Sabine’s most spectacular bail breach yet

Source: Sabine’s most spectacular bail breach yet

So sick of this, and like anyone else that dares to point out the truth i am now deemed the leader of a SRA cult, and put at potential risk, nevermind that i’m disabled and they know full well who i am.    Yet cry victim at every opportunity, thinking it will gain them more donations so they can do even more harm, or more lately sell ridiculous beauty products, i guess the hemp schemes fell through then ?

Bronwyn Llewellyn needs to learn how to google someone before she makes false accusations too, she might be in NZ, but then, so are other good contacts of mine, i have so held back my hand……. but keep putting me and mine at risk, just because you feel like it,  keep making false accusations, and traumatising real victims/survivors, keep losing cases and children, then pretending you care and want to help, the tide has really turned.   Angela is busy sucking up to new people already pissed off to the max with this case, and finding new more gullible victims to exploit so she can raise her million.

Anyway, click the link above for an unbelievable and outrageous continuation of her lies, cries of victimhood, whilst again breaking the law, and perpetuating harrassment to innocent people.

And i guess the next step is to be demanded that i prove by showing my privates, that i am not part of the cult……….. really ??? might they dare…?   All genuine survivors will be horrified, already they have done more to keep people from wanting to engage with others, or report real cases, and this is but a step further, and they already went too far, on The Hampstead Group on Facebook, at times, asking disgusting and abusive, intrusive questions about my past abuse, when they weren’t either mocking or sneering at me, or dismissing any claims that the case and their actions were causing harm.

And then there is the real question of the Stepfather, Abe Christie, who has fallen out with nearly everyone anyway, yet they will not hear of the facts, around him torturing the two children, forcing them to speak of made up abuse, against a whole community, but if anyone dares to bring that up, they face immediate abuse, trolling, cursing, threats, and in some cases more, and some of it is quite sinister and as orchestrated and planned as it was back in the days of the hollie hoax case……. The list of perps promoting the hoax and the hoaxers, is shown on Hoaxtead Research.  Including evidence, medical and otherwise, real copies of their bullying, sock accounts, tactics, previous scams, articles.


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