Project: Bring LoveForLife Site DOWN!

The site LoveForLife has been engaging in illegal activities surrounding the Hampstead SRA case. UK court has ruled that revealing the identities of Ricky Dearman’s children is illegal.

Source: Project: Bring LoveForLife Site DOWN!

Please Help, Share so this can be removed.

Well done to the Hoaxtead Research Team, still the best blog for collated, up to date information on the case.

Well done, to this wonderful person, who has expended the time, to put some more tools for us to take action, with.

So that the people, effectively working towards real change, can be unimpeded by these hoaxers, fakes, scammers, liars, fools and time wasters……But most importantly, to prevent further harm to the two innocent children at the centre of this devasting campaign, and the innocent residents of hampstead and so their children, can also be allowed to live in peace.

It would also be nice, if the slurs on good people’s characters, would desist, hence, many are working in protected identities, some of us, that are not, have been put at risk, regardless, we have all been bullied, defamed, libelled, slandered, and threatened with death, cursed, and mostly accused of being Ricky Dearman.

Recently, Bronwyn Llewellyn, has outright named and accused me of being nasty, (the convo is on this blog), but also of being RD.  But then I had demanded that she stop posting my blog on her paperli and also warned other well known campaigners to watch out, and make their dissassociation to this case and the criminals promoting it, clear.

Angela Power Disney spoke of me (video also on here) in a very detrimental, dismissive, damaging way, with Sabine K McNeil and more recently, has named someone vaguely Sue AKA Goddess of Destruction, in an attempt to attack us, that are actually highlighting the truth of her glaring lies, defamation, child abuse, abuse of CSA Survivors.

Angela Power Disney also spoke with Belinda (2 videos on here) and their attitudes, lies and hypocrisy, shameful behaviour is displayed by them, for all to see.  Her ridiculous claims of libel, slander, etc are just that, she did it to herself !   And we see yet more, poor me, poor us stories, at each turn for them to rattle their donate buttons, yet again, with yet a newer name, now that Knights Foundation, McKenzie Angels, McKenzie Associates, Battle For Britains Children, Options Not Adoptions, Victims Unite, Whistleblowerkids, have all been realised for the shams they are, even tho, Sabine tweets to evermore establishment figures, to give an illusion of credibility, or something, even tho, she and her cohorts have endlessly accused the whole establishment of being Satanic Paedophiles.

I guess, then, that my releasing the truth out there, as broadly as possible, is having an effect then……….Hoaxtead Research has quadrupled it’s membership, and been extremely effective,  there have been arrests, cautions, and more to come, so we can hopefully, work collectively, to prevent false accusations, gaining ground like this, online, in future.

My Youtube is Sheva Burton

There is good information too, on

Life After Hollie

I Hope everyone is as well as possible.

Sheva 🙂




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