Source: Child Abuse

Click the link above Child Abuse for evidence.


this is the man that SOME so called campaigners for justice or child protection , support.

EXPOSING & WARNING OF SCAM CHARITIES, PAEDO SUPPORTERS DEVALUEING & & most importantly perpetuating & encouraging child abuse en viralising videos of children.

Please share this important EVIDENCE, with groups dealing with issues concerning child protection, or helping families trying to keep their children from the care system, that need support, help not yet more victimisation.

I am certainly being targetted. Only because i am being more open publically as this case is causing so much harm, i cannot ignore it.

It is this case and the one before, hollie, that is responsible for the divisions within groups.  so to be clear, do not let members infiltrate our groups, that support either the hollie case, or Hampstead SRA Scandal.

These groups are part of a matrix, that does support them, and link to viralise only certain stories, and raise donations, cause problems, abuse victims, and little else it seems, but they turn up at all child protection events.

Victims Unite, Battle for Britains’ Children, Whistleblowerkids, Punishment without Crime, Knights Foundation, Options not Adoptions, (there is evidence on the Hoaxtead Research blog, linked at the top) are the main one’s but with new sites check what they link to, and if they have any of these, or the two cases linked, steer clear.  I know seasoned campaigners normally would, this is more for newer people, although, people are often too busy to be online much, and have allowed them to infiltrate the inquiries for example, probably unaware of the devastation, witnessed by some of us/

Blaming me for that, because i am confronting them and showing it up, is tantamount to being told to stay silent as a CSAsurvivor, they have scoffed and scorned me, ignored me, and when they couldn’t i have recieved very disgusting messages. I cannot stand idly by and let them keep wrecking good people and groups, so please check the evidence and share it on.

And of course, remember sharing those videos is wrong ! please take them down, if you have them, do not share, and report as many as you are able.


Sheva Burton

Poll name & shame CSA hoaxers

Anyone who would like to see how these people operate check my Gplus. I have only just joined, and their trolls got busy. I am ashamed that they call themselves protectors of children, and demonstrate such foul behavour, that gives rise to labelling survivors more easily, now that we have come so far. We cannot allow these moronic groups to wreck our progress and enable conspiracy labels, and witchunt, vigilante, is this why they act so extreme ? is this why thy pick fake cases, to make a mockery of the whole subject ? i don’t even care why, it is so wrong, they have damaged so many, please share the information, so we can rake them out of the way of those amongst us strong and working with integrity.


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