The nasty side of child abuse vigilantism & protest campaigns ((#VIPaedophiles #UK #childabuse)

Source: The nasty side of child abuse vigilantism & protest campaigns ((#VIPaedophiles #UK #childabuse)

1986 onwards, i began breaking down, became agorafobic, began attending a self help group for CSA/Incest Survivors. I went on to attend conferences, whilst in therapy, tried to Sue my father, failed, and realising the enormity of child rape, on so many levels, piped up, that we should march through london, 1993, tho i had the idea, 1988, that our need for privacy/secrecy, often based on inflicted shame/stigma, was helping it to carry on. So the idea was mooted, spread thru the network, and boy we, made a huge, immense noise, and allowed an open mike,
Around the plinth in trafalger sq, that day 9.11.93. I had never attended any protest, demo or even a festival/rock concert. By 1995 i was no longer involved, 2009, i was brought on line, weirdly by one of John Hemmings’ Mckenzie friends, after a short while, i got busy, amazed and happy, to find that the rallies had continued, as had the purple ribbon, so i started massively sharing on it, i went along, and spoke, expressing how i felt, and what i wanted to try and encourage, now that we had this internet, where originally, it was a few of us, round my kitchen table, so….
My mckenzie friend, friend, got the vids onto youtube, that night 2009, i woke up to her, raging about steve from amsosa, showing me the abusive, threatening comments, i was gutted, and groaned, because i had told her, not to release anything, until we had checked with organisors/speakers, and that we might need to blur faces, edit….. they were taken down, hence, mine is the only speech available, tho i still have copies here of some others……
Well, i then decided to unleash our voices yet again, more freely, for those who could and wanted to, i devoted endless hours, to engaging with the very public groups, and promoting our next 2010 rally, showing footage of our 1994, one, (after 2010 rally, it was removed from youtube, n i found my original vhs had been wiped), as well as, going into lots of secret support groups, explaining what/why, and what i intended, spending alot of time, assuring, reassuring, describing our original rallies, and the creative, spontaneous healing that could occur, endeavouring tho, to encourage, more support for afterwards. Not realising, Emma, Belinda McKenzie, Kevin Annett, Robert Green, Bill Maloney, Brian Gerrish, David Icke, Penny Pullen, & others were meeting to take it over, steer it differently., So that their speeches were filmed and published, instead of real CSA survivors, that were happy to reveal their truthes, imho, more powerful, effective, all round.
What i intended, is not what happened…. when i was told who the speakers were going to be, a few weeks beforehand, i baulked, and was bullied, gaslighted, triggered, mercilessly, hence i was a sodden heap on the day, feeling as if i had let the world of children down, and these huge mouthpieces, that i had felt an aversion to online, were now speaking at us, for us, and people that were sposed to have, given real evidence, real heartfelt testimonies, were not being heard, Many People cancelled, as they watched it crumble,and were outraged when these speakers were announced, i tried to hold the platform, but as emma of truth & hope had paid the insurance, and done the paperwork, she threatened me with arrest, if i provided an alternative sound system, when she had told me that ‘if i didn’t shut up, she would withdraw all of the equipment’, beforehand,
Otherwise we would have had survivors from kincora there, for example…..the only ones’ allowed, eg from jersey, and who were genuine, were allowed only, if they also supported the hollie case, which by 2012 had overwhelmed the rallies…… This is a rough skeleton, of some of the key, i think matters, that i can reveal, more now………


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