Kevin Annett,Belinda Mc Kenzie – Promoting and Creating Fake Child Abuse and Satanic Panic Hoaxes

Source: Kevin Annett,Belinda Mc Kenzie – Promoting and Creating Fake Child Abuse and Satanic Panic Hoaxes   

I used to support and massively promote Kevin Annett.  Back 2009/10, i was following Nell Cole, in fact we are still friends on facebook, and i witnessed her dismay, and then outage of him, and then Mel Ve got involved with him, i had recently been interviewed by her, regarding the Co Intelpro agents, here UK, specifically the Hollie Hoax.  She then realised the same, that he was a conman, shill etc, as have others…… Cornelius gave a magnificent speech back at the 2010 rally, later Belinda had Kevin stay, and i am not happy to see a very good man, smeared, now.  He consistantly posts and has done so much good work, as well as produce some beautiful music, that heals my soul.  Very importantly though, i am not speaking for Cornelius, nor implying what his opinion might be now of those that i and others see as doing harm.   I respect everyones’ freedom to make their own choices, and don’t need to agree with everything, to still respect a person, who does more good than harm…….. I happen to think Kevin, like Brian Gerrish, and aforementioned people are doing more harm than good, but mainly i want the abuse to stop.

Natural Child, Natural Society   Here is a link to Cornelius’ blog.

A Survivors’ Story Parenting & Society  please listen to this, and comment to Cornelius, he is really interested in what effect if any it has, thankyou

Video: Loss of Self Empathy & the urge to power

I am not happy to see some good people being tarred,

I am also not happy that there are signs, both subtle and obvious, that my friends or any who support the removal of the videos of the children be removed, or anything else i do….there is a long history of my friends being targetted, either to spread and viralise the hoaxes, or to bully them if they don’t submit.

It has at time caused much division, which is blamed on me, by them… or caused distress, to me, vulnerable friends, and even strong ones, find it may not be worth the trouble, to get involved at all, i often post and tell friends to contact me behind scenes, and at times have been therefore isolated, which i believe to be one of their aims, but tonight i had another friend in tears, feeling stalked and bullied.  I don’t often bring this up, but of course, Belinda, Sabine, Angela, Neelu, and others on their teams, constantly complain of being stalked or bullied, when in fact, mostly they are saying this in response to good people trying to put them right.

So friends, put yourselves first and be safe.

Bullies cease and desist from your ugly tactics online, please.

Oh and remove the videos of those children that are actually child abuse of themselves, and justified by nothing.


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