Name & shame fake CSA/ForcedAdoption matrix

The people listed have made this a World Online Issue by their cynical misuse of tech, needy people & groups.

So now we need to get the Online Community helping to fight Child Sexual Abuse to help us reveal this ugly mess, made in the UK.

Since our rallies were co opted.  The evidence is credible, collated by serious investigators, who unlike them are not affiliated with paedophiles and scam artists.

Please once you have realised how seriously our campaigns UK have been damage, how many people hurt, and more importantly, how they couldn’t care less for the children being abused right now, both online and for real, and have no intention of stopping, as shown in various conversations, copied to this blog.

Please report the videos, too.

Click Links below.

The Proof of the Troof unlimited, incorrupt


Click for Poll & more proof of the troof



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