Brollies up, everyone!

Abe claims to be right over target. Brollies up!

Source: Brollies up, everyone!

He is a creep !

When i was first online, and massively publicising the 2010 rally, my online presence bacame huge.

I spoke to Ian McFerran quite a few times, disturbed that in any hollie support groups, no other cases or survivors were allowed, he explained, that he had seen evidence,that he was Robert Greens’ right hand man, he mentored Brenda mumsy, and convinced many that the hollie case was the one to rip through the denial of the establishment, i disagreed, but conceded that he might indeed know more than me.  But still promoted them amongs hundreds of other groups, not realising their dark agenda.

At the time of the reddit posts, i had highlighted on allvoices a man on hunger strike in ireland and a small two man protest against the Catholic Church.  Immediately, Wearechange were on it, and a hollie banner was then included in the picture, i think too, that around that time Charlie Vietch did a speech at a wearechange meeting, and so i thought they knew perhaps, more than i.

It is why, i went to the holliehoax group meeting 2013.

It is why i have felt that it behooves me to address it now.

To clear up confusion.  Generated, i believe, purposefully.

my reddit posts 2010 unwittingly pr for paedotrolls

However you will also see the post about Michael Mcmanus, who has worked tirelessy for over twenty years to shed light on the abuse within the Catholic Church…… that is genuine and holding support.

I sincerely apologise to all Survivors and Victims, for allowing them to misuse and abuse the platforms i set up, for all.

Their platforms were and are for the one case only, each time, both hollie, now hampstead, and at the same time, troll gangs infiltrate groups, groom victims, and bully survivors that spot it and stand up to them, as demonstrated on my blog in other posts.

Unfortunately the family court action also failed, that’s another story and unfortunately people were ripped off, and hurt, but the family justice movement mostly knows what happened, so i won’t go into detail here.

Please keep reporting the videos, maybe google will take note, and block them, so that as those children grow up, they won’t have to face the nightmare of abuse demonstrated on threads on the videos, to any that dare point out the truth.

And please keep spreading the warning about the matrix created by Sabine K McNeil and Belinda McKenzie, Maggie Tuttle and Angela Power Disney, Brian Gerrish, Bill Maloney, and the others named on other posts and at the Reseach site, Hoaxtead Research, which i can assure you is NOT run by paedophiles, as those wanting to continue to abuse children, keep repeating. so that groups are aware of the danger that we have put victims of either abuse or family court injustice, by allowing them to viralise these hoaxes, while their teams troll and divide our groups, denigrating the work we have done, undermining our truth, overshadowing the good and truthful campaigns, allowing the witchunt and conspiracy fantasist labels to be re attached to us, when we have made so much progress.

They have targetted many of us, and their display of disgusting bullying towards me is shown here, so that people can quickly see exactly what they are about.

It has happened to many, and they have cleverly divided us, so that groups will not see, instead, blaming their victims, as Angela Power Disney has done, trying to mis label me, as aggressive, conned, working for paedophiles, etc, so that people are not sure who to trust.


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