Prelude to a hoax: How Belinda and Sabine prepared the way for Hoaxtead

Belinda McKenzie & Miles Johnston faking being involved with CSAInquiryUK Video link Updated, more to be added as I can. I’ve realised I’m Techlexic 🙂 Horrible truthes need facing, we have people interfering in our attempts to protect children better from sexual abuse, there are wolves in sheeps clothing and our UK Rally 2010, unfortunately was used for them to steal credibility, please wake up their misguided followers, where possible. Keep safe, you can see the vile posts written about me, but note they all come from supporters and friends of the named hoaxers…see perps list on Hoaxtead Research. Sheva

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Screenshot-2017-10-24 Mail u2013 2010 Rally Anna Bragga Press Release.pngScreenshot-2017-10-24 Mail u2013 2010 Rally Anna Bragga Press Release 2.png

So, Belinda had a healer lined up, to suck victims into her Highgate Hub, introduce them to the likes of Miles Johnstone, so they could be regressed by false memory engineers to become:  Alien Abductees, Super Soldiers or MKUltra mouthpieces, or pretend they were abused by famous people……  If you were really abused and unwilling to get on script, if you would not promote the Hollie Hoax, then you and your groups were sidelined, ignored, or mirrored.  If you spoke against their schemes then you would be targetted by the followers of Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill, Angela Power Disney, George The Greek Trucker, Kevin Annett, Brian Gerrish, Malcolm Ogilvy, Robert Green, Mumsy, Maggie Tuttle, Malcom Blackman AKA Joe Public, Opdeatheaters, Pedohunters of the vile kind, David Shurter, American Freedom Radio, Revolution Radio, David Icke………  who by the way, never mentioned Jimmy Saville, until after mainstream did….even though he worked in…

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12 thoughts on “Prelude to a hoax: How Belinda and Sabine prepared the way for Hoaxtead

    • Thankyou very much, Spiny. The coward has me blocked. Given that Wesley began a page, taken down for ‘Harrassment’, which hardly got any interest, a bit like Angela Power Disneys other friend, Niama/Hopegirl QEG Scammer & David Shurter, Heather Browns disgusting slurs, you’d think he might realise that they are lying, by now. I openly asked him on Twitter, why he was using the Pgate tag. Opdeatheaters NSW were also involved in the attacks on advocates downunder, instigated by Fiona Barnett & David Shurter, both fakes, liars & all guilty of harrassing victims, survivors or anyone exposing liars, charlatans, hoaxers. I actually stuck up for Wesley, at first, on Hoaxtead Research,until I saw evidence of his current scams, criminal behaviour, harrassment of victims etc. CSA Survivors often act out, go down wrong paths, become addicted. That is no excuse though for lying, promoting hoaxes, scamming & attacking good advocates, campaigners or homeless people.


    • Wow ….It;s gone, that was quick, just like his vile, page supposedly ‘exposing; me…. Wesley needs to stop believing liars, attacking good advocates & causing division within groups supporting IICSAUK and the survivors taking part. .. My mistake, I signed into facebook, It is still there, so thankyou for reporting.


    • So a bitchfest has begun, on Wesleys Page. I thought after all her false accusations of me running Hoaxtead, being RD, EC, Kristie Sue, satanist pedo troll, shill, gov’t agent, bla bla de bla, Angie had run out of things to say……. I’m uploading screenshots. Tho I moderate comments , they are all welcome to provide evidence of their false allegations. I meanwhile will be taking appropriate action, including sending evidence of their vile harrassment of CSA Survivors to the IICSAUK. I am planning events for next year, to also help survivors engage with help, with a information regarding the dangers of the hoaxers, their tactics, how to keep safe . And calling for action, help to protect people from these fraudsters. So they want to kick me around some more.
      I was used, abused and bullied, stalked..before, during and after the 2010 rally.
      How dare they dispute my truth, which is evidenced and did pave the way for some. Not everyone wanted to be open ……I did, and paved the way for others, but always respecting that it was not for everyone, nor did I expect others to follow…It has taken till now, for the chink that we made in the wall of silence to grow to the proportions now happening.
      With the #MeToo #RoyalCommissionAu #IICSAUK #TruthProject #VoicingCSA campaigns, investigations have reached a new level.
      They accuse me of trying to cover up CSA ???? lol.
      In fact, the SRA Scandals, Panics and those promoting them are so doing, it has become increasingly obvious.
      As predicted by me to a friend who called, the only people accusing me of attacking them, are those who attacked me because I exposed their lies, scams, conspiracies to pervert CSA Events. The ex Admin, is a liar, I will address the posts soon and each person, with evidence, if appropriate after legal advice.


      • Hey, I wouldn’t consider them saying you run Hoaxtead Research an “accusation”, lol. Enjoy it 😀

        By the way, as you probably know, Wesley is extremely unpopular in Manchester due to his scams that involve the homeless community. Well, they must be watching him very closely, as the first, second and fourth most viewed posts of all time on HR are about him!

        On an intriguing side note, the third most viewed post is about Cindy Kay Currier, of all people!

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      • Blimey at Cindy ! Wesley & co have actually provided a nice group collaboration & evidence. I got the convo as it was, onto my google albums….. it took me ages 🙂 I was extremely flattered to be thought to be clever & witty enough to run Hoaxtead….certainly anyone who knows me or has worked with me will confirm, that I am seriously lacking in tech skill 🙂

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