Angie declares jihad on us

Angela Power-Disney alleges another attack by TMC…but is it legit?

Source: Angie declares jihad on us

Poor deluded Angie, i listened for some reason to her talking god n bible, last night, n was gonna ask if she sneered at christians’ when she was still a pagan, the same way, like it’s often inner change needed ? Anyway, whatever people turn to, is fine with me, just don’t use it as a weapon, or to justify, or look down on others, as if you have the upper spiritual guidance.

i was also gonna say, my respect is not based on anything like religious belief, colour, race, nothing, job title, nor is my prejudice, which is displayed only towards either child abusers, abusers, and false accusers.

i have a long herstory, online, recently i have been accused by the trolls that i am telling people what to think, in fact, no, i know that i can make statements, with enough people that know me well enoough, to know, i don’t do this kinda thing, lightly.

Neither am i causing infighting, nor division, Belinda et al, have done that for long enough, since she took the stage at trafalgar sq, 2010, (preplanned to insert speakers,beforehand) and mislead everyone down the hollie rabbithole.

The hampstead case is worse in many ways, new depths, have been gone to. Anyway, the tide is indeed turning, ‪#‎peaceforhampstead‬ Namaste, Blessed Be and Universal Blessings



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