Hack Attack: You’re doing it wrong

We’ve been under attack by a hacker for the past few days. Actually, that’s a gross overstatement. Let us rephrase: we’ve been watching some fool with the hacking skills of a head…

Source: Hack Attack: You’re doing it wrong

For those seeking legal remedies the last comments are very helpful and also in a new way to report to facebook and other platforms, that spells out the facts, laws and that this is an arrestable offence, anyone sharing those videos that knows about the judgement is breaking the law…..  as for Angela Power Disney, getting Rupert to hack illegally, for unfounded false allegations,o  as well as withholding the evidence of child abuse snuff movie makers, which is also a false but repeated allegation, yet only reported to a hacker, not to the appropriate authorities, but she is reading from the bible, so hey, she must be oh so right and anyway, she says she knows, so i guess we just follow eh ????   not bloody likely……. shame on her still determination to cause harm, in the guise of helping….. Shame too on Sabine K McNeill still tweeting illegal links, and attempting to keep the illusion alive of spearheading the CSA movement UK…. Shame on Belinda McKenzie also and all are attempting to rattle those donation bowls again…….  yet where does the money go, and where are any accounts from any of these teamsters….players, ???


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