Another small victory!

Another small victory: a Hoaxtead video removed, and Angie not at all happy.

Source: Another small victory!

Good news, and more hopefully to come.  Next week Belinda & Sabine, are in court, and now professing to be McKenzie Angels, it ain’t gonna fly…. surely not.  They unite victims ? associate Mckenzie friends, Knights, options not adoptions, and pretend, to know stuff, except when called to account, then, hold their hands up, profess ignorance, and cry bully to anyone who challenges their scams, fraud, ill intention, cybercrimes, cyber trickery, that gives an illusion, and sets a trap for victims.   I am glad and happy to have played a tiny part in illuminating their dark web of deciept, just wish i could have helped more people avoid their traps.  Sheva, bandit/banshee/knightrider

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