ACTION: Taking down Hoaxtead videos

Source: ACTION: Taking down Hoaxtead videos

Please get in touch if you are able to help, or give advice on how to take these down, more quickly, and please wake up to this, Facebook, Vimeo,, Google, Orangehosts Iceland, Youtube, etc.   Why don’t these illegal videos that break Article 16 of the UN Convention on Childrens Rights, break you community standards.  And that is the least of it.  Also breaking :

  • High Court Injunction  UK
  • Sharing of Child abuse images
  • Sharing of Images & Audio ofEmotional harm & Torture to children
  • Causing harrassment to a community including children
  • Causing death threats to be sent to any Campaigners or demands of a vile, sleazy, bullying, underming, slurring, falsly accusing us of being a baby eating, cult leader, that is a fake story, made up, by saboteurs, proven to be wreaking havoc on genuine survivors.  Including the Hampstead Fake SRA case, whose promotors link with the Fake Fiona Barnett and Gary Shyers cases, and give names without permission, and have stolen someones story who they have triggered and bullied, much as i have been……this is serious hardcore gangstalking, if you note, one of their accusations towards us, that won’t remain silent, they accuse all and sundry of that too.
  • Lots of ordinary people have been hurt by this.
  • Gang troll attacks on good groups, sites, and some with strong historic evidence, much needed right now.
  • Survivors known to be going forward to campaigns, have been targetted, groomed, triggered, betrayed.

This is why i now call out Cathy Fox Blog and Researching Reform, and John Hemming.   Maggie Tuttle is also on the list and links also like many at the core with convicted paedo’s associated with massive rings in the ‘past’ ??????????

So i will have no mercy with these warnings.  This is to free up speech and open channels and keep them swift moving and clean of this debris !

Aho 🙂

Please click the above link for more details links, and to give advice or offer help.  Thankyou 🙂

If you learn the ropes, you could just spend time if you have it being a real keyboard warrior, and report as many things as possible, please, they probably will regroup and reservice, and we are not rid of them yet, so any volunteers to form a team to specialise in this would be wonderful………..

Please i know so many feel like ‘what can i do ?’, well there is plenty, and we are now in a good position to create solutions, this year. 🙂


6 thoughts on “ACTION: Taking down Hoaxtead videos

  1. This was my reply to Artemis, by the way:

    “Yeah, our friend Sheva Burton is doing a pretty good job of exposing Fiona Bartlett.

    As for David Shitter, he doesn’t even blip on our radar any more. He’s just an attention-seeking buffoon. Even admitting to murdering little boys and raping their corpses failed to make us take him seriously, lol.

    Thanks for the link, by the way. I’ll share it with Sheva :)”


  2. Hi Sheva

    Someone called Artemis Angel posted this comment on YouTube. Thought it might come in handy with your efforts to expose Fiona Bartlett:

    “You might want to take a break from all the Conspiritards for a while. How about, Fiona Bullshit Artist from Downunder. You might want to try Exposing her for the Fraud she is. 🙂 Apparently, she got all her queues from the Ella Drearman and Abe Christie Show, then turned on them when she became besties with David Shithouser.


    • Hi, thanks and yes, it was this on that show, that they named some veteran, very well respected activists from down under, I had contacted longterm friend John Brown, who sent me a recording of Laurence Coghlan, issueing death threats to him and the others named, based on the false allegations, made by Fiona & David, I then contacted Kathy, another old friend, to find that disgusting memes about her were being circulated by a facebook group ‘Peadophiles downunder’, I also looked at Fiona’s facebook page to see her telling her cohorts to go attack the Royal Commission page/group, when i checked there, HampHempHoaxers were spamming the group with links, and when challenged they were their usual foul selves….Angela Power Disney was by then praising david, and Sabine McNeill had been carrying links to Fiona’s site. I have pointed this out to some UK blogs, CathyFoxBlog and Researching Reform, and was told that i was either denying free speech/opinion, or ignored, both blogs have good information, but i had already asked CathyFox to remove the Hollie story, with details of why, hence i put the blog together to show the links to downunder, the damage caused, and as Sabine and Belinda, give the impression that they spearhead the IICSA and also Fiona is doing the same downunder, we do wonder whether for some, this is sabotage, or just for fame & fortune….. It has helped the tide to turn, against the hoaxer, really backfired. The teams stemming from Belinda McKenzie have gang stalked me for years, and infiltrated groups, to spam, divide and control the agenda, ever since i first spoke out about the evidence, that the Hollie case was fake. The show from your link is dreadful, the accusations towards the australian campaigners, are at about 1hr, it was after this, or around the time, that david wrote a lot of crap about me, on his bog…blog.


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