Why Hoaxtead Research Blog deserves an Award by Sheva Burton.

I think EC has done a really good job of pointing out what seems a common phenomenom: Please Click the link below and read the post and comments as a very interesting conversation is developing and Angela Power Disney and her new cohort ‘Rev’ Anthony Pike are royally shown up for what they are; ‘peddlars of child porn’, protectors of child molesters and the post linked below, shows yet another example of the fact, that alot of convicted paedophiles are amongst the most relentless promotors of SRA myths and hoaxes or false flags, really demonstrated by the still ardent promoters of the most heinous of them all after Hollie Grieg; Hampstead fake SRA case…….. (By the way, they are also found amongst the worst of the bullies crying false flag at tragedies and targeting families of victims, much like Malcolm Blackman of UK Anon, Opdeatheaters & previously 4 Chan, (where the so called pizzagate CP symbols & codes were used since before 2009), Malcolm like others from various factions of scammers has hung around Anti CSA Events and groups since 2010, claiming on Panorama to have turned over a new leaf…… er no, in fact he has trained and encouraged others in the nasty tricks of his trade. David Icke is now trying to allude that it was the ring of satanic paedophiles who run the world that what? were using those codes?? No David, you are wrong and still involved in creating the smoke screen and suppressing the real truthes about child sexual abuse. On your video ‘Context’ recently, you even berate the horrendous abuse levelled at people debunking the hoax, wrapped in the usual phasing that is meant to reinforce beliefs in lies and mistrust of truthes…….flim flam you sir are a sham.
That the one’s that are shouting the loudest about child abuse that are in the Truther or Alt Media or Freedom Movement, online…..those viralising and getting their massive (some bought),numbers of followers (& the real ones often have alot of socks which perform various duties, all designed to undermine the movement towards better child protection and more support for victims of Child Sexual Abuse).
That so many of them have defended and still do, even after any of their friends are convicted (Brian Gerrish for example, as well as Belinda, Sabine & Angela Power Disney) is for me confirmation of suspicions I’ve had for years.
I really believe that paedophiles, child molesters, child rapists and those who delight in or make money out of sharing images of children being harmed, tortured or interfered with sexually have set themselves up using their networking channels to employ themselves and others to actively work against people like me and others who naturally are their enemies if we are effective…… I think the verocity of the attack on me is telling and proof of this. Not many could have done what I have here, but without here, this would not now be so obvious and evidenced, nor recognised by so many.
I think there should be an investigation into this and thanks to this blog there is now enough evidence and connections made and proven for that to be pushed for.
For that I will always be grateful to Scarlet Scoop for setting up this blog and for El Coyote for keeping such a steady head amongst such a difficult subject amongst people with varying approaches, opinions and beliefs.
There were times, moreso in the early days when this blog seemed hostile towards survivors, I can remember wincing and cringing and screwing up my face and posting anyway, sometimes,because the information was so good and people were finding things I would never have been able to, produced videos, memes, screenshots, reported things to platforms, police, authorities.
I didn’t always challenge things and overtime I have found that like mine, others have grown in their knowledge, not least of the real plights faced by us survivors either campaigning or creating change with better perspectives, ideaology and integrity.
These are just some of the reasons for me recently tweeting quite a few times, that I believe this blog deserves an award.
To have achieved so much and promise to achieve so much more, to have withstood the attacks, the frustrations of reports being ignored, the relentlessness of the hoaxers to determinedly refuse to give up their ideal poster children to promote their vile co created SRA False Flag, is phenomenal.
I really appreciate everyones engagement, committment and energy spent on this. No matter how much or little, even the ones that have at times upset me,(I’ve upset people too at times, sometimes by omission or unwittingly as I’m sure has happened for me and others too.
It has all led to such growth for me in my understanding and I’m sure many would say that from other perspectives than mine, too. I commend you all and myself by the way….. it’s been really difficult at times for me, too. 🙂

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Malky and what a calamaT eh Cat ? 🙂

The above is one of my comments, in others I explain more reasons for the title of this post.
Also below some of the evidence files containing comments including death threats, kindly collated by one of the most committed Hoaxtead commenters, researchers and investigators also a talented and witty video maker, also severely targeted and attacked by the vile viralisers of CSA False Flags.

