about it, but i know many did look again, and now will, that may not have before, but i hope he stops yelling, so much………and calms down now a bit, passion doesn,t have to sound like that………… all.  🙂  I,ll be collating videos onto the playlists and there are more on various subjects at Jointhedots 100 on youtube of the bigger picture.

Hear Core speak with clear passion and find out more about Kevin Annett  his very passionate speech is  on the next playlist,  you can see some of  the 2010 rally……..if you wish and see that the name was changed and Cross of Change was rubbed out.

The second  tape on the playlist below  is of me talking with Mel Ve of  Freedom Central Radio who i thank for her work and helping me to understand what had happened  and i recommend her book which clearly joins dots between the powers that be,  the fashion industry, knights of malta, the pope, royalty in a very clear way, those researching now, or needing a teaching tool, for those finally wanting to know more, i recommend her book for clarity.

Check out her other videos for some really good and enlightening interviews.

Love, Peace & Strength

I wonder how many that dismissed Alex, perhaps, thought him nuts, and ranting conspiracy theory junkie…………………..

out to make money…………….but more and more are unable to avoid the truth anymore………………..this is hilarious no matter what you believe……………..  watch him explain to the cops who can,t help smiling , and he lays on thick what those in power are planning, and what the reality is………….now that so much has come out about child rape, murder, torture, and how much has been covered, through sharing widely on the internet, and by all of the amazing things by so many, who speak out, teach, help, write, work with, so many over the last 30 years have been waking up, for me at times painfully slowly, we had such hope, that first rally and march ’93………there are many people going to be live streaming too, i,ll get the links………………..anyway, when i first saw alex on here 2009, i was amazed, at how many now knew what i had realised back then, and felt mostly alone with, that the one most important issue was the root cause and source for evil to continue, it was the vile theft and destruction of pure innocence…………………and fortun ately, i also learnt that they hadn,t destroyed it at all………………return to innocence, the real full stop, dreams coming true again, no matter how at times some of the controlling endeavours of many kinds were tiring, to say the least, people have more and more deigned to do their best to change this world, and remove and stop this abuse…………….in their way, their arena, and thats’ all good……………..we en masse are creating this revolution and none are more important than an other, yes we do need people with good leadership qualities, but what i learnt organising that first rally, was that i didn,t lead from the front, i couldn,t possibly do it alone, and so it was a co creation……………i was using medicine cards, and so the butterfly spread was a valueble teaching……. so i,m freaky weird anyway, lol and as a homeschooler, knowing that we could well be herded up, goodness,…………….i,d like to be there and rip up the gp,s letter that just said people like me and cohorts will basically now be , i dunno put on some list, or rounded up??????       but i,ve been this way, for alongtime now………….i,m not afraid……….  Anyway, hope someone can give alex some chilling something, tell him it,s alright, we are in the shift, he could even relax and sit back and watch all the people coming through now, let them shine, alex your not shouting at a camara, people have heard, and know, and anyway, so many trust their own intuition and so for us older ones, we have to step back and empower others eh?

this guy and alot of other musicians have got it too, and say it really well too, imo

If hes too fast, i,ll find some slower ones

this guy too totally different genre and you will hear the words LOL

David Icke is the only one that has historically spoken out on this subject and educated many to a degree, tho some think he,s counterproductive, and it,s the lizard thing mainly, that aside, David was probably totally unaware of me, and Cross of Change back in 2010 and to my knowledge is the only one and Alex Jones too, that havn,t bullied, misrepresented, us survivors…..  well, for some they have…..but i,m not sure who, why, or what has caused this,  but thats why with the linking also going on amongst the solid groups, we can make sure that this subject can never be veered, steered, smeared again.   the fact that the discredited hollie campaign is there, proves to me its real purpose, to discredit as many others as possible when it comes to those in power.

I said i,d write more on Sabine McNeill, Brian Gerrish, Belinda McKenzies links and what looks like a ring that also secretly meet and make decisions about these campaigns, and co ordinating, the cases for support etc, moving into the family justice realm, and now trying to claim to unite victims………..treating anyone questioning the hollie case as if they are picking on and bullying a vulnerable victim………neat trick that………..when we have never heard her voice, yet there are so many of our voices out there, strong, but not as aggressive as say Bill Maloney, who does not speak for as many as he seems to think, many of us either shudder at his aggression, language, and way of going about it, embellishing and adding extra drama, when in fact it is dramatic enough, and alot of us prefer more sensitivity, however some love him and admire him  too……….but we have other spokespeople the world over……..of so many kinds, the gentle voices, the strong powerful wise voices, the new , the old, all kinds have had enuf !!!

David Icke is raising 100,000 to set up a Free Internet TV Station, which Sonia Poulton i believe is going to be working on, and a free speech channel, I,m looking forward to that, and hoping that indeed the broader and genuine picture will emerge……and i believe it will, Sonia speaks with passion on the issues that count, and really listens and really tries to help, any survivor of abuse that she can.

Later on , watch out for an alternative broadcast, by me where we can discuss the event and what it could mean, i,m not trying to sabotage it, i, m just making sure that people realise that some have other agendas going on………which becomes clear to any that look at the whole picture, and hear me speak of the past events.

Well, suddenly i,m on my way i think soon, all packed bringing some supplies and gonna be there !!!

my son shares his music with me, and is aware…………as are soooooooooooo many young people now

So no show tonite , unless my lift doesn,t turn up, but some mite feel like chatting and filming, so look out for me, and 🙂 🙂