walking with our sisters

lara trace hentz

01walkingposterThe Walking With Our Sisters Exhibit will open to the public on October 2, 2013 at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

For anyone not familiar with this exhibit, it originated with Métis artist Christi Belcourt, who was looking for a way to raise awareness about the 600+ missing or murdered Indigenous women in Canada. Her original plan was to have 600 moccasin vamps (uppers) made to symbolically represent these women. She sent out requests to the community to see if anyone would be willing to donate vamps to this project. The response to her call has far exceeded her expectations. The final number of vamps that have been created and donated to the project is now 1,723. This overwhelming response is a testament to the impact violence against women has had on Indigenous communities, not only in Canada but in the United States and other places around the world.

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14 thoughts on “walking with our sisters

  1. your green badge is banned normally, that’s why.. you are known to many as a creep. i recommend this song, good album for survivors of abuse, and believers of the hollie hoax, have sure been abused, as have those buying the hampstead SRA Case, that Belinda still announcing the campaign for a Childrens’ Bill of Rights, if you think that;’s gonna be allowed, as if, given what people can now see, and see the difference with genuine ones, now we have cracked the web she created, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlK5N-Lcvjc


  2. This is not the first time that survivors of abuse have been asked for evidence in this way, there is plenty, unlike them, i have followed this for years, in touch with many, read testimonials, accounts, and watched events to highlight this, recently there was a massive case published, so do your own homework holliegreig justice, whose mouthpiece tho law breaking is left alone, for some strange reason, hopefully to fully expose, later.


  3. holliegrieg justice i have followed and engaged with groups globally for years, do your own research. instead of vile bullying calling survivors paedo supporters, paedos, non entities, bullies, or dismissing them, casting doubts on genuine and real campaigns and attempting yet again, to suck up the energy like the vampiric organisation you are involved with, the only reason you comment here, is to both raise your profile off survivors backs again, and to intimidate me, belinda’s sneering words at the ‘screaming to be heard’ conference, that ‘all sheva burton wants to do is trot out her victims, to tell their 30 year old stories, again and again’, shows again, how little she knows or cares about genuine victims of abuse, or what the rallies were before she and emma decided to take them over and silence the real voices, cherry pick people from the circle that would not realise that in fact, having studied the evidence, there is no evidence at all, in hollies’ case, At Bilderberg, i was disgusted, that while i was having a doze, she sat behind our banner and plonked her hollie ones there, isn’t it she who drones on at any place or event, that are either too scared or havn’t read the evidence, to realise or are part of a false flag co opting control attempt. (which will never work btw 🙂 After the case, there will be such an astonishing reveal, that by all means bring more followers, more to inform properly later 🙂


  4. I have posted this to show your low tactics up. i am ashamed of the comment by a charlatan fake group UK. At the moment, some that have investigated have all been attacked and defamed, well i should say attempts are made, and when they can’t shut me or others up, they attack other people around us. This is part of a backlash on me, i can only apologise that it has spilled onto you.


      • Btw the holliegeig justice comment should be at the top, these comments are in response to this latest troll try. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uC_bV_xkuwg here’s some truth.
        and here are some old genuine stories, whats the matter team hollie, is so much truth coming out now, that your fake story is paling into insignificance, and guess what ? most people are fully aware that the only reason for the revelations now, is that survivors and victims, took the courage, despite the kind of sneering derision, delivered by belinda, emma, and other fake helpers. and if that doesn’t work, downright and even life threatening bullying, that we have continued to speak up, despite everything thrown at us, is testamount to our courage, strength, and our no matter what it takes attitude, so determined are we to stop child abuse. heres a very good source of information that is REAL, and delivered in a clean and honest way. It was never my thunder to steal, belinda, my platforms continued, online, and empowered many more, the plot to silence and deny the existence of the 20year his/herstory of them has not worked. We are unbreakable, and you will not silence us, ever, nor stop us that do the real work, often quietly, but genuine sites encourage, empower, and offer choices, to strengthen survivors, and others to shed light and spread the truth. Yours does not and never did measure up. http://spotlightonabuse.wordpress.com/2013/09/21/ashdene-childrens-home-southampton/#comments


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