The gross comments contained in the files are meant to be upsetting, some especially aimed at me, puposefully designed to trigger shame or other negative feelings in CSA survivors, so please be careful, there are a collosal amount of them, so just maybe have a quick look to get the idea, or don’t… But for any that are either advocates, admins of support groups or part of any networks or sites, systems or campaigners about CSE or CSA…. you need to know if you don’t, already and pass the information on to where it will count and protect others as well as helping to stop these bullies. There are more files too on others. See Perps tab on Hoaxtead Research.
Take care everyone,

A Worrying Paradox Paedophiles Dressed Up as ‘Whistleblowers’

Heather Brown aka Prudence Halliwell & Suzy Jones

Malcolm Konrad Olgivly or Hollie Grieg Hoax Fame

Catriona Selvester aka Cat Scot, WildCat, @calamaTcat; Fresh Start Foundation & close ally of Malcolm Konrad Olgilvy

Wesley Hall of Opdeatheaters


12 thoughts on “Why Hoaxtead Research Blog deserves an Award by Sheva Burton.

  1. Omni Eros really nails charlatans & scammers with raw and racous hilarity, not for the faint hearted, but here: David Shurter features, who collaborated with Hampstead hoaxers & Fiona Barnett to sabotage Survivors downunder involved in the Royal Commission. He also began to get involved with some of our panel members for IICSA, upon them pulling away from scammers, they too have come under vile attack. Much like Jimmy Jones OutlawBlog did when he exposed liars a few years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhIwK0tr8ag
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bz92NsvnbD8&t=21s David Shurters fangirls HopeGirl/Moore aka Naima Dawn Feagin QEG Scammer & ex gf of Ray Savage ex cop who spoke at the Hampstead event 22nd March 2015, the same event where residents were subjected to vile agressive abuse, by Neelu Berry & Mark Ceylon & other Sov Cits/Freeman of the Land ejits.
    This is not really his fan club but one of his victims who has an immense #VileFile just on him and his lies. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiHwJSfVvN07zmc69Eq_ITw

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  2. As for pizzagators/pedogators: see my previous post and see the videos by WAPTEK if you are really unaware and realise it’s just an excuse for these perverts to discuss intimate details of CSA with knobs on and enhanced for the delight of paedophiles extra glitz, glamour & fantasies with the skewed satanic myths ….. which even some professionals are buying into and peddling….. the Satanic Panic of the 80s onwards have done nothing but harm to our cause….If that’s something you don’t know,yet…. Then find out and learn….It really matters that people stop overwhelming social media with rubbish so the real voices can be heard, that false allegations are not tolerated and able to have the consequences fall onto the victims struggling to gain justice and support NOW. https://crossofchangeorg.wordpress.com/2017/12/04/false-comet-ping-pong-pizzeria-home-to-child-abuse-ring-led-by-hillary-clinton/

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  3. An important watch for any who consider themselves part of the Truth movement, followers of David Icke, Max Igan, Miles Johnston, Simon Parkes, others that CW Chanter has exposed for which I am forever grateful. Any ex followers of Zen Gardner. This refers to ‘The Children of God’, many seasoned campaigners will know their history. What comes out here and what happened after is very revealling of many leading voices that people should know about, also those working with CSA victims, survivors need to understand and be able to warn others of the gangs of predators amongst a movement that doens’t care, protects them and will turn and attack en masse any of us that point out the ugly truth……….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPv3vOoFem0&index=20&list=PLKKpZM8DMLXfMY2P2cDzPR7SO50yQdCyo

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  4. Angela’s Latest Gossip, no ones safe, not her kids, family, real CSA advocates, victims/survivors, none….I witnessed her mocking a suicidal survivor early days of watching her behaviour, someone she had promised to help, then pulled the rug….this is a tactic. It’s been played on me, when I unwittingly was promoting those who then hijacked the 2010 rally and have since conspired to pervert the course of campaigns online and created events to promote hoaxes….. the #VileFiles in this post are but a few of many, my playlist: Sheva Burton Harrassed & Bullied by SRA Hoaxers, is not about ‘poor me’, I’ve actually kept quiet for too long, but with reasons impossible for me to overcome, until more recently. Also many of us focus on positive news, do not want to disturb others who might find it all too upsetting and put them off from speaking out, but the enormity of this is now so evident, that I hope people can read enough to get a grip and seek further answers if needsbe. And share the information of this dangerous and large connected conspiracy. Yes it’s a real one, folks and ironically and very calculated and cynically done, too, mostly CRUELLY, with David Icke trying recently to look like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth….. he has much to answer for. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kgSiwyyABs&lc=z23kvv0w4sjwutiqj04t1aokg4hyqylck3vlx4sqngu0rk0h00410.1518277654615535

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