From my friend Russ “my personal excommunication”

lara trace hentz

Catholic Registry in regards to the Vatican, August 17, 2011

From: “Indian”

TO:  Bishop Joseph A. Pepe, Other Bishops, Priest and Deacons,

I am writing to you today in a matter that has been dear to my heart and has brought much pain and undue suffering. I’d like to talk to you about how this effects the Roman Catholic Church. Let me start with saying I am a descendant of genocide, a planned and calculated genocide that not only murdered innocent people, but it raped and enslaved our women. It was allowed to even be carried over to the children in the rape, torture, cruelty and medical experiments done to native children that were stolen from their families. The Native Holocaust that was produced on this Continent by both a Colonizing Govt and the Roman Catholic Church/Vatican. This practice is still in effect today.

I was forced into a catholic…

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