A late Xmas gift from David!

For some time now, we’ve been getting regular reports from the Sooper Seekrit Hampstead Research Facebook group that Charlotte Ward Alton threw together when she abandoned her disgusting blog.

Source: A late Xmas gift from David!

In contrast despite the dreadful bullying, trolling, attempts to trigger, belittle me, The Hampstead Group on facebook which i help to admin, is open again.   Only Admins can post, to protect from the spammers, taking advantage if we take breaks, and misusing yet another platform, to promote only the chosen hoax cases, which many the world over, know was never my intention, nor been shown by my actions, it is open, so people can look and ask questions, if they need, for any clarification, and the Hoaxtead Research Team, and I, who are all accused of being Ricky Dearman, and clearly are not, we all can back up any statements we make, the hoaxers cannot, never have, but have bullied their way onto many of the CSA and Family Justice groups, in various ways…….. Anyway our group is open, so people can look without needing to join, as we are of course aware of the need to protect, from the real monsters, raging their way around the net, causing harm, which we aim to limit, but also meanwhile, as we rake these shysters out of our way, we need to keep on keeping on, and tho i have devoted attention, on this, i have explained why, but next year, next year…….. things will be different for me, from me, and hopefully able to filter through for all of you out there, genuinely fighting.  There is no need for people to get involved, just be warned, be aware and beware, if you can help at all, great, if not, fine, don’t let it distract you, from your purpose, and trust me, it hasn’t distracted me, i needed to take a stand on it all.   And i will, until i don’t have to, just as with CSA, the genuine cases, survivors, groups, events, campaigns, and it really is for the children, now and tomorrow, that we need to, create effective changes, on so many levels.


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