Source: About   Click for page/video/background/evidence on Sabine McNeill & Angela Power Disney

Sheva Burton, some background and also essential background for those still promoting or endorsing, allowing links to some dangerous criminals, with trollgangs, proven to be sabotaging, the IICSA Inquiry & UKCSAPT, Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse, Australia, Candadian groups, and inquiries into Child Sexual Abuse, NZInquiry.   And more, please see the blacklist which is being added to, any platforms supporting or promoting :


FionaBarnett Hoax

Kevin Annett  ITCC Hoax

Evidence on these and more players can be found, here and through links.

I had a brilliant call from Victims Support, with regard to my report on the malicious communications, bullying, threats, that i recieved, by their false accusations, driven by a secret list, and troll gangs, sock accounts, to undermine, bully or groom, new victims, to spam anything about child abuse, with their nonsense, and it went so well,

Perhaps there are other admins, people victimised by those named as players in this, may wish to report either to Victims Support UK, or a good site on our Whitelist, in your country, which is far from complete, there are many strong and trusted networks.

Victims Support have a new self referral system, a form on their website.  I will do a blog soon, featuring more on the system in place to help Survivors move through the processes, and also helping the independent one’s not being funded, to raise some, that have proven track records and testimonials.

I’ll be doing lists of various kinds, books, films, etc.

And also recommending sites for more help, info, as long as they bear no links that could lead to these criminals, charlatans, and time wasters, aggressive bullies, liars, Spiveys.

My links from here, may not be completely raked out, so please beware, for now, be warned, and be aware, spread this awareness, it is already proving to help with clarity, in the mess they have made, intentionally, for some, in the background, in my view.

Being undone now, and also be aware, that people caught up, may need support, feeling gutted, conned and guilty, please know, that i was taken in, and rendered powerless, and this has taken the enormous effort of people, who saw this and endeavoured to help stop them, who have withstood at times, extreme attack, as have i, but the evidence of all of my statements, and of Hoaxtead Research members, contibutors and investigators, is as clear as day, now.  So don’t be afraid, any longer to share this, and report any backlash, so that we can publish screenshots, or testimonies, and if appropriate report to your local crimestoppers or police.

Or a trusted site, who can offer support, because this has caused trauma and stress to many.

Thankyou for the kind support i have recieved, and for realising what has made me ineffective for so long, and now,  helping me, be more effective again, at helping change to progress, for all of us, and Children, today and tomorrow.

Sheva 🙂  Much Love to everyone. Take care and Be Safe.


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