Abe and Ella reveal their true agenda

Here at Team Hoaxtead Research, we’ve been speculating for some time about Abe and Ella’s agenda in continuing to push the Hampstead hoax on anyone gullible or desperate enough to swallow it.

Source: Abe and Ella reveal their true agenda

Recently i’ve found myself using hastag #hamphamphoax ….seems fitting, sadly.

So many people cynically causing so much mistrust.

Glad to see new groups forming, more linking, less competition, and mutual respect and support.

We Survivors are every type of person.

It makes sense that there will be differing approaches.

There are just the golden rules.

We can #SpotTheDifference.

Hoping by shedding light on this, that the threads of a damaging web, can be removed from the good sites.

Many seeking help, many seeking to help.

Lets keep it real, kind, and do it all with integrity.

Many are weary, it’s been a long road for some, many are newly exploring this issue, or the idea of speaking out, or joining in with an investigation, inquiry, commission, or tribunal.

Trusted groups, share trusted group links.

None can fully endorse any, but we must all do our best to ensure that the likes of the hoaxes, two beginning with H, UK and FB Aus, KA, Canada, do not ever be allowed to overwhelm confuse, divide, overshadow, disrupt, with such vile, viralising methods again.

We are hoping to have a watch team for this.

Click the above link, and please inform any that still believe it, and support each other, for some, it must be a horrible shock.




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