Wildcat, Angela Power Disney, Heather Brown & Wesley Hall Harrass, Bully,Lie about CSA Survivors & SRAHoax

Sheva Burton on Kilroy '94. 3rd time. To raise awarenes

3rd time on Kilroy. I did not approach the press re my case, which was real, Angela, Heather & Sharon. Webb v Webb was against Step relatives, mine was the first against a natural father, the time limit was 3 years from the time the effect was realised, I had lots of evidence, or it wouldn’t have gotten as far as it did. How dare you vomit all over something that took years of effort, pain, reliving, detailing abuse, in a way, I had not had to before.


I have been subjected to the same dynamics as I experienced as a child, teen and adult survivor of CSA, DV, Bullying.  Dealt by people who claim to be heroes.  But, they have merely jumped onto this issue to suit their own agendas, beliefs, pockets.  In some cases, it is even more serious…. to deflect away from their own abusive behaviour towards their own children or to protect convicted paedophiles.

Cat Scot AKA WildCat/spidercatweb.blog assoc. Fresh Start Foundation, CSAHoaxers.    Click link to open playlist #rakeoutthefakes.  Includes the evidence of how pizzagate was begun.  These Satanic hoaxers are pretending to champion for children whilst viralising psuedo child porn, trolling and harrassing genuine CSA Survivors and Advocates and all connected to those who hijacked our Anti Child Abuse Rally 2010.

CalamiT Cat sure is Calamitous; Lying, Scheming, Harrassing CSA Survivors  Click link for a previous video.

Shatterproof by Outlaw Jimmy Jones 


7 thoughts on “Wildcat, Angela Power Disney, Heather Brown & Wesley Hall Harrass, Bully,Lie about CSA Survivors & SRAHoax

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  2. It happened to me realtime, in the 90’s, when I organised the first public march & rally agaiinst child sexual abuse, drawing all the grass roots groups together in Trafalgar Sq. BBC filmed it, but we ended up on a programme about false memory syndrome, thanks to Satanic Scandal promoters back then. Today it is still happening. To me, because in 2010, I organised online, brought groups and people out again, to have it hijacked at the last few weeks, by Satanic Hoax Promoters: And it’s happening again, right now, to prevent CSASurvivors being taken seriously, except, it’s failing…. But the efforts are supported by some who look like hacktivists or activists: https://crossofchangeorg.wordpress.com/2017/10/28/sheva-burton-harrassed-bullied-lied-about-by-srahoaxers/
    Posted here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EI9vOnlzoJA


    • I havn’t looked for a while, daveyone1, do you still carry posts for the charlatans, hoax promoters, Gerrish Gaggle, Tuttle Twoofers etc ? It’s nice of you to make sure the dafties see whats is being actually said, done and it clearly upsets them, alot 🙂


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