Angie publishes ‘poison-pen’ letters

Well, that was a bit of a let-down, to be honest. As promised/threatened, Angela Fag-Ash Disney has published the ‘poison-pen’ letters she claims were sent to her from Hoaxtead Research.

Source: Angie publishes ‘poison-pen’ letters

For many months, I had brief conversations with Angela Power Disney, in a couple of groups, on the Fake Hampstead Case.

Each time, she was extremely dismissive of my comments, where i pointed  out the harm being done, the lies told, each time met with, a:’ there is no point in discussion, I know it’s true ! ‘, response from Angela.

I was incredulous, when she disregarded any effect that Abe’s torture of the two children might have had,  and disbelieving when said she had never heard of me.

When I pointed out a few things, that might help her to realise that i had good reason and experience from which to speak, she sneered, twisted my words, as can be heard on the video, she and sabine released the following day or so, and still claimed to never have heard of me. (on about page)

Indeed, how dare she, and Belinda, Sabine, be so dismissive at best, and down right abusive, threatening at worst, putting me, mine and others in danger, denigrating and damaging to many of us CSA Survivors, when she attempts to accuse the serious researchers and those of us, taking some action to prevent these charlatans from holding any victims to ransom, ever again !

Now she is implying that people think i’ve gone over to the dark side, or have being conned……..that other fellow campaigners, are dismayed, at my actions…… er no, that is not the case at all…….. they are mightily grateful for a clear message amongst the confusion caused since Belinda McKenzie misteered the rallies, even claiming to have started them, along with Baloney Bill, Truth & Hope 2010, after they were running for 17yrs, they overwhelmed it and turned it into being about loudmouthed aggressive egomaniacs, but mainly to platform hoax cases…..

After years of knowing these people were wronguns, many that previously,  had thought they could use their (hoaxers) (apparant) online strength to help their own case, cause, have realised these people only help themselves, use victims and misteer opinions against. rather than for us.

So there is a guarded withdrawel by many, tho they are moving backwards, quietly, and i don’t blame them for any of that.

Many have known that these people are fakes, for years, just for many reasons kept quiet.

Apart from that, they have gangs of trolls, not the funny kind, or the jokey, childish kind, or the one’s poking fun, but those  who purposefully set out to cause division within CSA groups and Child Protection or Family Court Injustice groups.

Angela Power Disney like the others, is no where to be seen, online, in amongst the hardworking groups that have been online for years and years, so hardly would know what people think, anyway.

But they clearly have no regard, for how this might effect me or mine.

Thankyou for the support recieved.  🙂

Click the link at the top, for the copy of Angela’s latest ploy and as ever, revealing comments, with some very helpful links to action that can be taken to help get the images of child abuse promoted by them, taken down.




4 thoughts on “Angie publishes ‘poison-pen’ letters

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  3. Sheva, it’s great to know that you’re sending such a strong, clear message to the community about these people. As you say, they seem to have an agenda, and their trolling activities are pretty obvious.

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