Blog up & down like a toilet seat

Abe and Ella’s blog has resurfaced, but we’re working on taking it down for good.

Source: Blog interest lost, credibilty lost,less fooled or giving attention

Investigation Teams for Whole Truth

Hoaxtead Research can be relied on for accurate updates, I rarely click on links shared by the hoaxers, who are tagging in or copying in others, or commenting on blogs, with their many sock or fake accounts, to give an illusion of support.

Just as Sabine McNeill, continues to tweet, her fake, delusional sites, giving an illusion that she and Belinda Mckenzie spearheaded CSAinquiry, campaigns.

Clearly, and thanks to many, the word has gotten out there, many new campaigners, warned by me, word of mouth, years ago, who told me at the time, that they only stayed connected, to those with a large online presence, like Brian Gerrish, Sabine K McNeill, Belinda McKenzie, Bill Maloney, Maggie Tuttle, Kevin Annett,  and their close allies, was to use them, so, threw the caution i recommended, to the wind, are now, clearly dissassociating, any sites, channels, still promoting this, need to be blacklisted, so that in future, new vulnerable people, needing support, help, good advice, are not allowed to be sucked into their vortex, of delusion, timewasting, division, diversion…………. hence, so many babies are now known to be taken at birth, based on risk……. yes we need to protect children from real abuse, but while not enough has been done to have been really addressing the child protection issues, we hear today about the massive amount of babies, taken at birth……..something is clearly very wrong.

I have watched many good, but vulnerable people, used mercilessly by these sharks.

The issue of psychiatric experts, aiding harsh decisions against parents, alot of them from abusive backgrounds and needing support, needs a good look.

Risk of Emotional Harm, also needs the same.

Whilst so much abuse continues, and while the CSAinquiry is so late, slow and secret, we need to acknowledge that much abuse occurred within the care system.  That abusers work in any arena that children are involved.   So surely, as they are raked out of the Local Authorities, Scout movements, Religious insitutions, we must give some respect and real support to those that suffered within them, especially if they become parents, and flounder, surely ?

See my post: Belinda thinks she knows about Child Protection, and share it to any still under any illusion.   Abe Christie is a convicted Child Abuser, all evidence is easily accessed at Hoaxtead Research.

I hope that those with any ability to help, remove false allegations of this heinous crime, can help…… just as so many have clearly helped to shed light on the real cases.  🙂

Click here & Share: Abe: The Evidence & other easy tabs for whole picture.



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