A proposed network to challenge the SRA narrative

Source: A proposed network to challenge the SRA narrative

My skills and information gathered, will be added, to aid this, please read this, we must make sure this is not possible Uk again.

We must also focus on supporting the good work going on to Stop Real Child Abuse.

If it is not evident yet, over the coming weeks, it wil be very clear, that there are no depths these people will not go to, no one that they will not try to destroy, no child safe from their abuse, at present.

It will all be uncovered, it will be shown that they are indeed sabotaging the real activists, survivors, or parents seeking help, with child protection issues.

We will unravel the cynical attempt to create such a huge network of linked sites, that victims the world over would be sucked in.

The reversal of right intentions, of good people who want to help stop child abuse, the misuse of Survivors’ testimonies, stolen, changed, and used as false flags, embellished beyond belief.

The groups, pretending to be searching for paedos’, i use the term, because so many do, i hope we can drop some more terms, but some are being investigated, and evidence collected, that show some very serious abusive and dangerous, criminal, counter to their image.  Opdeathers, Anonymous, Peadohunter groups, are a mixture of good, bad, and downright probably child abusers, certainly up to alot of bad stuff.

People joining or joining in or tagging these groups, need to be very careful first that you know they are ethical.  I ask that those with those tags, help us to tell the difference, and also do any self cleansing of groups, where you are able.

Thankyou, do read the article, there are people joining forces again, moreso with me too, on the Cross of Change approach, so i will be linked, to this important work, the article makes it very clear, click the link at the top.

Have a lovely weekend  🙂


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