White List CSA & Family/Child Protection/EndDrugwar

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Source: White List CSA & Family/Child Protection/EndDrugwar

Lots added to the list so that the good sites, helping to end child abuse, and help survivors heal the effects, can find the best help available, some updates to the unfortunately, needed Blacklist too, so that networks can be alerted, and hopefully those that know how to, can help rake out the fakes, that are using internet trickery to overwhelm google esp UK , so that the best can shine.

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and appreciation, it has been difficult to navigate this, but it is necessary, and not at all, to cause division, or stifle free speech, which are some of the hostile accusations, as i embarked on this…….   Lots of events coming, and i will try and list those on an events page, seperately, as i find more time, or help 🙂  Click the link for the white list or tab at the top

Be safe, keep safe and as well as possible.

Sheva Burton

(Prev Sue Melrose C.R.O.S.S. Campaign for Rights Of Survivors of Sexual abuse, organisor of 1st Public Rally Against Child Sexual Abuse UK that included men & women, 1993)   Tho i organised 2010, it was co opted, by Truth & Hope, with preplanning from Belinda McKenzie, so that survivors were mainly silenced and speakers were brought in, without my knowledge nor approval, in the main.  As time has passed the hoax cases have swamped social media, and created chaos, confusion, division, harm.  Hence my recent actions, and so after trying to wipe me out, ignore me, once i made my presence obvious, to the charlatans, a few blogs have defamed, libelled and tried to silence me, by making me a target……i am not the only campaigner this happened to, and also alot of innocent people and their children have been terrorised in hampstead.  I hope the law will deal with this, and that cybercrime experts can help to remove the links to the at least 50 sites set up, that clog google pages, and hide the good work of many.


A quick reminder, that after years of severe harrassment, and internet bullying of any dissenters, with all the horrible name calling, as has appeared with the latest Belinda designed falseflag/hoax……..  there is an effort on display by some diehards, Butlin Cat, Sandra Barr, Belinda Mckenzies cohorts, to ressurect the hollie case….with all the same twisted half truthes, lies, false representation of facts……  This is what Belinda said, when finally made to answer the most important question……  If anyone tells you they believe hollie, i find asking one question, solves it ……. ‘What did hollie tell you, or what did you hear her say about the abuse ?’,     There is no other answer, than what Belind admits, here…..’NOTHING !’   In my honest view, i don’t think hollie understood the situation, but loved the attention, heaped onto her (grooming), and for Belinda, was a perfect victim, to parade around, and infact abuse, just as with the two hampstead children….. Intimate details discussed online, shared, incessantly, with anyone pointing out obvious truthes, discrepancies, being subjected to foul abuse………  Remember friends, i chose to put myself into the arena…….they puposefully ignored me for years, so that their followers would not see my work, history and evidence of the co opt of the rallies……i couldn’t easily be accused of being a paedo or paedo supporter, but regardless, some really nasty overseas bloggers have posted some pretty grim stuff, to discredit me………..  It has helped me, to display them, at their worst, and i’m fine, and it really backfired for them……i was happy to do this, because for many being so abusively targetted, or shunned, and the innocent falsely accused, there has been real suffering caused, that i could not ignore.

This 30 sec Video is a tool to help educate, any bringing it up….. for new people, and there are more links from here, too for more evidence of the whole picture on all the false cases, should people choose or need more depth.

Belinda Mckenzie admits she lied all along  Click for video link. There are other videos on my Youtube channel, and the proof of the co opt is on my old one ShevaCrossofChange.


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