The Hampstead SRA – World online court – Judgement day for Abe

Well, those still determined to believe that what a few people, that all new each other, beforehand, cooked up…..yes, i really believe that this was planned.

Today we will pronounce guilty Abe Christie, Sabine K McNeil, Maggie Tuttle, Belinda McKenzie, Deborah Mahmoudieh, Bronwyn Llewellyn, Brian Gerrish, Bill Maloney, Kevin Annett, Angela Power Disney, Araya Soma, Joe Public (Malcolm Blackman), Butlin Cat (John Graham),

Undeniable evidence has been collated, and so i am sure that most child protectors will see the truth of it fairly quickly.

Please ask questions in comments, if needsbe, but i do moderate them, to prevent the trollgangs taking advantage.

I will be speaking of this today, and releasing opinions with witnesses, that want to come forward today.

Those that believe, it is right to share video;s of children, in the way they have, please do not bother.  We have certainly, seen enough, heard enough, been sworn at enough, and some, stalked, attacked maliciously online, called vile names, even i, and it is why i have gone into some discussions, so that i could collect evidence, that i knew the strong online community working on child protection would take notice of.

And thankyou to those that have.  If you haven’t seen this yet, there are some links that will give a fairly brief, snapshot, that may be enough, but through the links, the whole evidence can be found, at Hoaxtead Research, collated in tabs, with headings on every aspect of this case and the people behind organising it.

I don’t really need to say, that i hardly ever report in this way, infact, i have been slower to, than i would have liked, for personal reasons, and previously, i didn’t want to cause division, distress, confusion, and people seemed happy to follow these people, and i have no wish to be controlling, but the damage caused by people, listed in another post, is too bad.

So as this case was put to the world, massively, then, i think the massive online protectors of children, the networks, need to be alert to this dangerous connected, gang.

From 10am

Skype shevaburton

Witnesses and investigators

And then interviews, chats with people effected by this.

How does it feel to people who realise now they were wrong ?

No backlash as long as you have stopped spreading the hoaxes, if you still are, i have no wish to speak with you,

commenting online, has been disgusting enough, thanks.

Thankyou to everyone who has withstood being called vile names, to get so much research done.

Let’s hope google and bing can look at it, and do the right thing, block all links to this story, so that it

isn’t there for them to see, when they are older.  The videos are child abuse.  It is that simple to most of us

even if it were true, which when all is looked at, i believe it not to be…….. make up your mind, and vote please in the polls published soon.

We also want these people to be stopped from the harm caused to the CSA Survivor movement UK.

Child Abuse Important Warning for All Groups

Hampstead SRA Case The Whole Truth & Evidence

Upon considering the evidence, please vote once we have a complete poll

the list of names is not complete.

So that investigators can add more.

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