Hope in the face of hostile hoaxers

Some CSASurvivors more new to the campaigns, inquiries, seem to hold sway on social media,  and we some of us, know that unforturnately this can be a never ending spiral, when clashes arise, it can get vicious.

I won,t go into the vile abuse dealt me,  google my name to see evidence of the sick abuse dealt me ,all emanating from the hoax teams.  All sanctioned and encouraged by belinda mckenzie,  et al.


Various longterm groups are not drawn in, carrying out most of their work offline.  Many savvy survivors just back away and if there are challenges to make, their targets are real sources of harm


It is all so complex, a hard call, or is it….. ?


For me it is very simple, protect innocence, the destruction of that is made more difficult by  us CSASurvivors with the guts to reach back and reclaim what was taken, stolen if that was the case….and for those able, to help us so that we can help to more to heal and  become starters of core groups to regain and reclaim our true selves.

And then empower others.


And that also means recognising that we may have differing views, needs  and goals.  As long as con

structive, honest and proggressive, non-aggressive,in my experience ,people will want to help us moreso. 

There are really good signs of ever more unity with increasing strength flourishing, a determination to make sure the IICSAUK is as effective as possible whilst also creating more support now. .



Stay safe, heed the blacklist and find people with integrity  in whitelist.







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