Horrible: Lies, deception, defamation of me, hypocrisy, Sabine K McNeil & Angela Power-Disney

Source: Naughty Scarlet makes Sabine cry

Horrible Sabine & Hypercritical Angela  Video link

I will let my passion speak for itself.   If someone can screenshot the convo, the day before this, you will see exactly what was and wasn’t said.

Apart from not even naming me, you know that invisible being ignored, trigger….. and then to change and twist my words, well alot of survivors of CSA, don’t need me to tell you, that these people have no business being anywhere near us, our campaigns, or other vulnerable people.

But of course, as child abuse perps, they are also displaying all of the signs, of that to.

Do we need people like this, educating anyone on either child abuse or Family law, let alone childrens rights.

We need to rake out the autumn leaves put them on a bonfire, so that roots and shoots may grow strong,

So yes, as you will see, when i publish the convo i was a bit chippy with Angela, but i certainly did not put it in the terms or with the intention she ascribes to me.  But do we suffer fools gladly ? more tho, can we have people with such a disregard for childrens rights to privacy, disregard for online bullying, disregard for any harm caused in the Hampstead area ?

Just bleating about the mild harrassment they may have felt, because those effected directly are thoroughly pissed off !

They don’t mind victimising me, either.  So why would i want to share their stuff with fellow survivors, ? when they can’t be corrected, they won’t take responsibility, they won’t apologise, and so far they will not urge their followers to desist and remove the videos……. Until they do that, they deserve whatever comes to them, any still spreading them, will be reported, and given a wide berth.

Since this of course, was the event last week, so …….. need i say more ?

Like so many wonderful groups, if they were too, i would also share and join in…… i can’t, i have warned many, please now listen.


One thought on “Horrible: Lies, deception, defamation of me, hypocrisy, Sabine K McNeil & Angela Power-Disney

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