Mummy’s Still Here – Must Read – Please Support

Mummy’s Still Here – Book – Must Read

Mummy's Still Here

Mummy’s Still Here

Book Description
Publication Date: 4 Jun. 2015
A single person is missing for you and your whole world is empty. Joan Didier

Mummy’s Still Here is the sequel to Jeanne D’Olivier’s novel Mummy Where Are You?

This novel tells the harrowing story of how a mother who reported the sexual abuse of her son, was persecuted by the system and
eventually lost her child to the very person he alleged had abused him.

Charlotte continues to fight for her son through a series of endless Court Hearings and against all odds, leaving no stone unturned in her attempt to save her child and bring him home safely.

The story begins where the last novel left off with her having lost everything, but having recently been released from jail where she was incarcerated for fleeing from those who were determined to take here beloved child and place him in the hands of the one person he had said had harmed him.

Mummy’s Still here is based on a true story…and is written for all mothers in Britain today who have lost children through no fault of their own and in the most horrifying of circumstances.

Most of all, the novel is a testement to the love Charlotte has for her little boy and to show him that Mummy is still here.


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