Black List CSA & Family/Child Protection

Source: Black List CSA & Family/Child Protection


Update and new video: Vatican Black Ops ? Handlers? or just charlatans? whatever, it is evil to trick & pretend to champion for CSASurvivors, whilst just pretending whilst using, abusing, sabotaging.  Thanks to alot of good people, that is turning around, nicely and anyof them named on the Blacklist, i repeat what Tim Minchin said…..  So if you can prove i am bullying, trolling, lying, threatening, or conspiring to do so, then Frickin come and sue me !!!

Because the evidence and case against you all is mounting, that you have conspired to plan these false flags, and many people are thoroughly disgusted, and helping us turn this round.

Thanks to all sharing this information, i am doing my best to make it clearer.

Stay safe, and help each other, use the new video, to share the reasons and links do have hard evidence, for those investigating more so, or researching, or following the tactic teams, and collating evidence……  Thankyou all.

Please share,

Sheva Burton



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